How Jupiter Transits Work In Real Life

12.jpgThere is conversation in the comments on the Jupiter post around the fact a gal’s husband has had Jupiter conjunct his Sun in Aquarius but is having no luck. The idea that money or things are going to fall from the sky when Jupiter transits your whatever is a common misconception. What you can count on during a Jupiter transit is an opportunity to expand.

This means if Jupiter transits your first house you will have an opportunity to expand your waist. More is not always better. But aside but that, good things usually do come along during Jupiter transits but people don’t necessarily know a good thing when they see it.

The other blog offers a good example of how Jupiter works. Michael Erlewine started expanding the Matrix website. Uranus rules astrology, see? He offered me a chance to expand when he interviewed me and then offered me a blog over there. The results of this will not truly be seen for TWELVE years when the Jupiter cycle completes.

Looking back in time, I got on the Internet for the first time about 12 years ago. I headed right for alt.astrology with a Mountain Astrologer in my hand. That was the seed. That was the opportunity that has now manifested… and continues to manifest and expand.

Can you think of something you started 12 years ago that has grown huge? Tell us…

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How Jupiter Transits Work In Real Life — 28 Comments

  1. My online presences. Not as huge as yours Elsa but still a pretty significant part of my life now.

    My spiritual practices. I would have never dreamed where it would all lead.

    My self confidence. It was really just a seed when I left my first husband almost twelve years ago.

  2. I Don’t think Jupiter is tied with material sucess…necessarily. Personally jupiter transits
    lead me to an expansion of my consciousness in the form of knowledge and a deep (i say really in deep) passion for philosophy. I could say you I have felt the transit to aquarious in the form of whole epiphany of releaseing and acceptance, and joy I forget it. I am sadge asc with Jup in 9th house may be es the reason I experience the more philosophical side of the planet ..I don’t know., I could Do nt change to the version of material jup. May be Jup is the planet of opportunities and that was my favorite quote ever: always there is an opportunity: I just have to recognize it. I say this while listening to Vanessa Mae (Classical Gas) -approaching the coming Jup neptune conjuction- while I read the news about Gaza – aquarious?…. I could say for me Pluto or Saturn is more tied to sucess, material concrete obvious. Especially Pluto, it is for me like a uncle of Mafia coming with a treasure sometimes, mainly when changing houses.
    Twelve years ago? I started my career. It is huge now, a huge amount of work, that is what my career is.

  3. Each time Jupiter transited my Sun (direct transit) I moved to a totally different and new place. And I can confirm that it didn’t happen as a sudden miracle, but as a culmination of preparations that I did before. In my experience Jupiter only favors and expands what we have worked on or got prepared to, it’s the assembling time, the opportunity. And one of the beauties of knowing Astrology is that you can time your actions. It’s a privilege that in the past was restricted to emperors, kings, and alike.

  4. Well, about 12 years ago is when my daughter received a diagnosis of being in the autistic spectrum. So that was pretty much the A-Bomb dropping on my world, at the time. I was told she would probably never talk, understand what I am saying to her, or function on her own.

    She speaks quite well, thank you, (though her vocabulary is limited), has always been able to understand what I am saying to her, and right now she is surfing her favorite cartoon videos on google.

    I’m the one with the husband who just has Jupiter conjunct his sun – it falls in his 10th house, and it was also about 12 years ago that he got his teaching position, which has turned into a lifesaver of a financial kind for us, as he is also now tenured. I will have to wait and see if more good career things come his way now, and will keep you all informed ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. MY life. Not someone else’s, or what the idea of what someone else thought my life should be, but MY life, on my terms. The seeds were planted about 12 years ago, and I’ve been very aware lately of how happy I am with things.


  6. I left my job with nothing to go to, out of the blue got a job that fell into my lap, and have since risen through the ranks to a top position, which now seems to be expanding in unexpected ways to the internet. I moved back to my hometown without a place to live, and eventually bought my own house. I could go on, but I do appreciate looking back in this way. BTW, none of these positive thing have expanded without a fair share of sweat, hard work, and anxiety along the way. You know the stories about lottery winners? They hit it big, and attract big problems along with it. Anyway, I’m grateful.

  7. 12 years ago, I was ruled by my emotions and I was very touchy feely kind of person. I craved physical attention from my partner. It really made me incapable of making logical decisions.

    Now I really could give a damn about hugs and kisses. I no longer need a man next to me to fall asleep. In fact I sleep better alone.
    I have a man in my life but I am strong enough to know if he were gone it doesn’t matter. I have built a relationship with the idea of if he is gone tommorrow I can live.


    I used to think oh how wonderful we will grow old together and then I would worry what if something happens to him. Worry Worry Worry…

    I no longer live for what could be tommorrow or what won’t be tommorrow. I just think about what am I going to have for dinner tonight ?

    It is a much happier easier existence.

  8. Hi Elsa — Funny, even our expectation of Jupiter is overblown! But we often miss a very important quality of Jupiter, and that is protection. We are disappointed when we don’t win the lottery, and meanwhile forget to acknowledge the bus that missed us by two inches when we were crossing the street. Jupiter is more active than we know, just in ways we don’t recognize.

  9. This seems really important. But the luck can be there too, right? Weird that Jupiter hits my 8th house and 5 days later I get a big ass extra bonus just like Astrology Zone says I will ๐Ÿ˜‰ , but maybe the real Jupiter is that I have the opportunity to expand something. Like, my investment knowledge (as the stock market falls, ugh), or my career bargaining power (I also traveled for a job interview on Friday).

    12 years ago right this moment, I was about to graduate from college and I was investigating how to move to Mexico and earn a living there. I guess I planted a seed of travel and adventure. That was pretty Jupiter of me, and now I have a Sag son and a Sag moon boyfriend that I do lots of traveling with.

    What is the 12 year significance? Is that a Jupiter cycle plus or minus some? I just looked at a chart and exactly 12 years ago I was actually having a Jupiter return in Aries.

  10. Student loan debt. Damn it that thing is HUGE.

    I also became sexually active 12 years ago. That was long overdue. When I was under 20 I couldn’t *pay* a person to even kiss me.

  11. 12 years ago I was pulled out of grade school to be homeschooled by my parents…

    It seems like the entire twelve years was characterized by learning under non-traditional circumstances, and even when I thought I was ready for University I got pushed back into “life” to learn some more.

    I just started a new University program, and for the first time it’s working for me. I guess the conditions are right for it now, where they weren’t yet over the last four years.

  12. 12 years ago I was quite the social butterfly. I was finishing up hair school. I was also doing auditions for baby daddy that year,lmao, not really but looking back it sure seems that way. I got knocked up Jan 98 and that changed my life forever for the better.

  13. I can’t think of any conscious decisions that have led me to where I am… what I’ve done has just always seemed like the thing to do.

    But my 2nd Jupiter in Aries has always been more primal, so this, too, makes sense.

    Off-topic, but I’ve always been proud of my Jupiter placement ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. 12 years ago when trans. Jupiter was conj. my 7th house Aquarius moon, my oldest daughter died of breast cancer. I am watching the youngest like a hawk this time. I might also mention my oldest had a 7th house Aqu. moon, youngest doesn’t. Also Pluto was trans. my 5th house at the time, which I would guess was more pertinent.

  15. i refuse to discuss student loans. vehemently.

    it was about 12 years ago i started making websites, which has become my vocation. I’m trying to alter my vocation a bit now, but i can’t deny it’s become a major part of my life.

  16. Well, last time Jupiter was in the “house of home” I moved away to go to college.

    So far this year, nothing. But I can’t say I’ve felt any effects at all from Jupiter in the 2nd house or 3rd in the last few years either. No changes there.

  17. So far this year, nothing. But I canโ€™t say Iโ€™ve felt any effects at all from Jupiter in the 2nd house or 3rd in the last few years either. No changes there.

    Yeah. Me too Jennifer. It’s right smack dab in the middle of 2 and 3 right now. I have won the Survivor pool at work 4 times though so I know he hasn’t completely abandoned me.

  18. last time jupiter went in aquarius, i started writing regularly. a bunch of physical journals and 10,000+ posts later… here i be.

    aquarius falls in my 5th house.

  19. When jupiter was last in aquarius, I quit a very self-destructive lifestyle, and have remained clean for 12 years….Aquarius falls in my 4th house and fifth house cusp.

  20. Jupiter.
    I was trying to think of what happened 12 years ago. I remember now. After my divorce I lived with Mother and before that time I always used too feel extremely sorry for my mother She was always saying she wanted to go back to Italy and couldn’t because she was stuck here to raise her American kids. I felt it was my responsibility too make it up too her for being a burden on her.
    I was seeing her through the eyes of a child..

    Easter Came, I wanted to visit other people relatives, my father a friends family

    all of a sudden she dragged me by my hair threw me out the door, over the gravel driveway and threw me into the street. She said you are a disrespectful to your mother (and you know the word coming next Whore), make a choice your mothert or your friends and a man ?

    I remember bleeding all over my bathrobe and thinking man this lady is f’d up. I never spent anytime with her I was raised by a nanny. She was rarely home, always at her career..I was seeing her through the eyes of an adult..I called a therapist the next day and spent 4 years disecting what my life really had been and coming to terms with; She wasn’t there because she didn’t want to be. Not she wasn’t there because life made it so she couldn’t be.

    I realized I had no responsibility to fix her life even if that is what she programmed in my head, I could change my programming, go to college
    better myself be independent. Buy my own place
    I did just that.

    Now Jupiter is back and she is currently fighting for control by trying to get me to come back home with a series of nonexistent medical crisis etc.

    Blame the bad weather on me. Everytime she calls with a crisis a huge snowstorm prevents me from driving back 125 miles to fix or help her..LOL


  21. Jupiter is in my 10th house, so it means this stuff:

    1986: I was 12-13 and that was my wonderyear; cultures around the world acknowledge it as a time a child leaves childhood and gradually starts making their choices based on what they’ve learned or what was modeled, and then start learning from their own experiences.

    1998: Graduated from college after a long road to get there. Although I had one dreadful internship immediately after that, it led me to another related career that suited me far more on many levels.

    2010: Now I face 2 strong opportunities in my career. I’m going to see what pans out and what will best (at least from looking ahead) suit my personal needs…

  22. 12 years ago, an internationally famous musician asked me to collaborate on an album out of the blue… also, when Jupiter last transited my 2nd house, the World Trade Center fell and those of us near the site were given rather large grants as incentive to stay in the area; Jupiter can certainly be monetary…

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