Lunar Eclipse In Leo: February 10, 2017 – HOT DATE NIGHT

I’m loving this lunar eclipse in Leo. Of course I would. I have Venus in the sign. But setting that aside, this is the best full moon date night, I’ve seen in a good while.

For one thing, the full moon is involved in a grand trine in Fire.  Hot, right?

If that’s not enough, it’s also involved in a Mystic Rectangle. Click to see that baby! Look for the green rectangle in the center.

We’ve also got Venus and Mars in Aries. We’re talkin’ feverishly hot at this point. On top of all this, the eclipse takes place on Friday evening!

Seriously, if you have a romantic bone in your body, mark this date on your calendar. If this happens to be your wedding day – good for you!  This night has it all. Passion, perspective, balance…but most of all, HEAT!


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Lunar Eclipse In Leo: February 10, 2017 – HOT DATE NIGHT — 33 Comments

  1. Oh, I like this! Jupiter is almost exactly conjunct my Natal Mars. Uranus is on my Husband’s Sun, Sun on his Mars and that Venus/Mars in on his Moon/Jupiter/Mercury. We made a commitment to spend more time together last week, because with him working the day and me studying the evening, the time we spend together tends to be shared with our daughter, and it has taken a toll on our relationship. We been really snarky with each other. But, if there’s something to be said about a quadruple Aries, 7th and 8th, they don’t hesitate to take action on fixing things that are wrong. We already had a nice dinner with wine this weekend.

  2. This is conjunct my natal jupiter at 23 maybe Big romance?..also very close to natal pluto…maybe even more than romance..wink wink

  3. This lunar eclipse is squaring my saturn in scorpio. ? I’ll see how i do. My saturn has always caused me problems in the bedroom.

  4. Wow, 2 Kites, a Mystic Rectangle and a Cardinal T-Square. Every thing connects along with a semisextile from Mars to Neptune. ???

  5. With the eclipse falling close to my Venus at 25Leo, should I be expecting a hot date? Or does the fact that saturn will have trined it a day or two earlier destroy any hope of romanticism.

    No-one on the horizon so not really holding my breath with this one.

  6. Heck Yeah!! I have a 3 day weekend! I’m heading out to the countryside to a bungalow on the river. I’ve been to the place once before. I was planning on just napping the entire weekend, but maybe I’ll be fired up and ready for adventure instead! I like Leo energy. My Sag Uranus will be trined.

  7. It’s going to be a party day and night for me (company team building in a skiing resort on that day). It also happens to be my birthday. Although the eclipse doesn’t feature in my solar return. Still, I wonder what that day will be like…

  8. Well, mi Pluto is 22°Libra(conj IC)and Neptune 23°Sagittarius 6th house, my middle point between mars and mercury yn gemini is at 21°… and this lunar eclipses is on my 2th-8th houses… So it Trine air and fire in my chart, but in my case I see it more related to my career and proffesional area, i want to left my full time job and do something I love (check that my natal uranus is in 26° scorpio in 5Th and natal Chiron is in Taurus at 21° in 11Th)
    I´m tired of this job and really really want to live and work in something I love… Its a long way up! 🙂

  9. Thanks for the post, Elsa. I’m so excited….we’re getting married on Feb. 10. Initially it was suggested that getting married on an eclipse isn’t a great idea, but my Leo sun had me leaning towards this date…plus our marriage brings together American and Iranian families…in Germany! It’ll be a very Aquarian mix. Yeyyy.

  10. Conjunct Natal Sun at 22 Aq. Exactly trine my 22Gemini Asc. Happy Solar Return me! Would this be a good year to have a solar return report from you Elsa? I know any year is good, but this looks like a firecracker to me :-)))

  11. The Leo Moon/eclipse will be in my 9th house, which is empty of any other planets. It’s opposite my natal Mars. I hope that doesn’t mean “outburst” of inappropriate energy. I guess I have the control to make it appropriate or not. I don’t have anyone TO date right now, unfortunately. When I look at my other planets aspected by this mystic rectangle, Uranus in Aries will be conjunct my natal Chiron, 5th house; Sun in Aquarius conjunct my natal Mars, 3rd house; Jupiter in Libra opposite my natal Chiron, 11th house.

    If I could play this the way I want, an Aquarius I dated in the past would surprisingly show up and heal our dating wound. ; ) Or some friend would surprisingly set me up on a date with a decent guy. We’ll see. If not, I’m going to try to keep my head down and not get in trouble!

  12. Yikes! This is conjunct my ascendant exact at 22 degree in leo,it falls right on my Leo Aquarius axis. Any thoughts? Maybe some beautiful Aquarian man coming into my life, cuz we always do so good together.

  13. Natal Mars (26 Leo), N node (27 Leo), Jupiter (0 Virgo) 4th/5th houses in whole sign & 5th house in Placidus. Is there a significance w N node conjunction? I’m also curious as to how it’ll affect the stellium!

  14. hi i am leo rising Aquarius descendant what should i expect from today’s eclipse will i be dating aquarian man this valentines? thanks.

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