Sagittarius Promise More Than They Can Deliver

It’s common for people to make promises or various commitments to me. They wind up not following through. Maybe one in ten people who promise me something wind up delivering it. I think the high failure rate is personal to me.

This is because I think “integrity” is more common in the collective than this statistic would indicate. So all this over-promising has got to have something to do with me.

It may be that people are moved and energized by me in some way. It causes them to spill over and make huge, sweeping promises which they cannot or will not deliver when it gets right down to it. Their failure harms me each and every time.

Do you overpromise? Do people make promises they can’t keep with you? Where’s your Jupiter?

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Sagittarius Promise More Than They Can Deliver — 17 Comments

  1. I picked zero, because although it is very important to me to follow through, I don’t hold others to that. I know if I actually reminded people what they’ve promised me, they may actually do it, but I don’t. Because really, who am I to ask? I think this might be a problem. Because on the promises I haven’t followed through on, had someone reminded me of them (people do forget) maybe I would be better at keeping them. But in the end, it’s my own responsibility.

  2. It’s odd, but I hardly ever *ask* anyone to do anything for me, but people are always volunteering. I often accept, because they seem genuinely interested in offering whatever they are offering. Usually, there is no problem. I thank them profusely and graciously, and/or offer to help them in return.

    Sometimes, though, people are offering to do something for me because they want something specific from me–usually they want to endear themselves closer to me for some reason, or for me to admit them into my inner-circle, and, that can be very uncomfortable for everyone, and usually results in the person being very angry with me because I don’t deliver on what they wanted from me, even though that thing was unbeknownst to me, and I never would have accepted their offer of help had I known it was contigent on something I couldn’t deliver in return.

    Anyway, that’s happened so often, there must be something in my chart that would help to explain it, but I don’t know what that might be. 🙂

  3. Im no longer bothered by the lack of follow through. I know my friends promise out of a sincere desire, but find later they just cant balance their needs. Its ok.

  4. I got the question but was trying to say that I’ve noticed it depends on how I treat their promise. If I think of ten people I know that would promise me something, I can guarantee that 2 of them would follow through. One right away, one eventually.

  5. hahaha, well, my Jupiter is conjunct my ascendant and trine my mars and sextile my uranus. I’ll let you marinate on that one. I get promised crap all the time. I hardly ask for anything, and I try not to make promises I can keep.

  6. I didn’t vote…sorry!

    My friend likes to say “That’s wonderful if you decide to do that, but I am equally flattered/grateful/whatever if it is a gesture in spirit only.”

    ( I have a sordid history of unfulfilled promises. I am reformed of that…people’s feelings get really hurt by that kind of flakiness.)

  7. Hmm, I’m a Libra sun sign and have zero Scorpio in my chart–though, I get along famously with Scorpios. 🙂

    The house thing–I should look that up, because I am pretty unfamiliar with how the houses work. I just looked at my chart and most of my planets are in the 8th house. Let’s see…I’ve got Mercury, Mars, Pluto, and Uranus in the 8th house. Interesting….

  8. As it turns out, my ascendant is Scorpio. I’m still learning, so I’m slow at some of these things. Anyway, thanks for pointing that out! I appreciate it!

  9. Hmm. The problem is I only remember the people who follow soon as someone doesn’t for no good reason, I just kind of file them away into my nice-but-flaky-as-a-pastry bin and that is that. So… my vote may be slightly skewed since I don’t recall the non-follow through people, or I tend to deliberately forget them. Whichever works.

  10. I’m always happy to help, but have been known to forget sometimes when I’m busy. I don’t ususally ask for assistance, but when I do, I get a good response. I always try to keep a balance on my end so nobody feels they give me more than I do them, but I rarely even think about if I give more than anyone else because I try to give with an open hand and no expectation of return – which I think is the key.

  11. Not sure why but no one ever promises me anything.I never ask either. My mother used to offer just so she could enjoy not following through. This sounds bitter, but I’m not, it’s just life.
    I however KEEP MY PROMISES. Big Time.

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