Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius: August 7, 2017 – Noble Action

Some years ago, there was a story about a man who spontaneously jumped onto the subway tracks to save a man who had fallen in. Here’s a video of the rescue.  This describes energy  of full moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius takes place at 15 degrees, in the middle of the day on August 7th.  

Mars will be conjunct the Sun in Leo, opposing the moon. Think “boldly dramatic”.  Mars acts as hero.

Mars and the Moon will oppose the Moon in Aquarius. This adds surprise to the equation.

We can’t tell who or when or where, but you’re likely to see someone act in a way you’d not expect. While it’s possible a person take a negative turn, odds are this won’t be the case.  Overall, it looks favorable out there.

There are people in my life, I’ve counted out. I just don’t expect them to take “noble” action.  But I may be wrong about this. If I am, it will be under a sky like this, I find out about it.

Aquarius, ruled by Uranus is known to change on a dime. Mars often acts as a trigger. You see the set up.

To fare well with this, act (Mars) with heart and feeling (Moon). There’s a creative burst to come with this as well. Don’t waste it. Why sit on the sidelines when you can dance?

Now we may see some protests…angry protests, rebellion and such. However, Saturn is sextiling the Moon and trining the Sun and Mars. I’m going with 80% good / 20% crap, and hey! I like these odds!

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Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius: August 7, 2017 – Noble Action — 16 Comments

  1. My youngest daughter’s birthday..she says she’ll no longer be twentyfun.she’s turning 22 and not happy about it. I guess she knows its time to grow up.

  2. In my 12th opposite my Leo Venus/Mars/Uranus conj., sextile MC, inconjunct Mercury, sesquisquare Sun, semisquare Saturn, square Jupiter. Now what do I make of this? Yikes.

  3. On my descendant. Lunar eclipse (ending) hitting point of relationships (DC). Hmmm ? The last time I had an eclipse hit my descendant at 15 was back in 1998. I’d just foolishly married somebody I shouldn’t have a couple weeks before the eclipse and it unraveled REAL quick afterwards (the night of the wedding) and we split up once Uranus crossed over my descendant about a year and half later.

    It’s been 19 years since that eclipse. Here comes this eclipse degree again AND Uranus will be crossing back and forth over my Midheaven another couple of times. Jupiter will be going over my IC soon. It will be interesting. It creates a grand trine with my natal Pluto/progressed Moon in Libra and my natal Venus in Gemini.

    This should be interesting. ?

  4. Sounds good – it will happen practically on top of my Mars at 16 degrees Aquarius.
    I do hope I don’t kill anyone at work though. 😀 It’s been a bit stressful lately.

  5. 7 august Will be my lunar return .My natal moon at 14 aquarius, natal jupiter at 10 circa aquarius, natal mars 20 and my descendant at 27 aquarius…

  6. This eclipse is in my 2nd house of resources but within a degree of the 1st house. Think there are some surprises in store.?

  7. Elsa, and Elsa community friends, I interviewed for a new job last week. I’m hoping for some favorable sign I get it. I was told I’ll likely be called on Monday-Eclipse day. The Eclipse falls in my 6th house, trines my venus and midheaven. Jupiter just moved into a trine with my midheaven so this Eclipse will perfect a grand trine. Is it possible this could bode well for a new opportunity with work? If I am offered the position I feel I should take it as it is under as favorable conditions under the sky as I will have for some time. This would also be an abrupt change (Aquarius) for my current job because I’ve been extremely loyal and dedicated and seen as one of the most reliable. I’m looking for your good thoughts and perspective!E

  8. It’ll be three degrees away from my nn in Leo in the eighth house. I’m not sure what that indicates? I have a desire/wish that I would like to come true but am letting go of expectations.

    If anyone has any thoughts on my transit I’d appreciate hearing them.

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