Liberation Via Broadcast (Jupiter Conjunct Uranus)

I’ve noticed a trend around here and I think exciting. People show up with some freakish secret they been harboring in many cases for decades. They wind up telling me the secret… and of course I can stomach or contain or process anything so that is the end of that.

Then time passes. A few weeks, a few months, a number months or maybe a year and the next thing you know the person starts talking openly about their secret. I have seen this now repeatedly and the secrets are not in any way minor.

I think this is super healthy of course and I feel very privileged to be part of the process that see the person become liberated. This has been going on for a while but with Jupiter and Uranus conjunct is become very prominent. People are blurting thing (Jupiter) and getting themselves free.

For anyone out there holding on to a secret that is like the hydra, it seems inordinately good time to release that thing. It is absolutely amazing to see people write openly on the boards or in the comments about things they once held deep inside.



Liberation Via Broadcast (Jupiter Conjunct Uranus) — 30 Comments

  1. Hi Elsa,

    My first time writing on this blog even though I have been reading it daily for a year now. I absolutely agree with the above. I have Pluto in my first house and normally keep my stuff very private. Well on Friday last I was speaking to someone at work and I found myself telling them how dearly I would love a relationship now, and then told me about prior relationships that didn’t work out and how I was afraid of it all happening again. I couldn’t believe I was opening up even this amount – it’s just not me with really personal stuff. I felt slightly ashamed all weekend, then thought, well it’s not so bad. Jupiter also in my first and Uranus in my second house.

    Thank you for your wisdom and timely advice.


  2. Still struggling with one of my “issues” that has plagued me for a decade now..

    With this transit, there is a feeling of finally letting it one can do it but me, and I’m ready for a change *teary eyes, lifts chin to face the future*

  3. Elsa,

    Funny you should say that, emailed a friend I amputated years ago (my issues, not hers), apologized for acting like an ass, and told her the TRUTH for my amputation. I feel better even if she doesn’t respond, but hoping she will.

    I like Elsa, I like!

    @DeeC – Welcome!! Fellow 1st House Pluto here and I didn’t start allowing myself to be really vulnerable until 2007. Been a big help and a shocker to my loved ones. All of us have big secrets and I’ve learned there is no shame in them anymore. 🙂

  4. oh yes, often I censor 100%. Write and never post. I recently let a few of these heads out on a board thread here. Even though I felt like going back and editing or deleting, TMI, too dark, this time I let it be … sigh. I see the ElsaElsa Board has a safe heaven for plutonic and 8th house stuff so why am I worried about having used my real name? no one who would be horrified or shocked comes here anyway and if they do they don’t hang out for very long. gah, I’m still somewhat conflicted…

  5. It’s a credit to Elsa and all of you here on this blog that one can feel safe enough to release the burden.

    I have Jupiter/Uranus opposing my natal Jupiter/Uranus conjunction now. (Hi DeeC, I have Pluto in the 1st too.) I’m not even really interested in harboring the secrets anymore. I’ve told a couple big ones here, and I told a damn big one last weekend.

    It was all fine. Over ten years of shame, and it was all fine in the end.

    It’s not over, but the fear is.

  6. I have Pluto in the 1st also. Everything feels like a confession. I’ve posted 4x today. It feels like 100. 🙂

  7. ((((aries sun)))) change happens no matter what. growth is optional and by choice, and yes growing pains do hurt, unfortunately. Character, courage, conscious, 3 words I try to live by.

  8. People are blurting thing (Jupiter) and getting themselves free. = AWESOME

    @Elsa, you’ve not only provided the counsel that opened the door, but provided a welcoming and comfortable place for such a fabulous community that is so receptive and supportive. The energy moves on…

  9. You and your timing dear Elsa…
    found myself telling one of my customer ( who has become a friend)a very big secret that I have been carrying around for almost 40 years now…I have always had a hard time sharing my pain with people when other people are involved…I feel guilty…but I am finally realising that I don’t want to carry this burden anymore…
    Did the same thing this morning with an other friend…Do I see a trend here LOL…

  10. Very timely thought Elsa, as I have seen this too. People just coming right out saying ‘this is the way things REALLY are!’ No more crap. Whoa, lots of revelations coming to light. The unburdening of burdens a long time on shoulders that don’t want to carry it anymore. I love it when people are blatantly honest!

  11. It just occurred to me that perhaps this personal revealing of secrets is a reflection of the festering secrets being revealed about the world at large, particularly regarding the government, banks, and corporations (Pluto in Capricorn!). A very hopeful sign… It’s awful at first but it’s only when the rotten stuff is revealed that we can ever hope to heal our massive collective wounds.

    Personally? I just spilled my guts today in an e-mail to a family friend who, while we hardly see eachother, has been there just when I’ve needed him in the past year. It feels weird to say this stuff to him but I feel less alone. It helps that he doesn’t judge me at all, which is something I’m not used to.

    This blog, of course, is helping me see that I’m less alone, so thank you, Elsa. 🙂

  12. I have written some stuff on here that I wanted to share and simply couldn’t say anywhere else, it was so Plutonic. Yay for that!

  13. I have a pretty freakish physical deformity. And I keep it secret as I am just not confident enough to rise above people’s obvious repulsion. And this restricts my lifestyle and choices and physical healthcare screenings to a degree.

    I have mourned and gnashed over this, but can’t seem to gain any in your face, I love who I am, what you think of me is none of me business open kind of attitude. I live in secret hidden shame.

  14. On a somewhat related note, I think:

    I’ve had quite a few people from my past, that I had lost touch with but had been important to me, contact me from out of the blue recently. It’s like, revealing ourselves anew, re-establishing lines of communication, but deeper now, somehow. Certainly older and wiser.

  15. Hi Elsa,

    Thank you for your encouraging words – you know that very thought had crossed my mind last evening just as soon as I had finally written to you on your blog. As my late father used to say to me – “Out of small acorns do large oak trees grow”. Now, finally, I believe I might be ready to start planting.

    You are an amazing source of encouragement – thank you.


  16. Really interesting. Lots of it happening in late May, Early June. Here’s a twist: In around 2000,( a Mars-y kind of guy, while a hairdresser)- died suddenly. His co-workers wouldn’t talk, the salon owner wouldn’t talk, and I felt bereft and without a way to express myself, talk to people about him. You know who you love, you know? And all these years I’ve thought about it. I don’t even have a picture, and I tried. Like it was some big secret.

    Well, last week I met a woman who also knew him. Strange it came up (in a public place, while there was an actual TV broadcast going on!). We both cried on the spot. I think it’s time for a real memorial. It was like his death was supposed to be ignored, whyt? I can’t tell you how it felt to share that with somebody, who also recognized this man as special. I mean, we cried. In front of people.

  17. Mari, I feel for you. I once knew a woman whose mother took, Thalidomide – she was a so-called “Thalidomide baby” and it left her with a strange deformity on her chest / breast area. She was a beautiful girl and it was completely covered by clothing so you can imagine the dilemma. Really a gut wrenching situation and not sure if she ever got on top it.

    Speaking as a Venus Neptune type, we really don’t care about aesthetics, ultimately as they cam easily be transcended.

    Basically some people wonder how Christopher Reeve’s wife could have stayed with him and some people do not.

  18. Neptune on the AC in Scorpio, Venus in Scorpio 1st house, here. And, Mari, I’m sorry for the distress you feel. It’s incredible how wide the range of responses we have to our own selves. I’m lucky to be physically pretty “normal.” And OK looking. As somebody put it long ago, “I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eatin’ crackers.” However, I have most of my life felt so self-conscious and awful about “self” that I avoided department stores for the mirrors. Freaked me right out. I have known a girl with Apert’s syndrome and tons of physical issues who has much more self confidence than I, with all her deformities. Elsa said “brainwashed.”

    The book “Middlesex” by Eugenides is a good picture of coming to terms with who one really is. I identified with the process in general, though the character was more self-assured and brave than I, and against great odds. I used to let even my imagined shortcomings keep me way down. Still feel that way, but work on transcending that kind of impulse, like YESTERDAY. Time to roll out that mental airbrush if that’s what it takes (do the Neptune) and give ourselves a break. Easier said than done, and good luck to you!

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