Decorating And Design – Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Capricorn: Let’s face it, Cappy, there is nothing like the dream of your future to keep you happy! You face the future with plans and plan B is there in the case of the failure of plan A! You need a space that is decorated and full of the future you.

One thing the future “you,” requires is that wardrobe for the future and you are probably wearing it now. I suggest you have space for that uniform of the future and to care for you uniform of “now.” You need space to plan and you need a place to make your lists. A desk of wood would be lovely for your earthly dreams and you should consider embossed stationary and business cards. You could use a desk that is personalized and has your initials on the paper which it holds.

I also think you might like personalized towels in your bath and embossed pillow cases. Your own hankies might be nice with your initial and just initial everything! I think that a place to record your life, your impressions is really important for you. You often do things that others admire and writing down your thoughts instead of your deeds is something you should think about. A nice big easy chair to curl up in after your hard days work in your favorite fabric where you can commence writing in your journal whether on line or off would be perfect. You have much to say to other generations and they would be well-served by knowing how you felt as you climbed that long Capricorn mountain in front of you at all times. Sharing a part of yourself is good for others but just as good for you. I had a Capricorn grandfather who achieved great things and once told me that he wished he had written down how he felt and not just what he had done. With my Cappy rising, I remember to do just that.

Aquarius: Let’s get with those gadgets you so love! Whether it’s scooters, computers or I-Phones, you love those gadgets and you need space to tinker and to meet with your other interesting and eccentric types to do that thing that you do. Make a meeting room where you and your co-cohorts can be jolly and do what you do in peace and with the camaraderie that you are accustomed to. What ever group you enjoy will need refreshments so have a refrigerator and have a meeting table with plenty of space to stretch. You usually collect a lot of what you do so you will need utility-type shelves and labels for those shelves. Invite your favorite Capricorn from your group to help you set up labels and shelves for they are good at that sort of thing and you usually have a Cappy friend up your sleeve.:)

For your room of your own you might like to have hooks to hang your accessories on. You often have scarves and belts and this and that to go with your eclectic wardrobe and to have hooks and nooks for these is the way to go with organization. You will need a “multi-colored,” slot for your color coordinated clothing area. Arrange, again, as I’ve said for others, by color and know you wear this with that and wear it again with that other thing so you need room between your clothing to look and eye ball your next creation you will put on yourself. You are not big on mirrors but I suggest one that is true so you can look at least one time before you walk out the door to engage in your activity.

You need space and wardrobe for that one thing that is truly you that you can’t live without and you know of what I speak. If you share space with someone you still will need this space of your own in which to act out on your individuality.

Pisces: You need meditative space. It needs to be done up in the blues and greens even if those are not you favorite colors. Trust me, if you spend some time alone in your perfect chair surrounded by your perfect scents you will come to love your blues and greens even if they are one in that area. Gather scarves and drape them over your laps to create dim light and spend at least part of each and every day in that place. Keep out harsh light, use candle light and don’t feel selfish when you make this perfect space for yourself. You spend a lot of time serving others and you need to give yourself time in a space of your own to regenerate and regroup.

Write down your thoughts and when you dream try making a plan to carry out that dream. Force yourself to dream in lists and follow those lists to your dream. You dont’ need to know for sure that it will work because if you feel it and picture it: it will work.

Draw and write in colored markers. Stock up on paper and markers and don’t forget charcoal for when you want to smudge. Draw your dreams and hang them in your space. Cut your dreams out of magazines and tear them out of books if the book is falling apart, otherwise, keep it with your other picture books that make you dream. If you can see it, you can do it and that is key to being you.

Okay, so blues, greens and if you can find fabric in both colors at once, perfect! Notice I use the word “perfect,” in this piece and that is because you are a perfectionist in your own right. Don’t settle, Pisces, if you do you are being someone else.

Get yourself some throws to cover yourself and curl up in. Find a large chair where you can get into that fetal position and do that regeneration that only you can do as you heal at the speed of light. Remember to have some reflective items in your space so that you can stare at them and have your own mind reflected back at you. No one should invade your space no matter how much they want to unless you have decided to share your space for a short talk. You need to find you again and to do that you need YOUR area.

– Annalisa




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  1. Annalisa, this series rocked! (i’m into decorating.)

    And It’s been interesting to see that while I dress my Aries venus for the most part, I decorate more for Cancer ASC (with a smidgeon of Virgo moon.) And now I have some great ideas for enhancements. What a gift-giver you are! Thanks.

  2. Pfft – don’t get me started! 😉

    Short answer: warm. Warm colors are my signature thing that I like- terracottas, chocolate brown, etc. I like a blend of Arts & Crafts/Mission/Southwestern style – very casual. Keys for me are to be able to put my feet up – so ottomans and coffee tables that are made to be scuffed, plus I love throws. Big soft ones you snuggle down in. I’ve got them in about every room – probably too many of them! I think of some of this as my Cancer ASC.

    And if I’m lucky enough to be doing any kind of a remodel, I always want the windows bigger. As much light and “outdoors in” as possible. I like to paint the walls terracotta and then let the room fill up with light so it kind of glows.

    Virgo moon has me labeling all my spice jars myself and alphabetizing them. Seriously! And I really like really clean spaces (altho I can get lazy Pisces about it sometimes and I have pets so clean is a fluid concept.)

    Okay, I’ll stop now. This is my version of a “short” answer. 😉 But I would LOVE to hear what other people do – I love different tastes.

  3. I once traded astrology with an interior decorator and boy did she transform my space. I wish I still knew her but she fell in love with a guy in prison who placed an ad in a singles thing pretending he was NOT in prison and by the time she found out, she was head over heels in love with him.

    She sent him lots of money and naked pictures, obsessed and writhed around and after awhile I just couldn’t stand it anymore however she was talented as hell and told me (Pisces Moon) that from the time she was 6 or so she could see this stuff in the clouds and boy she really was good at her job.

    It’s like Annalisa dressing me. I am not the easiest person to tame. I do wish I still knew that gal but I just couldn’t listen to one more word about the glory of this lying bastard. She was paying for his atty’s in another state – doing his appeals and stuff when I walked. Big snow job, I’d not be surprised to learn he took her for everything she had.

  4. Elsa is NOT easy to tame but I will say this for E: When she is shown the perfect item for her on her body she KNOWS that it is the right thing. So long as she waits until it is perfect on her she will always be able to style herself…she can give you the astro as to why if she chooses…

    Thank you, Crackers, I enjoyed that!


  5. How bout sturdy Shaker furniture for the Capricorn? I’m sure the average Capricorn has a good desk. My Capricorn friends have very sleek, useful no nonsense furniture.

  6. Could it be somehow IC related ? My SO (a multiple Aries) and I are both Virgo rising , only separated by a couple of degrees, and have a Sagittarius IC. We have ridiculously similar tastes when it comes to decorating. For instance, our current livingroom has been basicly done by him, the key pieces were his before we even knew each other. Yet it’s exactly like the one I envisioned – well, the shelves have to be changed, but we are on the same page there too – years and years ago. Many things we have are very Sagittarius flavoured too, for instance a big textile print of an old marine map (we both have Neptune in 4th too).

  7. I have in the past: the cocooning in my room, the journal, meditation, candles, diffused light. Getting married and sharing a room changed that. But after reading you, I thought I should do it again. I like the way you wrote it all down. I’ll give myself this as a new year present. Thank you, dear Pisces Sun! And a happy new year to you!

  8. Happy New Year to you as well, NR. My Cappy rising tells me how important these Pisces “work tools,” are to us so I am married but never gave up having a space of my own. So, here’s to you getting yours back and keeping it!
    Warm regards,

  9. i love to see how bits and pieces of what i do are drawn from different places. pretty heavily on my ascendent, my sun, and their rulers’ placements, which is not terribly surprising, i guess 😉
    my moon does a little, yet, but i’ve rarely had the space it wants…

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