Why Use Lunar Returns?

It’s easy to understand how those new to astrology are confused with all the chart options.  You’ve got your natal chart, various types of progressed charts, solar returns, lunar returns, etc.

Some people progress the progressed chart and/or progress the solar return chart.  Some people relocate the natal chart when they move or the solar return chart if they spend their birthday away from home. Some relocate the progressed chart. Some diddle a chart to such a degree, I can’t imagine getting any decent info from it.

I use astrology to improve or enhance my life.  If a technique does not yield this result in a direct way, I don’t use it.

I love lunar returns because they encourage me.  They give me a snapshot of the month ahead. If things look dire, I know I’m only looking at a thirty day sentence. That’s nothing in the scheme of things. The lunar return also gives hints around how to best manage the lunar month.

If the lunar return shows a lot to ease, it’s comforting. It’s like having a month off from stress. Knowing this in advantage, especially if you’re the type to worry.

I’m in the middle of a pretty demanding month now, but I can see that things will straighten out and break my way, next month. Knowing this makes it much easier to bide my time.

Personally, I print out my lunar return charts for the year, staple them together and then rip ’em off as I go. This feels like progress. I try to do my best, each month, with whatever I have to work with. As each month ends, it’s mission complete.

Check out Lunar Return Reports here. The reports are short so I sell them in bulk to make them super-affordable. They help life, that’s for sure.

Do you work with lunar returns?



Why Use Lunar Returns? — 18 Comments

  1. I was just introduced a few months back and I like them and find them to be a good tool. I also have gotten the lunar return report that Elsa mentions above and would recommend it to everyone!

  2. Is the sample report you have on the boards for one month? or multiple?

    I have truly been astounded of the accuracy of my transit report. I’m sure I’ll be checking this out soon.

  3. Josi, it’s for one month. It just gives you an overview and insight for the 30 day period.
    I think if you use these for awhile, you sync up. It’s puts you in harmony with the lunar cycle.

    I started using them in 1994 when I was pregnant (Moon). I flipped through my Lunar returns and when I saw a month that looked like chaos, I was pretty sure this was when my baby would be born and it was… 3.5 weeks early. 🙂

  4. I have such a hard time with regular astrology..it’s hard to fathom the progressions. but I have a question Elsa…people do grow and change..and when you think about progressions, does it show how maybe you have moved on from a past situation or a love or even your culture?..because I can see how I no longer love what I used to think of as my world..and want something different now..different kind of life and friends and just a different way of living and just “being”..?

  5. I ordered my first one this evening. It’s great and I’m going to order more. It feel more bite-sized for me, as I often have trouble trying to synthesize all the possible aspects going on all the time. Thanks, Elsa!

  6. I definitely love Lunar Returns. My Moon is in Leo in the 1st house, I always feel so happy and joyful when the transiting Moon is in Leo. ?

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