Venus Inconjunct Pluto – June 20, 2012 – Liberate Yourself From Your Obsession With Your Ex

I don’t usually cover minor, transiting aspects, but this one has my attention.Β  Part of the reason is that it will affect my family. I already see it manifesting, but besides that it’s just deliciously complicated. My natal Mercury and Pluto are also involved so I’m attuned to this, anyway you turn it.

Whenever you combine Venus with Pluto, you can expect old lovers to pop up. I call these people “corpses” (see Step Away From The Corpse) because they are people you’ve amputated in your life, for good or ill; rightly, wrongly, regrettably, or whatever the circumstances might be.

In this case, Venus in Gemini will be inconjunct Pluto @ 8 degrees. On that alone, you can expect a pair of corpses to pop up (Gemini). You can expect communication (Gemini) from a corpse and you may even see a variety (Gemini) of corpses!

On top of that, Venus is retrograde (lovers come back) so is this not interesting?

To further complicate things, Pluto is in hard aspect to Uranus, which is going to feed all this. On the day the inconjunct is exact, the Sun and Moon are involved.Β  This is a lot of action! Venus, Uranus and Pluto will all be at 8 degrees so this it’s not a loosy-goosey situation.

Oddly, I may be re-marrying my husband at this time which I think is amusing. I’d do it for the quirk and so would he since we both enjoy complex equations.

As for how to handle this, I don’t think you can plan.Β  Some who are reading this today will be dialing up old lovers, in a week or two and they don’t even know it!Β  The idea is sitting in their subconscious (Pluto) but they’ve not felt the sudden urge (Uranus) to act (Aries).

This may also manifest in a negative and/or dangerous way. You think you’re rid of someone and they come back and attack.

If you want an idea of an elevated way to use this energy, you might liberate (Uranus) yourself from an obsession (Pluto) with an ex (Venus rx).

I am looking forward to the transit. I like uncommon knowledge and there is plenty of that out there, under a sky like this.

How do you feel about what you’ve read? What do you want from this transit?

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Venus Inconjunct Pluto – June 20, 2012 – Liberate Yourself From Your Obsession With Your Ex — 59 Comments

  1. Maybe this would also be a good time to heal other old Venus-related wounds as well? Thank you for going into these aspects, Elsa.

  2. “What do you want from this transit?”

    I thought I made the right decision about someone. But when I read this I found myself wishing I was wrong and we could find a way. Maybe this will be put to rest maybe not we shall see.

    For some reason everything feels topsy tervy the last few days. Very unsettled except when I burry myself at work.

  3. I want my ex’s to get over their obsession with me. Frankly. I’m tired of being a corpse when I’m not even trying.

    And, I really hope there are some corpses out there that get over my husband.

  4. I am hoping for my friends mental health that his ex does not come back. We’re all really over it! It’s so done even the fork no longer wants to be put in it.


  5. Oh I feel anxious about this. I’m in a vulnerable position right now, though I may not be when this comes up.

    I would like to be liberated from thoughts about my exes!

  6. My chart will be all lite up, here are some of the highlights:
    *The new moon will be out of sign conjunct my sun/opposing my moon;
    *Tr.Merc will be on my Asc;
    *Tr. Mars will be on my 3rd house cusp;
    *Tr. Saturn RX will be on my 4th house cusp;
    *Tr. Juno will be on my 5th house cusp;
    *Tr. NN will be conjunct neptune & vertex;
    *Tr. Pluto is still opposing my sun;
    *Tr. Neptune is trining my sun/sextile my moon;
    *Tr. Uranus is on my MC;
    *Tr. Venus is conjunct my Saturn

    I’m gonna have to go let this float around in my head for awhile, seems I should be able to make at least a few positives with all this energy going on πŸ™‚

    OH yeah, just so jupiter doesn’t feel left out, it’ll be opposing my neptune by 2degrees, lol! Also putting it in a grand trine with pluto & my NN.

  7. Oh boy. Lol. πŸ™‚ I’m laughing here at how accurate this is. I’m the corpse. Lol. And no, i have no plans, but uranus here has me a little skirred. Lol. Tempting though…and with his wifes mercury at 17 pisces, t Mars 17 virgo, tmerc conjunct her natal mars at 0 deg cancer square her sun, completing *that* shitstorm. I’m sure this has been a *lovely* week. πŸ™‚ haha……muahaha….. Lol. That lunar eclipse was conjunct her nNeptune. She just changed her profile pic: a group of mostly blonde women dressed up at night. (Night out with the girls?)

    Nevermind the fact that on Sept 3, when venus and saturn square each other, venus will conjunct her saturn, while the saturn square is exact, tMars will be conjunct her natal uranus exact, tjupiter opposite her neptune, tpluto 1deg sextile her uranus, and the tmoon conjuncting Uranus, and the nodes shifting into scorpio. My birthday is the day before….

    Nevermind that just after thanksgiving (28th), saturn and venus will be conjunct her natal uranus exact, mars pluto conjunct in cap, square her pluto (2deg), tChiron conjunct her venus exact….but no, i will not be calling….

    …..i have lost my ever lovin mind. Lol. I either want to call up emotional and choked up, or flippin out mad…..I’m also aware that US postal stil works. I just may send my apology via mail. Registered mail/return receipt….he could read privately…..

    ……or i could…..just……gahhhhh… lol….it’s been atleast a week since i’ve cried……i keep thinking i feel better, until i’m screaming at the walls. No. Not better. I’ve called once, and hung up on her. It’s not *her* i’d be calling….and they have kids…..three. The youngest will be 1 in Aug. Mars in cancer. The oldest just turned 7. Moon & Saturn in cancer. Both libra risings.

    ……and i’m so sensitive to all this stuff….and *then* there’s cancer season, opposing Pluto!!! His pluto is 7deg….Hers 10 deg…

    ::: hides under the covers::::

  8. I have amputated someone that I hope does not come back and attack me. I want to be able to clear the air with my ex so we can decide either to move on (but remain friends as we are) or reconcile but with new understanding of how a new relationship needs to manifest.

  9. Hopefully I won’t be the corpse. This will be a testing day for me. Succumb or defeat? To be or not to be? That’s the real question!

  10. I amputated myself from him out of spite and wanting to anger him.. I want to apologize. Its up to him if he forgives me or not but I just want to say what I need to say and the rest will be up to him. I don’t expect forgiveness but I hope he can see my apology is sincere and that I truly love him…

  11. Dear god, please keep the exes away.

    I don’t know why anyone who broke up with me–i.e. they were sick of me– would ever feel this urge. I really don’t get it.

  12. I feel excited about this transit.I really hope I am not the one to be making any calls. But there is someone I hope will call me.
    Or I may let go of my obsession with it like Elsa mentioned.
    Honestly though, I’d rather have my obsession come in to the light, if you know what I mean.
    I also have a scary, crazy, abusive ex who I haven’t heard from in a year (and only because I got a restraining order). I really hope it’s not him.

  13. Eh. His Venus is 8* Aries/12th, inconjunct Uranus 10* Scorpio/7th.

    I take some joy from being ghoulish.

  14. I would really like to liberate myself from an obsession!

    That 8d Venus will oppose my 5h moon, and form a yod with my Pluto and Neptune… and some other stuff too. Good thing Jupiter will be on my Mercury.

    This new video from Die Antwoord is so fitting for me:

    LOL but today I would throw a brick at the the stupid fucker’s face, not my big brother πŸ™‚

  15. Oh, Morgan. Ah, sweetheart…it’s like kicking smack. You live through it. But it hurts like nothing else ever could in this world.

  16. 7th house moon-neptune says: “I have exes?”


    Last big big Venus-Pluto transit I had several corpses pop up within the same day. I may have to go find that post if it still exists – it was actually really funny.

    This is going to be INTERESTING (says the double-gem)

    Just for some fun, more astrology: tr Pluto on my Jupiter, tr Venus on my Sun/Saturn. Which means this lights up my whole chart.

  17. Well I sure as heck won’t be dialing up no darn body. Excuse my French …

    I’ve been down a long road to turn back.

  18. sigh….I REALLY don’t feel like this. I’m totally keeping the cell phone turned off. If I don’t talk to you currently….please believe I DO NOT want to hear from you. I’m going to ensure that I don’t recieve any corpse messages. My cell phone will be turned off and my voicemail box will be full everyday until this day

  19. This is just so “spot on” with what is occurring in my life right now. My ex is back and proclaiming love. An over the top aries (accross the board) male to my softer aries/cancer rising. When we stood side by side or back to back, I pity the fool to oppose us, but when we turned to fight each other, the wars were legendary.

  20. I really miss reading you while I am otherwise engaged. I just had to smile. Especially at the auto answer I got for my new found (like last nite remming before sleep) Venus Pluto revelation. I just never really got venus, until now. It’s so overwritten about in so many different ways, none of which ever spoke to me. Anyway, gemini is my 8th house so I suppose with the retro of venus in mercury’s house ruled by pluto, venus surfaced and mercury said hey stupid this is what it’s about for you dumb ass. Pay attention already will you?

    I hate to sound woo woo out to lunch, but my SN is in gemini and the past-lifey-feelin unresolved image that I’ve been carrying around for a few years now is solved. Today I feel like after I do after a funeral, something is dead and gone. I couldn’t go back even if I wanted.

    I have a decile venus pluto. I have no clue what that means.

  21. Pluto is squaring my Libra Venus. Uranus opposing Venus. Venus is squaring my Pluto.. Old lovers pop up every second. Half the time I want to marry the next traffic light and half the time I want to enter a convent, and the other couple of halves just want to have fun..Maybe that inconjunct will clear the air…

  22. Elsa you are one of life’s blessings.
    Thanks for this post – gates closed, big black dog on the look out . . . . . lol xx

  23. I have to work with one of my corpse’s.

    Life is strange, you never know what role someone will play in your life 15 or 20 years down the road.

  24. Fascinating and right on the money. I feel it too. I’ve been doing a lot of clearing work on the past and having dreams of old lovers. thanks for the wonderful insight.

  25. The only thing that ever happens to me during one of these is I start expecting to hear from my ex-husbands and the expectation throws me into a sort of weird spiral.

    I need to get liberated from my obsession with the ex.

  26. Elsa, I was wondering… with a minor transit like this, how soon do we generally begin to feel the effects? Basically, when do the energies of this transit begin to manifest? I swear that it feels like I am feeling the “rumblings” of this already!

  27. So funny!
    My Sun sits at 8 Aries 43 so it is at the recieving end of an exact square from Pluto T in 6th and in conjunction with Uranus T in 9th. Luckily there is also the sextile from transiting Venus R in 11th.

    On the day in question I will be abroad, and the possibility of meeting the corpse I have in mind is real.

    His has a tigth Sun+Venus conjunction in Gemini, and at the moment Pluto T is sitting on his Moon.

    What makes it even likely is the fact that ours was a Vertex relationship which started when Venus was retrograde in Gemini back in 1988. The Sun T will be conjunct my Anti-Vertex/opposite Vertex 20-21 June.

    Thank you Elsa for this warning! Better to be mentally prepared and still do something quite unexpected and probably regrettable.

  28. Fantastic Elsa, all day I’ve been composing a letter in my head to my narcissist, Scorpio, ex-boyfriend. It’s been three months and getting over him has been gruesome.

    While cooking dinner tonight (it’s 8.45pm here in Australia) I was remonstrating with myself…”Don’t make contact you fool!” : )

  29. I feel slightly nervous, a little curious what will transpire – that’s the same degree as the exact square next week at 8 degrees, also the same as my natal venus and pluto.

    I hope for a positive manifestation, preferably related to money rather than love. Most importantly, I hope to be free of the stalker types who do not let go and continue to track me, years later. Hope the exes stay in their own lives. πŸ™‚

  30. ….and i’ve been feeling exactly this (liberated) as of late. I’ve been obsessing so long. (since march ’11), it’s like being stuck on a treadmill, not going anywhere. Lol.

    Eva! πŸ™‚ Thanks hon’. πŸ™‚

  31. Hey Elsa, your latest newsletter is great. Thank you! I’ve not been here. Doing life and moving forward. But I appreciate all you’ve done and are doing so wanted to let you know. Spent some time reading boards and posts. I hope you don’t get blown off this space by tornado πŸ™ ((Hug))

    Re this post – I’m putting one on blast in a blog without naming names. Don’t want to hear from him or ever see him. I just need to purge. Feels like i’ve protected his *reputation* long enough.

    He needs to be held accountable for the pain he caused. This is years deep so I need to let it out. This is about me purging the corpse once and for all. And by doing that, I guess i’m being a corpse LOL Except he’ll have no idea which is great. I don’t want him to know. And if he does find out, well, he’s about to get a whole lot truth in his face which I know he won’t like. I don’t care. I need to heal and kill it permanently.

    Wondered why I suddenly felt “it’s time” to write about it. Now I know πŸ™‚ lol

  32. Interesting, last night I wrote a long post but it didn’t show up ?I thought because of the length it needed to be vetted, but it’s still not here today. Maybe something in there I wasn’t to reveal. πŸ˜‰

    I am having some very strong urges to contact an ex. It barely got started before it finished though we’d known each other for a fair amount of time – he, scared of intimacy and wanting to save face, ran (so much for Scorpios wanting passion, depth and commitment). Almost a year later and I’m still hurting. At least it’s not the being skinned alive feeling anymore, but still a huge heartache. After trying – and not trying – to grieve in every conceivable way, I gave up. And still no respite.

    I really thought he was the ‘one’ – and I’m no spring chicken. I’ve never taken anywhere near this long to get over someone, and there’s no end in sight. When I release someone, they’re gone. I wish them well, but they’re out of my heart to make room for new love. Still, I have no interest in any one but him.

    I don’t want to hurt anyone, that’s not me. He knows it. I don’t think he wanted to hurt me, either. I would keel over into my next lifetime if he contacted me, I know he wouldn’t. Just too shy, even when we were together.

    My urge to contact is just as intense as my fear of doing so. We had a double whammy of Moon-Pluto square (our synastry and composite charts were very powerful, more than I’d ever experienced before; his 5 planet stellium on my desc among other close aspects) so transformation is a big theme. Maybe letting go of something that had so much promise (we both thought) is another.

    Interestingly, transiting Pluto is conjunct my moon, and transiting Venus RX is conjunct his moon. I’ve never been a corpse before, but fittingly, I feel dead inside right now.

  33. Elsa, is there a character limit? I’ve written two comments in this thread, but none have been posted after I’ve clicked (the second one mentioned the first one not being posted). I wonder if they’re too long?

    • There is no character limit, beachfront, but your comment (I only found one) did go into the spam filter for some reason. Sorry about that, I recovered it. πŸ™‚

  34. I want to move on!

    Since the lunar eclipse in my 5th I feel like I have let go some. On the 20th I will be having my mercury return. Maybe I should write a letter…then burn it!

  35. Ugh! Ive been amputating my whole life. Venus RX conjunct Pluto and Mercury RX in scorpio natally. Just another day for me.

  36. If I’m not mistaken, Venus,Saturn, and Pluto will form a YOD. In that case breaking the shackles of bondage will bring love. The shackles will/may include current toxic relationships, past lovers that you can’t let go off. Pointing away from control and manipulation into friendship, sharing, and love.

  37. My ex proposed out of the blue, we have been apart for six years. Two Aries that when we stood side by side or back yo back we were impenetrable, but when we turned at each other, the wars were legendary

  38. I am seeing not just one, but two very important ex-loves at this time! i can’t believe the timing is so spot on!

  39. My birthday is at 19th June.. So, at 20th I’m having tr Venus quincunx Pluto? OK.. I’m having tr pluto quincunx venus too, and my natal venus is at 8 gemini degree.

    I’m facing a difficult situation, my hubbie left saying and doing stuff, people around me tell me I can’t think about this because all the things he’s doing and saying just can make a person crazy, so I’m out of my body for 9 months now. I’ve been really outside just watching. It got worse and I came back into my body since venus is rx (and I have gemini venus and sun), and its painful.

    I had to let someone else behind some years ago.. not an ex.. even tought I loved him, and I never explained him all the things that really happened.. the same with him, and I would like to hear from him, but he WILL never do that. I think we danced the twin flame dance. I’m thinking about writing him for some time now (2 years?) but that feeling is getting intense.. this is turning an obsession in my mind and I would feel relieved to just write him but I keep thinking I dont have enough force.. funny how this person disappeared from my sight 2 days after tr pluto went quincunx my venus.. in that same day something went wrong at work (I was blmaed but not my fault) and things were never the same again.. then I went into a severe depression, then lost my job, etc, etc, etc.

    about my ex – he has a new girlfriend, and 2 days ago we were writing emails about our daughter and house and in one of these emails I told him he should stop intrude himself in my life (other private subjects about my life he speaks about) that aren’t his concern anymore and he shouldn’t be waiting for my attention (he likes fast answers to his emails but sometimes erases mine with no answer), because his girlfriend is the one who should give him attention. He answered his new girlfriend is much more of a woman then I will ever be, giving knowledge to our parents, in that email. Something just happened to me with that sentence!! Plus the fact that in that same day I found that he has done something inaccurate and harmful concerning our taxes.. I’m finally moving into justice. Maybe I’m getting rid of my obsession with this ex?

  40. Thanks Elsa.. (My ex boss is Elsa too :/ )


    I’m convinced I will, thnx for the strength.

    And I’m convinced the other guy I want to write will be reappearing in my life the next saturn return lol

  41. Now I understand why I’ve been dreaming about my ex in a particularly ‘loverly’ way!

    I promise to behave myself if he shows up in 3D on the 20th. πŸ˜‰

  42. Thank you Elsa, I love your messages. In regards to this one, the ex is back just as you said, so questioning are some who were separated like back in 2006 due to vibrational mismatch & needed personal growth time on one or both parts actually suppose to hook back up now??? or are they just feeling the energies present & the urge to reconnect will shortly pass & we should stay detached? Thank you so very much.

  43. Very very strong empathy with my ex. Overwhelming almost. Him and I used to thrive during Cancer Sun Mercury or Venus. I also had an extremely vivid dream of him last night which felt so real. I don’t know how this will manifest.

  44. omg….I just saw my very first love who I lost my virginity to 17 years ago. They were also my very first corpse….lol……..omg!!! Thank the universe I saw the corpse first and used my ninja powers to elude being seen. This corpse spotting happened at a VERY empty Target store in one of those big main isles they have. I ducked into the underwear section. Then it became Mission Impossible getting out of Target without being seen. I am absolutely convinced that I was a ninja in a past life. My 12th house Gemini Mars trine pluto is impressive indeed. I ducked and dodged and made it out successfully. I haven’t seen this person in 8 years…they found me on facebook…and then got themselves amputated AGAIN by trying to get fresh even when i put up a boundary by stating firmly that it made me uncomfortable and to please stop. I shudder to think what might have happened if they would have seen me. Right when I manage to shake this person from my life I see them at Target AND they are a mega gemini to boot!!! Very close call….I thought of this transit watch as I was hiding in the panty section…Elsa, you have done it again. This transit watch was right on the money.

  45. All I can say is GRRRRRRR…..I am in the mood to DESTROY. I don’t remember anytime in the last maybe 5 years I have felt this enraged. Started last night and I was literally exhausted and nauseous. I know enough to keep it in check but inside I am SEETHING.

  46. wow, this really hit home, someone shared this with me on my facebook page and oddly enough my ex husband came back to me around the 7th of June but I dumped him, old news and old baggage I don’t need but wow this gave me chills just reading this lol

  47. One more thing, wanted to say thanks for posting this Elsa, I just pray this corpse never EVER comes back to attack again or any other corpses that may even be thinking about me!! god bless

  48. Hello Elsa,

    Is this interpretion valid also in solar return chart? Solar pluto inconjunct solar venus? Corpses coming? πŸ™‚


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