Effects Of Jupiter Transit By House

Jupiter is considered a benefic planet in astrology. It’s a planet given to going overboard and this holds true when astrologers talk about it.

Some say you’re going to win 100 lotteries under a Jupiter transit and that all you touch will turn to gold. Others says you are going to get so fat, you won’t be able to fit though the door and in both cases, it’s a safe bet the effects of the transit are being overstated.

Jupiter does rule luck and expansion but it also rules education, travel, vision, opportunity, the future, and bounty of all kinds. If you learn something new, is this not a benefit?

When looking at a Jupiter transit, consider Jupiter’s condition in the natal chart. If it is well aspected (which to some extent, means if it is tempered by Saturn), the effects will be somewhat better then if you have Jupiter poorly placed or in a lousy sign. But in all cases, there will still be a benefit and I can use myself as an example.

I have Jupiter in aspect to Uranus. Any luck I have is likely to come out of the blue sky, when I least expect it. I almost have to wait for the rug to be pulled out from under me and then ask – how does this benefit me?

As an example, right now I have Jupiter transiting my 4th house (home). I was sitting here minding my own business when the mail came. I got something from my insurance company saying my roof was degraded so they were no longer going to cover it until I had it replaced. Bad luck, right?

The thing is, the roof was (relatively) new. It was six years old and paid for my this same insurance company so what that meant is if the new roof was damaged, it was damaged by hail when meant the insurance company was liable to replace it again. Long story short, 30 days later, my $10,000 roof has been installed and paid for the insurance company that sent me the letter. This is a benefit right? Jupiter blessing my house. Here’s a tip for home insurance companies: Don’t mess with customers who have Jupiter transiting their 4th!

On the bounty part of this equation, we put in a huge “overboard” garden in this year which produced a lot (Jupiter) of food (Taurus). I also hired a foreigner (Jupiter) to replace some damaged siding on the house (4th). This was pretty convenient because I met the man, standing next to the damaged thing I wanted him to replace. He was working on the neighbor’s house so I could observe the quality of his work. Jupiter rules improvements of all kinds and here again, the opportunity popped up out of nowhere.

My family has expanded under this aspect as well. I had not talked to my oldest sister or my mother for 20 + years and they are both a phone call away at this point.

For the record, I have a lousy Jupiter in my chart which should be apparent from reading this. My luck is tied to work and responsibility but as you can see it is still luck, yanno?

What house is Jupiter transiting in your chart and how have you benefited?



Effects Of Jupiter Transit By House — 34 Comments

  1. Nice! Good stuff on the roof.

    I had Jupiter transiting my 10th when it was in Pisces/Aries, but TRUTH BE TOLD, that was a pretty bad year in terms of academics and in terms of social standing. What happened? πŸ™

    Currently Jupiter is in my 11th and your post has definitely made me think/realize that there has been an expansion in groups and networks these last few weeks. πŸ™‚

  2. Jupiter transiting my 11th house…wow, I am getting very lucky with the new people I am meeting. Fast friends I consider family immediately! Strange but this transit is opening my eyes more to the possibility of past lives more than ever.

    • Hey hi..and how is the monetary state of ur life right now coz even My Jupiter mahadasha will start in a few weeks and have read that Jupiter in 11th house brings in lot of financial gains..I dream of buying a luxury sports car..plz do share ur life example with me..Thank you..God bless u

  3. Jupiter is currently in my third house, closing back in on my natal sun in this current retrograde movement.

    I’m not sure if it crossed into my 4th at any point (15deg) but out of the blue I’ve been given a chance to buy a house, and it looks as though it’s all go.

    Jupiter is part of a grand trine in my natal chart with neptune and the sun so I think I have a tendency to benefit from opportunities connected to my goals, which can suddenly become real. Jupiter is also square uranus, so things tend to happen out of the blue somewhat!

    I’ve also benefitted from a return to education in the last 6 months. I am officially a fan of jupiter, albeit wary at the same time.

  4. “When looking at a Jupiter transit, consider Jupiter’s condition in the natal chart. If it is well aspected (which to some extent, means if it is tempered by Saturn)”

    I thought jupiter in aspect to saturn was not good? I have jupiter in aspect to saturn so all my luck is tied to work and responsibility as well. Sometimes that makes it hard to see the luck. Jupiter is currently transitting my 7th house trining venus 7th house ruler and sextile moon/jupiter 9th house ruler. I am more lonely than I have ever been at any time in my life and I set a date for when I will go back and get the second masters degree I have been wanting.
    I don’t really feel any effects that I can attribute to a 7th house transit but my usual energy is very jupitery so maybe thats why I dont notice and difference.

  5. Going through my 9th, where it is natally (Aries). Bringing some fun travel opportunities and a lot of incredible work opportunities but also a TON of work, too, since Jupiter is the ruler of my particular field of work.

    I got 99 probs cause my work ain’t done.

  6. Since Jupiter has crossed my ascendant, and is now making its way through my 1st house, I have actually lost weight–and I’m not happy about it. I’ve always had trouble putting on weight and I was hoping Jupiter/1st would help me out but nope!

  7. 12th house thankfully in Taurus and since it’s inconj my Uranus sextile my sun and on my mars I am glad I have it natally in cap and being transited inconj by Saturn. I think this is helping me to not get lost in the hidden things. Instead I have an instructor who us guiding me through this professionally. Because ut will effect my profession.

  8. Jupiter is transiting my second house right now.
    Still such an astrological beginner, but I can only guess that it’s helping to mitigate whatever saturn transiting my eigth house right now is doing. My jupiter return will be in May next year, I’m interested to see if that brings anything beneficial.

  9. Natal Jupiter Pisces 2nd conj Mercury, Trine NN Cancer 6th.

    When Trans Jupiter was in my 2nd house earlier this year, I moved into a new house after 26 years. It’s bigger and more private than my old house. I have three children and 10 family pets – this house is a miracle for us.

    Jupiter is now transiting my 3rd house. It Trines my Pluto Uranus Virgo 7th and squares my Mars Leo 6th.

    I’m always iffy on the 3rd house. Considering the aspects, it should concern travel, education, job and new relationship. So far, nothing is happening in any of those areas.

  10. Almost out of my 4th but havent seen much since i dont have a place of my own ~although during the hurricane we were lucky not to lose power or have flooding… (dont think I contributed so much as the fact that we live on a hill..) But Im hoping to move out soon and with any luck it’ll be when the big man is still in my 4th!

  11. 12th house. I have a workhorse Jupiter, too (in Cap – you gotta work hard if you want it), so I’m working now to develop my intuition and dream remembering. It’s a transit to natal Mercury eventually, so I’m prepping now.

  12. Jupiter is my chart ruler, and natally it is trine Pluto; sextile Venus/Mars. I am a lucky person, not in money but in love and simple pleasures. I feel I get what I need, always. And yes, it is often transformative.

    Right now Jupiter is in my 5th, and is/will conjunct my IC/Chiron/Mercury/Sun.

    Many of the people in my inner circle are having children and starting to build their families, I am a part of that and it buoys me and makes me feel very hopeful of the future. I love being part of a family. <3

  13. @Shannon “I have a workhorse Jupiter, too (in Cap – you gotta work hard if you want it), so I’m working now to develop my intuition and dream remembering.”

    Me too! Id sure like to compare notes with you someday πŸ™‚

  14. Jupiter is natally in Libra (7th House), and it trines the conjunction of Venus and Mars in Gemini (3rd House). I haven’t experienced a huge amount of love or passion from men, but I’m hoping my time is around the corner. πŸ˜‰

    Currently, Transiting Jupiter is on the cusp of my first and second house. I guess my self-esteem and outlook has been growing stronger so that I’ll make progress with finances and security! Bring on the money!

  15. Have just had my Jupiter return in my 9th house, now it is transiting my 10th and retrograding back and forth over my MC until March next year – hoping things are going to “expand positively” on the career front – I’ve been putting career type focus / desires out into the universe to support this… fingers crossed for a bit of Jovian luck! πŸ™‚

  16. toomuchpluto: It depends on the aspect but generally, Saturn will , in some measure, ensure that whatever Jupiter explores and expands upon, reality bites. In being the way-shower in the realm of restriction, limitation and application we can learn how to bring the enthusiasm for our goals into concrete reality. With Jupiter unleashed (or Uranus)life could expand into circular chaos – loads of action but little achieved. It can also mean huge losses as the influence passes and is challenged. Anchors such as Saturn and Pluto aren’t a barrel of laughs when you’re young, comtemplating the long haul of study and building credentials; at the end of which one may have a strong Uranian urge to throw it all away or apply in an innovate direction.

  17. I need some clarification, you said: “When looking at a Jupiter transit, consider Jupiter’s condition in the natal chart. If it is well aspected (which to some extent, means if it is tempered by Saturn), the effects will be somewhat better then if you have Jupiter poorly placed or in a lousy sign.”.

    I have squares to jupiter, my sun opposite it and my moon conjunct it. But no saturn aspect, however, jupiter is in cappy. Would you put that in with the lousy sign or tempered by saturn group or both? Just curious πŸ˜‰

    As for me, right now it’s in my 10th, guess I should pursue career interests, as I’m already up to my eyeballs in community involvement,

  18. Angie, I can’t answer that properly because I am a visual person. As for my remark, it stands exactly as stated. Jupiter is over the top and having it tempered by Saturn is an asset. No one likes bloatware, basically.:)

  19. I have a dramatic jupiter, opposite a serious saturn. Jupiter is currently in my 10th house hitting my mc and squaring natal jupiter. I’m jobless but have a lot of opportunities right now! Also I’m going back to school which I am super excited about. πŸ™‚

  20. I have Jupiter square Saturn.

    Two years ago, when Jupiter was in my 4th, we were more successful with our garden. Not as much as we would have liked, but it was nice producing anything at all. The animals like the plants, too.

    Jupiter in the 5th brought more friendships to me, and I was more open, but due to other things, was also heavily stressed. I remember several times, reminding myself to breathe and look at the good, like the package that arrived from my friend, around December 10th (if that was a Saturday). I told myself to stop focusing on what had just happened, and to concentrate on the fact that someone thought so much of me, that they wanted to send me that package to make me feel better. I’m still getting a few things together to send her (a Taurus).

    Jupiter flashed through my sixth, but I loved it conjunct my Sun. When it entered my 7th, just after it entered Taurus, we’d planted a garden (finally), and we were doing more social things, that other people generally do and don’t think much of (like movies and spending time somewhere outside of the house – or going to lunch). I was focused on meeting someone for a while, but stopped, and focused on who and what was/is already in my life.. and then it turned into a nightmare. I’ve been trying to ground my energy, and feeling more grounded in certain ways with my family – right here – but our main social event was the vet’s office and the animal ER, or talking to someone about their own grief. We’ve held three cats as they died, and are hoping to not lose the fourth. When it comes to relationships with others, I give up. If they happen, they happen, and if they don’t, they don’t. I was hoping to be able to buy a small present for a friend, but again, I can’t afford it now, so I’m making these little lists, and I’m going to find somewhere to keep them safe.

    I used to feel a certain amount of faith, but mine has taken a serious bashing over the past year, and my mental health isn’t that good half the time. I don’t know what I’m doing, and I’m tried of it feeling like my head is being pulled back for me to be kicked in the teeth once more, as well as fearing what else might be taken from me too soon. I know that other people deal with significant losses, and there has been one human one for me this year, and one last year. A couple of betrayals, backed up by solid support, but I was so surprised that people were actually sticking up for me, that it took a while to actually sink in, along with the knowledge that I didn’t have to fight so much. It was nice being seen by my friends. That was a highlight.

    I have Jupiter in the 5th natally, square Saturn, opposed Pluto, sextile Venus, trine Neptune and the midheaven.

  21. I have my natal Jupiter in 9H Aries. I had my Jupiter Return, and as Elsa states in the post she linked above — OMG, my future has dramatically changed with a career change πŸ™‚

  22. Jupiter in 12th almost conjunct sun, activating the t-squares, which are also being filled out into a grand cross from Pluto/saturn et. al.

    I swear Jupiter in the 12th, for me, has disappeared it’s big self into Mary Poppins bag, not to come out until needed πŸ˜‰

  23. transiting conjunct mercury. in the ninth.
    learning a ton. a whole lot. which is a whole lot of work.
    (taking the “are ye really a programmer” course)

    got a new faster bike and the day before passed my motorcycle skills class. so ZOOM! on my iron horse go i πŸ˜‰

    thinking through some deep heavy stuff buried in my head. (that would be the pluto…)

  24. I was just investigating Jupiter moving in to my 4th house yesterday. As it went thru my third it was a challenge, neighbour probs, education mix ups, car accident. I learnt a lot about myself though. Crossed my Saturn at 8 taurus. So the 4th house transit till the end of june-ish I am hope I find my sense of at-homeness in my body and Home. Natal Jupiter in libra 8th. Is the 4th house transit good?

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