It’s A Terrible Time To Be Curious

mercury manCuriosity may be my most prominent characteristic. I just want to know things, all the time.

This is not a good time to be curious! Every day  I see things that are inexplicable to me. I would love to have a deeper understanding of these things. In the past I’d have asked questions…

How did your arrive at this conclusion?
Where did you learn that?
Why do you hate “X” so much?
What makes you think, this or this or that?
Have you ever considered this?  Or this? Or this? Or that?
What do you get out of doing x, y or z?

Broadly speaking, you can’t ask people questions like this anymore. Consequently, you can’t learn from them.

Does anyone else notice this?

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It’s A Terrible Time To Be Curious — 41 Comments

  1. Yes! Emphatically so. I have been trying to get information from a business to develop a computer system for them that they want and need and by golly the threat I represent, the territoriality, etc. Etc. I am there to make their jobs easier so they are not constantly behind, under stress etc.

    • If you ask someone a question or for some clarification around their beliefs, they tend to see it as a challenge as opposed to an intellectual curiosity. So right away they are on edge.

      And if they get the slightest inkling that you don’t agree with them on some point, defense kicks in and you’re pegged as a moron (or something like that), and painted with a certain color brush, in one fell swoop…and then put on a shun list, lol.

      It’s hardly worth it. I mean, I’m curious, but I’m not *that* curious. 🙂

      • Yes, I get it. I have been on both ends before. I admit that I have gotten defensive before about certain emotional beliefs. I have Mercury in Leo so chances are I ain’t changin’ my mind any time soon if it is a belief that I am heavily invested in. I guess that is a nice way of saying I can be pig headed!

          • My current employer is a gemini moon. We work together, the two of us. He is always asking questions, why this why that why do you think this. It challenges me to think about why I say stuff the way I say it. I LOVE this about people.

            I don’t think he encounters problems with it either. Usually when someone reacts badly it’s a problem within them, not with you.I learn a lot from these question, so my advice is to keep asking! Maybe you can try a different tone, or different words to see if that works.

            Life can be such a lovely experiment (and experience) when you know astrology 😀

      • Ha! Ha! Ha! this happened to me: I ‘questioned’ someone about their supposed knowledge, (which was not my drift anyway; I was putting on the table a myriad of viewpoints)because I’m curious open-minded, and typically Aquarius…you know, airy, inquisitive. Their response? I was fiercely trolled, then blocked (this was in a closed group on facebook. Where else? In space no one can hear you scream, so the tantrums come out). Ha! Ha! Some Aries friends rallied in support. I laughed. If said person had real knowledge, they would be secure in it, and not mind at all the input. It was like an ego attachment to their own thinking patterns. But hey! Such a reaction. (Shrugs shoulders).
        Nothing beats the local library, or the Net.

  2. I’m always asking questions, to the point of people telling me to stop being so nosy. I am interested in why people think what they think. Whenever someone tells me a story of an exchange , I really have to know what the people were thinking, how they acted and responded and what was the look on their face?..yeah,been told I’m way too nosy.

  3. Always been a why girl and most people do believe I’m prying when I question choices and beliefs, but I really want to understand and appreciate a different perspective
    Sag Sun/ Aquarius Moon 9th

  4. Yep. I am trying to communicate with people in large companies/ institutions. I don’t hear back from them. It is driving me crazy. Lately I’ve been questioning all my communication. Is it something I said? Did I share too much? Learning to keep a poker face and my cards hidden.

  5. My (nurse consulting) job involves asking questions; it is how I improve reimbursement and statistics for hospitals. I deal with Ivy League docs and have to ask them, after case review, if the patient had X,Y, or Z (never leading). They think it’s already written in the chart, but it’s not written so that a coder can code to it. That’s where I come in, as a liaison. Some docs do act very defensive, but all docs go through our education prior to these “queries”. Once they know why we are asking, they get it and aren’t so defensive. (Or at least we can argue the logic with them if they’re still upset!) If a disclaimer is made before the question is asked, I have found that helpful in lowering defenses/winning them over. Some consultants I know will say “teach me” to the doc to make it clear it’s not a challenge, and I have been known to say, “I respect your clinical judgment” when they’re still annoyed 🙂 I have a Sadge stellium with Moon in Libra so I put on the smile and pour on the charm when I’m asking…

  6. Is this a Mercury transit? What is the energy surrounding this mood related to? The post did not specify…perhaps my question is too “curious” and I don’t need to know?

      • With Pluto transiting your Mercury, people will sense a very probing-type of energy coming from you. And having Uranus transiting Mercury, as well, they will sense a certain abruptness, an out-of-placeness, about your questions, (i.e. not asked in a proper way/at a proper time, etc).

        As both these Planets are intense, to say the least, *lol*, people will also have a sense of ‘danger’ about answering questions posed by you. There’s nothing consciously menacing or malicious about your motives at all, but they will feel frightened of what you will think of them, that you will judge them, and what you might do with the information they provide. In short, people are scared of you right now! And there’s nothing for it save to wait-out the transit.

        Scared because the configuration of Mercury, Uranus, and Pluto, projected outward, will cause them to question themselves as well. And most people do not want to do this, as reflection/reexamination is a very serious undertaking.

        I think you said that Pluto is also transiting your 12th? I think this would be an ideal time to go deep within yourself for the answers you seek, (rather than project outwardly towards others). Uranus will offer great intuition at this time, while Pluto will provide a great opportunity to deeply ponder and transform your previously held ideas/understandings/conclusions (Mercury) regarding all that has gone on in your past (12th).

  7. Thank you for this post. It explains so much right now. Lately I have been allowing all I need to come into my being instead of constantly searching. It’s pretty cool when I really let it happen. This post came to me at the right time and place. I will be using it. Really we have all the answers ….

  8. I’ve always put out lots of energy trying to get to the bottom of things. I want to solve problems. Letting things sit physically causes me indigestion, especially matters involving Love (Venus Cancer sensitivity uggh). I’m too curious for my own good. Some of the things I do find out or know as of late, has been difficult and painful to swallow. Mercury square Saturn/Moon right now…yuck

    • I don’t think people can necessarily answer the questions I would ask. So it goes south, quickly.

      It’s as if nothing can ever be cut and dried, ever.

      • Elsa, I love those kinds of questions that require a rather deep, intricate response or just a simple answer. I don’t understand why it is so difficult for others to answer. Does it make people uncomfortable?

        • I don’t what other people are thinking. I just know that I used to be able to converse with anyone, anywhere, at any time about anything. And when I did, there would be an exchange that was happy, friendly and expanding.

          An experience like this might be out there to be had, somewhere, but you’ll be killed and buried in the desert before you ever find it… and for nothing! You didn’t do anything and you didn’t learn anything so what’s the point.

          People are just extremely hard on others. Cruel, I would say, and able to justify their actions?

          I guess…

          I have Pluto transiting in my 12th. I’ll be back circa 2020.

          • You said you’re moving Elsa? Maybe it’s just a way of the place you’re in showing you it’s closing doors.

            When I have doubts about whether to stay or go I get very strong signals from the people in my environment or the environment itself.

            Maybe where you’re going you’ll be able to talk again, I hope you find kindred spirits.

  9. It’s all just details. I don’t knows as if Jupiter has time for all that. I really don’t want to redo anyone. What they gives me is what I get. Tis glorious. I love this time of year.

  10. I can only speak for myself here. I stopped answering peoples questions about things I thought or how I came to certain conclusions because they would criticize my methods. A lot of my insights have come to me via intuition. That’s a hard thing to explain. That kind of process isn’t really used or respected anymore. Skepticism is the norm. I would love to have a discussion about the things I think about. I just got sick of being misunderstood.

  11. I agree, it’s not a good time to get any information either. I’m trying to do some work in the community / parish to help those on the margins, in the shadows so to speak, those out of sight. I’m a foreigner here [been here 14 years, but foreigner is foreigner – and I don’t quite read the grape-vine as well as the locals] – it’s almost impossible to find out who really needs help. The people here [it seems] don’t want to help their own! I’m hopping mad but trying to use the anger to find smart ways to breakthrough the mist/ wall of blocked information. What is it with people? I’m a Gemini ascendant, Cap sun (8th) and [very] angry moon in Aries (12th). Love your posts Elsa, they’re great for ranters like me.

  12. I’d just like to suggest that you don’t dissect your Prince, trying to find a frog!…I mean, do we have to know why our particular brand of coffee does it for us, when other brands don’t? No..and I don’t want to go thru another hundred “taste tests” to figure it out, or try to find a new one, either! I know that after my bout with frogs, I just stay away from the pond…but maybe you found the last Prince, around..y’know? As his industry puts it..if it ain’t broke..leave the danged thing, alone! Men don’t like questions they can’t answer..feeling out of control of a situation. They’ll also go wherever they feel at ease and comfortable…so, keep him comfortable and quit poking at him, for goodness sake! I found another song, looking for this old song, that you two can use to make sweet music together, instead of playing 20 questions…so I’m gonna go listen to mine…and, y’all keep plenty of oil in that engine, y’hear? 😉

  13. ST has Mercury and Moon in Gemini. He loves to poke around and ask questions, and sometimes it weirds people out or pisses them off (unless they’re chill and don’t mind sharing).
    On the local news some time ago they were sharing a story about how to help your loved ones find unclaimed money and property. Well….ST tried to do the same thing (before that story broke out) and boyyyyyy did it upset his dad!!!


  14. Here’s a thing I have noticed the past couple years:

    Someone will talk about or post about a topic that’s interesting and I don’t know much about. If I ask about it – even in a positive way – as often as not, the answer will be “go google it, ya jerk!”

    Like they only want to share information for the purpose of being smug/superior? I don’t know – is that a trend? Are we collectively so downtrodden that this is how we purport to lift ourselves up?

    Or it could just be me. I’m always willing to accept that as an option. 🙂

  15. The “hive mind” is all over the place. Especially in the (ugh) media. It’s disheartening. So I seek out places (like this one) where asking about something isn’t taken as an insult or “thinking outside the herd”.

  16. Yes. Even at work, not just for curiosity, but just to learn things…it’s like a moth getting batted down. And I told a friend I have given up. I will just not care any more. I will do my best but just let go of any hope in learning at this job. It’s a shame.

    • Thankfully I don’t have that problem at work Dawn and I’m sorry that you do.

      On the whole it sounds like an ego problem, insecurity maybe. It seemed to appear around 2007 in my world.

      • Agree about the ego problem. Found myself in a tough work situation at the beginning of last year. I was being bullied by an egotistical supervisor. It was very stressful. I got out of there as fast as I could and my next job was so much nicer. Not worth it to stick around in situations like that. You deserve better. Don’t let them win!

  17. Gemini Sun and Gemini Moon. No problem communicating with people (men and women) and getting information or decent responses from them. I avoid people with negative energy. Enough nice positive people who are willing to communicate in a mature way. Always will be people around with their own insecurities who are unable to communicate in an appropriate way. I just ignore them and move on.

    I don’t write on these blogs because I don’t know much about astrology. However, I enjoy reading the posts and there seems to be enough nice people posting their stuff. I live in Canada though, and I have not spent much time in the USA. Maybe it’s different there??

    • @Double Gem..I drove truck all 48 plus Canada and people are abt the same everywhere, with equal parts, jerk and fine folks. I loved Canada and the humor. I had one lady around Quebec, when I got lost in a rural area..and couldn’t speak French, just enuff to barely get around; she got on the phone to a friend who spoke some english and french and somehow got me the directions to get where I was opposed to actually having a guy in New Orleans, tell me, seriously, “Oh, you can’t get there from here”..and had me go somewhere else to start..I thought it was just a bad joke, prior to that..nope. 😉 Beautiful country up there..I miss going, now I’m semi-retired. The Gemini sun, gift of gab, I have, also..but my Aries ascendant puts some folks off, tho it’s helped me seem forceful enuff not to be pushed around, too. Moon in Aquarius helps to find unusual ways to circumnavigate my world. I just find that sometimes, for no apparent reason, people can be receptive one day and clam up and be put off by nearly the same things, the next..whether it’s them or me or the way the planets line up on a given day, I have no clue; but, I’ve become able to sense the vibes and act accordingly; when it used to hurt my feelings, pride, ego or I just take it in stride a bit better..with age, I suppose.

      • SAM: Nice story. I think “Come to sense the vibes and act accordingly” is what we are supposed to do. Sometimes people have personal issues that take over their lives and prevent them from communicating in a way that we would like, which has absolutely nothing to do with us, and “with age” we hopefully learn this. Not only an age thing, I have noticed some mature young people understand this too. Depends on so many things like how many issues or baggage the individual is carrying and how they perceive the world and how they were raised etc.

  18. The bumper sticker, a reminder that “Everyone’s fighting some kind of battle”, helped me to curb my impatience, in traffic & other situations. You’re right abt the age thing, tho..some people seem to be born with a double dose of empathy…and some seem to be void, in that any age. As far as this question of asking questions; I’ve always been curious..but, some people are just going to interpret curiousity, as being nosey; or “read” something, into everything. For instance, I can compliment someone on say, their will be delighted and offer where they bought it, etc…while someone else may eye you suspiciously, as if you’re going to try and steal it! 😉 As Mother Theresa might put it: “Just do good (compliment them)anyway!” There’s no accounting for some things..which is good..I’d hate for everything to be boringly predictable, anyway; however, there are many, I think, who’d prefer it. Thank goodness, there’s not a one-size fitz-all box, for everybody! 😉

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