Long Distance Love – Is This My Soulmate

Bob Mackie Neptune BarbirHi Elsa,

I’ve developed a deep friendship with a man I met online.

We started talking three years ago, just as his marriage of 18 years was falling apart and he was separating from his wife. We weren’t romantic at first, I think because I understood his pain over the failed relationship. Also, I wanted things to happen in their own good time.

Recently, it seems he’s come around to realizing what I’ve felt all along. I’ve looked at our charts, but I’m not sure I see everything there is to see. To me, he feels like the soulmate I’ve longed for my whole life.

He wants me to visit him in California next month. Are we meant to be?


Dear Attached,

Here’s what it sounds like to me. He had a troubled marriage, you were lonely. Both of you were ripe – something developed, and now you’re on the ropes. Is this a viable relationship? I doubt it. Far as I’m concerned, you’re in the land of one-percent chance here.

You say you looked the charts. That’s good. Did you see your Venus Neptune contact? I did. Do you know what that indicates? You find this in the chart of dreamers. Venus Neptune is all about dreaming up the lover, imagining him into something supernatural. You often find it in women in love with unavailable men- like priests, or men in jail for life.

That’s because with no actual man around, it’s very easy to imagine the guy any way you want him. Think about it. You’re lying in bed dreaming about your unavailable guy. Do you think about him farting? Do you think about him cranky and brooding, unavailable, and bitchy? Hell no! In your fantasy, he’s always responding to you in just the right way. He touches you just right. His breath makes your skin crazy and so forth. Sound like I know what I’m talkin’ about? ::laughs:: Well, that’s because I have a Venus Neptune aspect myself!

So, here’s the deal. That guy in jail… the priest… the married guy in another state… well your imagination is so powerful, look what it can do. At the moment, you prefer him to the man who lives next door, who could actually do something for you. Or the man who lives just around the corner. And you have yourself so convinced, you are willing to be loyal to this hologram which frankly, can ultimately only let you down.

‘Cause here’s what’ll happen. You’ll go see him, he’ll breathe on you and you’ll get your five minutes of bliss. Shortly thereafter, reality will dawn on you. You know: you live here, he lives there, no one is moving. And besides that, he still has a wife? Come on, man. It’s hopeless.

I suggest you quit feeding this. Have your agony about your lost soulmate, Writhe around for awhile, and then get yourself on Match.com. Make sure the guy you hook up has no wife and lives close by. You know. Find someone or something viable, and dream that guy up. Because you can, you know. It’s what you do. And if you give this just thirty seconds of thought, you’ll see what I mean. A Dream Lover you can actually touch? Yum.

Good luck.


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