Jaded People (And Holidays)

jad·ed [jey-did] S  adjective
1. dulled or satiated by overindulgence: a jaded appetite.
2. worn out or wearied, as by overwork or overuse.
3. dissipated: a jaded reprobate.

I wonder just how many jaded people we have out there. I wonder how many are tagged in this way and how many would tag themselves as jaded.

I take care around people who I feel are jaded, especially this time of year.  I send funny songs and cards and various holiday cheer to some people. For others, I ignore the holiday, because I think they’ll be annoyed if  I do otherwise.

I guess you either like the Christmas music in the stores, or you don’t. If you don’t, or if I even think you don’t, I will act like Christmas isn’t happening when I’m around you.

This doesn’t bother me at all.  I know some get depressed this time of year, for numerous reasons.  But I just wonder if other “naturally-love-Christmas” people out there notice this too…and how they handle it.  See, I sing Christmas songs year-round, so have to check myself. I feel deeply happy on Christmas and I always, even years (there have been many of them), when I have been completely alone, or with a group of fellow misfits.

My parents canceled Christmas when I was a kid. We simply did not celebrate it, because we were poor, I suppose, and/or because my parents just weren’t into their kids that much, at least not in this way. I was still happy on Christmas. It’s a feeling in my heart.

Do you always enjoy Christmas? Never enjoy it?  What?  Also, if you’re like me, how do you interact with your friends or family who aren’t?


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Jaded People (And Holidays) — 26 Comments

  1. Yes, my mom messed with Christmas too, seemed like there couldn’t be anything that wasn’t ruined in some way.

    But not jaded here! I love it all and though have been sad on Christmas and alone, poor and even sick. But never jaded. “Hope springs eternal” is the meaning of the holiday for me.

    For me, the important thing to do is to make it special as I can for all the children in my life.

  2. Christmas is not my thing….I am a Mardi Gras girl. I would be impatiently waiting for New Year’s to get started so Mardi Gras season could begin. So I don’t think I am jaded, I just had differing holiday priorities : )

    I do cop to resenting Christmas break and New Year’s break because I never got any birthday acknowlegdements like my siblings and other kids growing up did. But I love festivities all the same. I have plenty of Sag and Jupiter. Corny music and lights make me smile.

  3. I did not always enjoy Christmas, or even any holiday. I just did not understand what everyone was so happy about (depressed thinking), and it made me feel more isolated that everyone was happy and I was not.

    Now, I do enjoy Christmas and share in the good mood. I even think of incorporating celebrating other holidays throughout the year, starting 2013. I wasn’t all that big about them, being somewhat detached and absorbed in my own things, and I saw them in a jaded manner. But celebrating them makes things more lively, and it’s fun, so why not. :]

    Everyone in my family enjoys Christmas, so I haven’t interacted with those who aren’t.

  4. I always have a soft spot for Christmas. I find it poignant that we celebrate what we have – and mourn what we lost – as the year closes and we make room for a new beginning.

    LIke you I try to be sensitive to people who are different from me. I’m a private person anyway, so I understand how people act around me is not the whole picture.

  5. I know there are people who grit their teeth through the whole thing, people who are tortured by their families or their memories or whatever it is.

    I loved Christmas as a bartender too. People drink heavy in December, to say the least. But there was always camaraderie and even the people who hated the holiday were funny about it.

    Frito Lay Christmas too. It is SO busy for Frito, and grocery stores but lots and lots of camaraderie there as well.

    I just love Christmas of any kind!

  6. I love Christmas, too. Even when I find I get stressed or blue around the edges, Christmas conquers if you want/let it, for me anyway…
    There is something about this Holiday above all others that lends itself to infinite opportunities for Joy and Wonder and Cheer and Hope and Faith and Love and all that other fabulous stuff.
    It is all right there, on tap. Just waiting to pounce and give you a marvelous dose of merry and bright.

  7. I once loved Christmas but the last few years it has made me really sad because I’ve been alone. But this year has proved to not be such a downer so I think I’ll make it through without being torn apart. I get uber-excited about Halloween, that’s my holiday. Hocus-Pocus, anyone? 🙂

  8. I love Christmas as well with my Venus In Cappy. I do feel sad lately, things in my family are not cheery so though I am not jaded, I do feel a bit sad things are not as before and get very sentimental this time of year.
    @ elizabethe: Just had to chime in, I LOVE Halloween too! One of my fav films blends Christmas and Halloween, “A Nightmare Before Christmas”.

  9. I go back and forth. Some years are great and I’m superproductive and have eggnog and Christmas cheer beaming to the sky out of my arse, and other years, I have no cheer and am, indeed, quite “jaded”. I have Moon/Venus sq. Saturn, so my family was melancholy and had no spirit at all and drained me of my holiday spirit. So much of the times, I got no gifts around the holiday (or at birthdays)… so the rush for materialism is not ingrained in me. Neither is the entitlement factor that grosses me out. Ok…Wow, I AM jaded! :/

  10. Redefine Christmas. 😉

    I used to really enjoy Christmas. Working retail spoiled the Christmas-music-in-stores, though, because I can’t tune things like that out (for the same reason, I’ll howl like a hound-dog when a song I don’t like comes on and I’m stuck listening to it *grins*). The rest of my Christmas cheer up and left when I finally got my own home and wasn’t able to put up a tree or decorate. Now it’s just another day in the calendar for me.

    I need to get that back. I need to redefine my Christmas!

  11. This year sort of a did for me, but growing up always loved Christmas and giving. It just as you said was a feeling. Always anxious giving though, nothing ever felt good enough, but was always good intentions.

  12. ”I know there are people who grit their teeth through the whole thing, people who are tortured by their families or their memories or whatever it is.”

    this is the feeling for me, every year on Christmas time.Tomorrow I’m going home and I’ve been anxious lately just thinking about it… just thinking what might go wrong this year. Winter holidays ( and any big holiday ) makes me realize how lonely and sad am I actually. we always fight for some reason on holidays so I’ve earned some sort of conditional reflex- holidays—fights–sadness– ugh

  13. There were a few years that I was jaded when I was younger. There just really wasn’t anything to be happy about.

    I really love giving presents. Virgo Moon shines at remembering what people throughout the year say they would love to have.

    I drop the ball when I comes to decorating. I just barely have decorations. My neighbors decorate my mailbox. LOL

  14. So much of my childhood was filled with crisis that Christmas was another day the parents acted rediculous. When I had my children I really tried to make Christmas a magical time and I think they felt that even through their teenage years. As they got older a little of that magic started to fade but since my husband and I are kids at heart we did make the best of it.

    The beauty is now in my granddaughters. The Scorp moon baby is 4 1/2 and she is all about Santa and the magic is back… I bake with her and shop with her…and dream with her as often as I can. Its a gift to watch the magic through the eyes of a child. It brings me such happiness. My god how I love her and her little sister. They are two of the best things that have ever happened to me!

    I will have them all here Christmas eve and I am excited to see those little faces light up when they open packages….if I can do anything to make their lives happy then I will have accomplished everything my heart desires!!

  15. I love the way Christmas brings cheer to workplaces. Today, one of my colleagues wore a Santa hat and distributed goodies to the dept.

  16. I love Christmas, the Yule and its celebrations… the traditions have lasted for a long time and will survive the most jaded of eras. For me it stands for a celebration of joy, and there are plenty of people who are joy killers. The light always returns, and it reminds us we are blessed.

  17. I grew up Muslim so I never celebrated Christmas but I love wishing people happy holidays. It’s time for cheer so why not celebrate regardless of religion! We’re about to go into another year of life on Earth. That’s enough to be thankful for.

  18. Not jaded about Christmas. Many people don’t know but Christmas isn’t widely celebrated in Scotland–the big to-do is Hogmanay (New Years Eve). That side of the family doesn’t celebrate at all. My dad was useless at Christmas but he always got us excited on NYE and forced us to stay up, even when we were little.

    So, I don’t have huge expectations around the holiday. It’s the 22nd and I haven’t even bought any gifts, haha.

    I was with a Boxing Day baby for 8 years. Talk about jaded. He never bought me a single gift. Oh well.

    Leoman and I are making our own fun. This year we have a mini spruce (bylaw against real trees in apartments in my city). We have an advent calendar, we’ve had some fun parties with friends. Tomorrow we’re going to travel to stay with his mother until late next week. I will nap and play with the dog while they bicker (his Sun is conjunct her Pluto and her Sun is conjunct his Pluto–exact degrees for both aspects).

    We’ll listen to Dolly and have some rum and in general make our own fun. That’s what holidays have become for me. I’m glad to be with someone who is open to it.

  19. Christmas at my house could be very, well, upsetting. My birthday is Dec. 24, so there was disappointment with the upset.

    I used to work very hard at Christmas, but the baggage was such that my stress was high enough to cramp the Christmas spirit at my house. I’d work like a fool then pretend I could be the big Santa. It was a grind. I remember carrying this huge tree up the stairs to my apartment on Christmas morning so the kid wouldn’t wake up without a big tree- that after I’d promised myself to take it easy. Then one year I gave up, and spent the holiday cooking a Mexican traditional (posole – I’m Italian) and making a playlist.com compilation of Christmas music with my son. Deciding which version of Rudolph we liked best (Gene Autry). That was awesome, and we sent it out in lieu of Christmas cards.

    That was a turning point, and now it’s easy breezy compared to the old days. It’s off the hook and into the spirit. This fall’s been very busy, and tomorrow I’ll go to the garage and bring out a little box of Christmas bling. Table-top tree. Viola. And I watch “Love Actually” every year. I guess we do have traditions. Might make a new playlist… Happy Holidays, Elsa and Company!

  20. I’d definitely consider myself pretty jaded in terms of the holidays. The sound of Christmas music, with the exception of Baby It’s Cold Outside because it’s not really even about the holiday, just stirs up anger and annoyance. I like to pretend that holidays, aside from Halloween, don’t exist. When my ex fiance and I were together I didn’t mind any of it, in fact I kind of enjoyed it. But since we’ve split I’ve gone back to being the Scrinch (Scrouge+Grinch combined.) Kind of amusing, someone suggested we take a picture under a city street Christmas tree. My response to that was “Only if it’s on fire.” Maybe one day I’ll be at a point where I won’t feel so jaded again. Until then, Bah Humbug.

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