Let The Sunshine In!

midara consultRecently I’ve had several consultations where clients basically asked me to pump them up. They, like most of us, have been feeling beaten down, exhausted, and daunted by the work ahead. They’ve been through 2020’s Plutonian depths and are working through 2021’s Saturn/Uranus squeeze. But after all that, it’s hard to remember what tools you’re working with and what really makes you great.

And that’s where I come in. I LOVE this kind of work. I have always said that if you need someone to see the best in you, find yourself a Leo. There is nothing I love more than telling people, with complete sincerity, exactly what is beautiful, special, and shining about them.  Every chart is a glittering gem, and I have such love for every single one.

And the beautiful thing is, it works. Every single person has left feeling refreshed, empowered, and ready to tackle anything the world can throw at them. And what’re more, they have fallen back in love with themselves.

And isn’t that what we need right now? A little sweetness? Some ease? A reminder of how strong we are and how good life can be?

I want to share this with everyone. We need to bring HEART back to the world. That’s why I am offering a Sunburst Reading. This is a love letter to your chart. We can bring in any issues you’re facing and demonstrate exactly how you can succeed using the amazing tools that already exist within you. Let’s get your inner Sun shining bright!

Ready to remember what makes you great? Ready to feel the Sun again? Click to get started. Pick your time, and I’ll contact you right away. Just let me know you’re looking for a Sunburst Reading and I’ll get to work!



About Midara

Midara has been a consulting astrologer for over a decade. Whether you’re struggling with relationships, personal growth, tough transits, or whatever else, she’s here to help.


Let The Sunshine In! — 9 Comments

  1. I clicked the link to get started and saw the 1/2 hour reading option and 1 hour reading option, but nothing about a Sunburst Reading. Am I missing something??

    • CArRiE, thanks for asking! I see that it wasn’t clear. To order, go ahead and click on the link for the regular consult. Pick your time (30 minutes is usually plenty!). After that, I’ll contact you to get details for the reading, and all you have to do is let me know you’re looking for a Sunburst reading, and I’ll get to work ASAP! 🙂

  2. I lthe idea – right now this is really needed!

    I remember that I once ordered my childhood horoscope from Elsa. This is also a great read, because it tells about the potential each of us have and what we are gifted with. To begin anew sometimes you need to go back to where it all started: with you.

  3. I was very pleased with a recent reading I had from Midara. She touched on themes that not only resonated with me, but they also provided guidance for me to decide where I needed to focus my energies for the next couple of years.

  4. In reading this article, I realize that I could have been one of these clients. Thank you Elsa, wonderful work!

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