Libra – Fairy Tale Love!

Libra love

You wrote me a song? And you showered?? Take me now!

Let’s talk about what it’s like to be loved by Libra. Libra is the sign of love and partnerships, and it doesn’t get much better than this.

I mean, yes. There are flaws. Libra is so indecisive that it’s possible to get in the loop of “I don’t know, what do you want for dinner?” until both of you starve to death. Their need for aesthetic perfection can make you want to wear the oldest, dirtiest, worst-fitting sweatpants you can find just out of spite. And the sheer force of their charm can make you feel like you just stepped into a cheesy rom-com.

But this, my friends, is a small price to pay.

Libra love is right out of a fairy tale. White knights and roses and champagne and the sweet sound of violins rising in the distance as your Libra touches your cheek and leans in for that first magic, beautiful, soulful kiss… Ahem. Where were we?

Libra love is magical. If you’ve been disillusioned by a Sagittarius who can’t understand why it’s not hot to point out every single wrinkle as it appears on your face or a Taurus who hasn’t changed their sheets in three months, Libra will make you believe in romance again. Libra will sweep you off your feet, gaze into your eyes, and make you truly believe in your own beauty.

But it’s not all theatrics. Real life encroaches on every love story, and that’s where Libra shines. Life with Libra is just so damn fair. If you have an issue, Libra will be happy to talk it through and will use their considerable social skills to find a solution that truly works for everyone. Libra has an uncanny knack for seeing the best in the people they love and giving them the benefit of the doubt. It would never cross their mind to be actively malicious, and it would never occur to them that you would be purposefully hurtful either. Think about having a partner that always assumes you have the best of intentions. Can you imagine how peaceful that would be? How easy it would be to avoid silly fights? How empowered you would feel to be your best self?

Because that’s the true magic of Libra. With their love, balance, and faith, a kind of Venusian alchemy is performed, and everyone it touches is made better. Through their partnership, you become yourself.

Have you experienced Libra magic? What was it like?

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Libra – Fairy Tale Love! — 23 Comments

  1. Libra indeed ”will make you believe in romance again”.

    My bestie is a Libra and I never wear an old, dirty, worst-fitting sweatpants in front of her because that would make her worry about my state of mind. I have Venus on the Ascendant and South Node in Libra and I always wear something pretty in front of her so that we match like sisters.
    She’s very much ‘the iron fist in the velvet glove’though. Never indecisive, she knows exactly what she wants: the Right Thing.The latter is a bit difficult for me, as I have some Uranus squares.

    • Gemster, that was so nice to read! I love the way you do those little things to honor your friend and create those shared experiences. You must be a wonderful friend. 🙂

      You’re right about the iron fist part! Libra can be so accommodating that it’s easy to forget that they are Cardinal! They go about it with grace, but Libra gets what Libra wants!

    • Aa a Libran women I can say I was indicisive as a girl as I matured that disappeared. Librans always see the best in people and are extremely loyal. But lie to them ignore their generosity or take them for granted god help you. When your behavior is deceitful and you leave them no choice they will walk away without a look back. Very forgiving their door is always open.

  2. I am a Libra Sun and I am all the artistic/romantic descriptions you listed above. However, I am not indecisive: I attribute this to my Aquarius ASC and Gemini Mars/Libra Sun trine.

  3. I love Libras and have several in my life that are like no others, but I wanna know what Taurus doesn’t change their sheets for three weeks?

    • Ha! There are endless mitigating factors, but I can say that I’ve known many. My best friend in college has a Taurus Sun and walking into her bedroom was a symphony of “crunch, crunch, SQUISH, crunch.” And with Taurus Rising myself, I’ve been known to leave the sheets just a little past their expiration date. ;P

      • My mother and eldest daughter have moon and Mars in Taurus…laziest people I know. They love comfort and chocolate but it must be provided by someone else. Sheets on for a long time, for sure!
        Libra love. I’ve experienced it some. Not enough though! I truly felt lovely during that time.
        I have a Libra moon and only clean because I like to create a pleasant experience for all who are in my home.

      • So not true about Taurus. Dirty sheets ruled by Venus
        ? No way … there must be something else in their chart. Taurus is not lazy. They may move slower than most but are marathoners not sprinters. They will stay to the bitter end and work harder and longer than most.

        • Agreed, Whitewolfe. May not be the glitterati of the horoscope, but steady to the end. I’ve honored contracts to sociopaths who owed me pretty big money – made sure the work was as perfect as possible and always looked and behaved a class act, even in the face of gaslighting, confabulation, and employees told they no longer had permission to talk to me. Go home to dirty sheets? I should say not.

          • Carly42, true blue, loyal and will never do a job half assed they have too much integrity. They would rather not be in the spotlight but if you appreciate them you have a friend for life. Usually amazing chefs as well. They will cook you a nutritious and delicious meal picked straight from their garden and serve it to you on the most beautiful dishes and just the right glassware and linen napkins. Love to all Taurians, sun, moon, rising and Venus.

            • Wow, so much discussion about the Taurus comment! I apologize! I meant it as a lighthearted tongue-in-cheek joke, but it obviously did not land that way I intended. That’s on me!

              The truth is that I adore Taurus (I actually love all the signs – I don’t think you can be a good astrologer if you don’t). And no, I don’t think every Taurus is lazy or messy. Taurus is tenacious as hell when their set their mind to something. I do think Taurus cares about comfort, but what that means varies among individuals. For some it’s a clean, light, haven and for others it’s a cozy, messy nest. No judgement here!

              • Also, just wait until I get to the Taurus Love post. I can and will sing their praises ’til the cows come home! 😉

              • Midara, your post is amazing. Its hard to talk astrology without making some generalizations. I see that you were just using those generalizations in a cute way to offer a contrast to Libra energy.

                I think you really tapped into something about Libra that is not always appreciated, and that is (when we are truly being in our essence), our ability to love everyone for who they are.

                I remember that I dated one guy briefly who was very disturbed by what he labeled “you treat everyone the same”. Ya, I do because I truly do love everyone equally. I think he was implying that I was being fake, but I think its hard for other signs to envision what its like to love everyone, to be the embodiment of that love.

                Anyway, I really appreciated your post, especially because so many descriptions of Librans are very shallow and in general Libra energy is not so revered in our culture. Which is odd, because its LOVE energy and isnt that what every spiritual tradition and master have taught is the pinnacle of existence and the key to everything?

  4. So, the article. No love relationships, but by BFF from childhood is a Libra. Faithful and always straight with me, which means a lot. Can’t say she’s indecisive, so maybe not typical Libra.

  5. I am a Taurus and I like my home very clean and very comfortable. I change my sheets once a week, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to sleep. As a Taurus, different colored sheet sets and coordinating quilts is very much a part of my need for comfort and I enjoy shopping for linens and changing the bed once a week for a new look and to feel fresh and clean. In the summer when it gets very hot here in Arizona I’ll admit I change the sheets twice a week. ?

  6. I find it very hard to be a Libra when it’s located in the 8th house. When I changed to the whole house system however… Libra got a whole new house to bask in! 9th house is so much more fun than the 8th.

    Still, the 8th house haunts me from time to time… Being judged, and misjudged, in intimate relationships is simply so devestating! I have Saturn and Pluto conjunct here as well, and every single time there’s a harsh aspect from outer planets (Hello, Uranus and Mars conjunct the 12th of February!), shit hits the fan and things burn down to the ground.

    Then… it really f*cking sucks to a Libra Moon in 8th. Harshly misjudged, treated like apesh*t by the opposite sex etc… you name it. When things hit the fan, it REALLY hits. But that’s not the Moon’s fault, although she hides her feelings away with that square to Cap Mars in my 12th. So much mud to dig up before getting to the juicy bits. Instead I am left with unfair treatments and didn’t get to say my piece because I’M SO BLOODY FAIR ALL THE DAMN TIME.

    It’s really no fun being a Libra then. While all my partners seems to thrive, I am left starving – for attention, love, fairness and all the other things Libra love. And then alle the repressed sh*t hurts my body, as Cancer is in my 6th house of health. It’s all about energy exchange, right? 8th house and all… *sigh*

    *Libra girl looking for healthy energy!*

  7. I date Libran types almost exclusively without knowing their birth information. Mostly Sun in Libras but sometimes Moon or Asc. It’s like instant attraction. My Natal North Node in at 9′ Libra with nothing else in the 7th. I’m still friends with all of them and the breakups were circumstantial and not deeply personal in nature. Venus/Mars/Uranus in mid Leo.

  8. for me they shoot from the hip ,no trouble bellying up to the bar [that’s limbo talk] lots of bravado,just don’t ever try to brake with tradition

  9. Libra love is gives this scorpio hope. I loved and left a Libra only to regret it. His Venus and Mars were in Scorpio so that may have added fuel to the fire. My Venus is in Libra but my Mars in Leo may have been our undoing.

  10. Great post! I think female Libras and Libra moons are for sure rom com love. And who doesn’t love the attention of a Libra? They’re sooo charming and they always GET you and if they don’t they can make a funny joke and you’re off to the next topic. But I haven’t met a clean Libra sun ever lol. They’re all messy! Maybe because Taurus is all about the senses, dirty sheets are offensive lol!

    Personally I’m a Taurus sun, mars, mercury and Venus. Taurus is my 7th house. Jupiter, Saturn and Juno in Libra… so I def have a lot of Libra flavor. I’m a romantic and love everyone! But you’ll never see me in my pjs unless you’re living with me and def not worn out or with holes in them. Husband has a Libra moon / Capricorn sun and swoon worthy levels of romantic. I’m the organized clean freak of the two of us and he’s the go with the flow type (prob his mars and Venus in Pisces). I change the sheets twice a week lol.

  11. I work with a Libra man. Always super well-dressed, so polite and sweet, goes to the opera. Very cultured and lovely. I don’t really have any Librans in my life though…

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