NO VIRGOS! Is There A Sign You Avoid Dating?

virgo earringsThis is some guy’s Craigslist ad:

“Oh Hay Chronic Craigslist Readers,

Just looking for a nice girl to watch bad comedies with, drink wine and pass out together.

Deal breakers: no Virgos. My psychic told me to avoid them”

Is there a sign you absolutely will not date? (And what do you want to bet this guy gets responses from Virgos?)


NO VIRGOS! Is There A Sign You Avoid Dating? — 73 Comments

  1. * No Geminis, because my Gemini friends all dumped me out of nowhere and it’s hard enough to find men who don’t do that as is without that sign contributing to it.
    * No Cancers, because they’re all about home and family and home and family are my personal Kryptonite.
    * No Aquarians because I love them dearly and then the sea changes and they instantly get over me.

  2. I can’t say Sag suns and I will get along, nor Cancer suns and I. The former…well, I think we naturally repel one another anyway, because I’ve only ever known one in my life anyway, and he’s family. The latter…too much experience with that. I won’t bash all those who may share that sun, so it suffices to say we have no ability to get along in the long run.

  3. I think that’s a complete bunch of crap. It makes no sense to me to cut people out of my life based on sun sign stereotypes that don’t even take into account things like that person’s full chart, the synastry, the composite, not to mention that person’s life experiences, personality, etc.

    Maybe there are people who have gotten good results by doing something like this, but it seems ridiculous to me.

  4. I am a Leo who will not date a Scorpio. Male Scorpios are too sneaky, may get my paw stung.

    They most certainly are! Sneaky is not a descriptive enough adjective, although sufficient.

  5. Agree with Patricia, unfortunately. Leo Rising– and too many men with Scorpio sun or heavy Scorp signatures have taken advantage of my faith and generosity.

    I love Scorp women for friends, though.

  6. Men with Leo Moons: no. Leo Suns (yup). No Virgo men (there’s no point: they find me really annoying).

    And I love men with a healthy dose of Scorpio…and Capricorn. And Gemini. I LOVE GEMINI. Some serious crank turning, here!

  7. pisces are dreamy but their wishy-washy flakiness gets on my last nerve.

    scorpios i approach with caution…potential control freaks. ditto virgos.

    aquarius can be fun but their lack of attachment can be vexing. ditto geminis.

    those are my only grievances. πŸ™‚

  8. I prefer Virgos.

    I actually don’t know if there are signs I won’t date. I know I should probably avoid Caps, but if so, I never do it on purpose… I avoid a certain personality type, and as a result, there are quite a few signs I’ve just never experienced.

    But I think a guy with lots of Cap is probably wrong for me. Ditto lots of Aries.

    I’ve done well with Libras and Virgos. Best of all with Virgos. I was engaged to a Libra once… and Libra + Gemini means there’s nobody to keep the household budget straight. *blink* It was fun, but maybe not so GOOD…

  9. I have the hardest time getting on with Leo and Aries women, but this is not universal, one of my mentors is an amazing, expansive Aries with an intense tipple Scorpio partner….

    I love Virgos, I have quality but limited experience with Pisces and Cancer, libra, sag(love/hate/love), and capricorn.

    I know and love a handful of wonderful Geminis, but have never been able to bring myself to date one…. Never know a female Aquarius that I was aware of … I have found my fondness for Taurus depends on the Taurus. Some of them are amazing and some of them never get it when you ask them to respect your personal space….

  10. Like I said in my other post: Cancer and Pisces. Cancer makes me want to run screaming for the hills. (Lots of Cardinal in my chart that clashes with that sign.) No Taurus, either. I dated way too many of them when I was young, and they were too clingy.

    My best relationships were with Libras. I have Moon in Libra.

  11. I’m sorry to say Virgo men. Like Kashmiri said, we just don’t mix well (in relationships), which is strange because I am Taurus with Virgo rising. But I also have lots (and lots) of fire, which just doesn’t fit into their spreadsheets.

  12. oh hah hah i’d go in there as an aries and get all virgo ascendent on him.
    if it were worth my time, which it isn’t.

    i’m really cautious about geminis. but i’ve met some wonderful ones. they tend to have more extreme reactions to me… or bring out my aggravation at flighty behaviour…. one of the people i love most in the world is a gemini.

  13. I dunno, I’m pretty willing to date any sign. Now, that being said I’m very picky …. but the pickiness isn’t at all involved in the sign.

  14. Never say never.
    Having said that I hope I’m not stupid enough to make the mistake of dating a Cancer again. But that could all change at the blink of an eye.

  15. Of course you cannot judge someone (because I have heard that so many times before) … but disclaimer aside, I think there are some very useful benefits to mindfully generalizing.

    For me I Gemini and Leo men come with “caution” signs. Honesty is so important for me in order to trust someone with my most vulernable parts – and I have seen a pattern of Gemini’s who lie or bend truth (“like Uri Gellar’s spoons”). Leos tend to need (romantically) something I can’t seem to give.

    Not that I would not date these signs, just that I would withhold getting close until I’d seen reason to “remove” the caution sticker.

    But while Geminis and Leos come with the “caution” sticker, Aquarian males come with the “Danger! Radioactive contents. Handle with extreme care” sticker. (For me anyway.)

    I’ve been burned enough times by what seemed like their mind games (which I always fall for – hard, and which I think are really them dancing close and then dancing away when they get scared, but that just really hurt me), that I will avoid that sign.

    I think they can be great for other people – just not me. They’re kryptonite!

  16. It took relationships with three different Bull men for my very Aries self to learn that I can’t date them. They’re nice, I like ’em, but it just doesn’t work! I’ve also had enough of Leos… They’re shiny and distracting, but it’s still no good. Sadge is usually too blunt for me… Cap too cold… Virgo too freakin’ analytical… Pisces wishy-washy just makes me want to pull my hair out… Gemini just makes me CRAZY.

    So I think I’m going to count myself VERY lucky that I’ve got an Aries man with a Cancer Moon, Pisces Venus, and Taurus Mars. Fiery enough to handle me, but also sensitive, loving, and patient. πŸ˜€

  17. Have dated aries, taurus, flitted with gemini, cancer, virgo, libra, sag, aquarius and pisces. The only thing I can think of as far as problem relationships were one’s with a bit of scorpio in them.

    leo girl

  18. boo virgos! too picky, finicky, inexperienced. im trying to better understand this sign, since ive met so many virgos in the last year alone. but i can only have so much patience with someone determined to be a stickler about every little thing (im a libra sun with tons of libra in the chart).

    it would be interesting to hear what everyone else is, as well as the signs they avoid, for the sake of comparison…

  19. I used to have an opinion on this.. Jennifer “No Geminis, because my Gemini friends all dumped me out of nowhere” I am scared of when my friends will realize I’m one of those/understand my motives.

    I’m weirded out about how on Jeffrey Kishner’s websites, a bunch of Libras admit they are cheaters with no compunction. That actually grossed me out. If it’s part of their nature or not, it’s not okay. Weird, and I just admitted I’m one of those Gemini friend dumpers.

  20. Look to their Saturn instead. Picking a guy who’s Saturn conjuncts or squares your Venus is no picnic. Or, is their Sun challenging your Saturn? I tend too look at the signs that way as well. What are they triggering in me?

  21. i will not date an aries. i’ve tried.. and it’s hard for me to even have aries friends. with all my libra, i just think there is too much opposition. but i’m not much of a fire person to begin with (my only fire is sag nep/mars in the 12th), but i do have good leo and sag friends.

    i have two aries friends. one of them i’ve known since we were kids, and we only see each other every few months or so… so it’s ok. the other, i tired dating years ago. we get together every few weeks, but his chart is so intense i don’t see how i couldn’t be friends with him! lol

  22. Agree with @patricia and @shaina.

    Total Leo and Taurus energy here. Not comfortable with the scorpio or 8th house heavy energy, I just feel like I’d not even be a good enough psychological match for them. This is NOT because I am shallow or superficial – this is because I am made of a different matter. The above is especially exacerbated if their self esteem is low, and they use power trips or mind games to cover that up.

    Unfortunately, too many times I’ve felt them get manipulative, jealous, attempting to control me. Like, are you kidding? How low can you go?! I am not one to be proud of feeling prejudiced against some [types] of people, but I think I can justify this in the name of self protection.

    I CANNOT handle manipulative behaviour – I see through it completely but I will not play. I will not debase myself. Is it not possible for us to engage in a way that is trusting, open, honest, and NOT have you attempt to play little mind games on me?! Unfortunately, too many times it’s not been possible – I’m done. There are plenty of other types of energies in the zodiac with which I get along swimmingly.

  23. I kind of feel for those who’ve posted about Geminis, because I completely understand. Though I love my dear gemini friends to death (they sextile a ton of my planets AND I ‘get’ them because I’m 3rd house heavy), I’d (very hypocritically) never date a version of them.

    I’d never consider a version of them romantically – I’m too fixed in my chart and sure, chitter chatter and fun banter is awesome in friendship – but flakiness or over-willingness to ‘date around’ ALL the time doesn’t appeal to me one bit. Nah uh! (I say this without in any way trying to offend geminis)

    I am also in the age group where gemini is heavily punctured by sagitarrius influences – many of my gemini friends have an opposition or t square involving chiron and uranus. Woah, that just exacerbates their natural gemini tendencies.

    But friendship is different from romantic 1 on 1 reltaionships, and as I’ve said, I do love my gemini friends to death. πŸ™‚

  24. Gemini. Nothing personal against Gemini, I’ve just learned my lesson. My own sun is in a tight stellium+ in Scorpio and dating Gemini sun has soured on me more than once. I have Aquarius Moon, so it’s all good for the first … until I start caring. Then it’s a deathmatch.

    I used to have bad luck with Pisces as well but things changed after I dealt with my family stuff.

  25. @virginiahensley, yea I can see that gemini might be a bit shallow (?) for your scorpio stellium :).

    @kashmiri, c, and jennifer – HAHA I totally get you when you say that about virgos! I’d detest them as partners too, but unfortunately many of whom I’ve met touch my IC! And as a cancer ASC person, that IC axis and the 4th house is just too big of a factor in my synastry matches. The picky virgo will have to stay. πŸ™‚

    @kashmiri, what say you is the big difference about leo suns and leo moons? (asks an inquisitive Leo sun person)

  26. @rantares, two of my best friends in high school were libra and aries. Go figure. That opposition literally played out LITERALLY – in calculus class one sat in front of me and one sat behind me. The libra all airy and charming and ignoring the aries, chatty despite the tension, the aries blatantly making remarks about the libra, acting the boss (though both were really equally popular in class). LOL. πŸ™‚

    I got libra/aries on my nodes so I unfortunately deal with these two energies natally :).

  27. This Aquarian will not date:
    Cancers – spent 7 years with one, little over a year involved with another. Sorry, I don’t deal well with crybabies.

    Libras – spent nearly 4 years with ex husband and most people in my life also happen to be Libra. Wishy washy people annoy the heck out of me :/.

    Also, Virgo moons.

  28. I should avoid capricorns… atleast with my history with them… but I can’t seem to be attracted to any other sign… I am supposedly very compatible with sagitareans and leos but I just find no spark there.. I don’t truly attract those sign in my friend circle too … I know a lot of virgos, cancerians, scorpio.. not at all attracted to them… zilch attraction… geminians are too flighty and for some reason I think of aquarians as players although aquarians are really really attractive.. Never met many libras but they truly repel me and I them

  29. Did I leave out taurus? I love taureans and my moon and mars are in taurus so I should just marry a taurean… but they all end up as my good pals… I can’t understand it

  30. debdeb I totally understand what you are saying about the scorpio energy… It is just too difficult to handle… I like them as friends because then they aren’t as crazy.. I think they are the most amazing, brilliant, lovely, talented people but at one arm’s length

  31. I like pisceans .. My mom was one and my best friend too… but piscean men tend to tear up more easily than I would .. and that’s a no no because the only thing an aries absolutely requires to do is respect their partner.. and we tend to only respect strength… strength of personality, presence, character…. etc etc

  32. Hahahaha!!! No Virgos. I have several close Virgos that I love dearly. But after two marriages with Virgo men, nah uh. No way. Been there, done that. My Virgo Venus can stuff it in that regard. Friends? Sure.

    It would be funny to read the responses from Virgo women, if he did get them!

  33. This dude should avoid Virgos– he totally went and spelled “hey” wrong…

    In any case, I don’t think there’s a sign I hate, I just know I love Virgo men, and I’d prefer not to date a Gemini rising.

  34. No Libra! I’m a libra and one is enough! No decisions would ever be made lol.

    No Cancers- I’m extremely social. It would never work, I’m far too flighty, don’t deal well with anyone overly sensitive, I’m not really a home-body… I like being out and about.

    Leo’s — I’ve never dated a Leo. I just find most of them think way too highly of themselves for no reason. Bossy, pompous, think they’re hot shit.. ew, I just really don’t like most male leo’s.

    Virgo’s — Way too different from me.

  35. “This dude should avoid Virgos– he totally went and spelled β€œhey” wrong…”

    LOL! Also, aren’t Virgos too smart to go to some Craigslist stranger’s house, get drunk and pass out?

  36. I’d be super wary about Pisces…. or Aries in any placement. I think I could handle a Pisces Venus, Jupiter better than anything, if I had to choose. Aries is fine in social contexts but I couldn’t deal with those placements in a long term relationship. It would be too grating.

  37. That said, I think it’s the aspects that matter – so if the Pisces Venus or such was trine both my Pluto and Mars then it wouldn’t be so bad probably.

    Oh and I am avoiding dating people who have negative Neptune aspects with me. That’s probably the worst. πŸ™

    I dunno, I like some signs in some placements better that others but I wouldn’t discriminate if I really liked someone.

  38. Will not date: Twins or Fishes. They bore me to tears!

    Have never dated a: Bull or Archer. Would like to though. I would mix well with them.

    Moving on from: Stingers and Scales. I’m going with Tony on the “sneaky”.

  39. LOL! What a worm that Craiglist guy is – yeah, he will get lots of response from some pissed off Virgos to let him what an idiot he is. But if all he is looking for is a girl to get drunk and pass out with – why doesn’t he just go and pick one up at the local bar? No self respecting girl (of any sign) would answer this ad. And yes, us Virgos are too smart for this guy – (he can’t even spell).

    To answer the question though: My track record with Geminis is not great – Air signs in general – even though I have long term relationships with two Libras. But I really wouldn’t dismiss some totally because of their sun sign. You have to see how it goes. Scorps and Cancers are great for me because they “get” me – I am not a typical Virgo though because of Sun conjunct Pluto. πŸ™‚

  40. When I was younger I stayed away from Gemini’s they confused we, would leave out of no where, were constantly moving, and for some reason I could never find a good conversation flow with them (had a Gemini mentor who became so demanding without actually being specific as to what she wanted).

    Being an aries moon I started purposefully hanging out with them (and they started popping up in my life). I found out how to communicate better, was able to understand them better (how they operated) and generally became less hurt/anxious/upset when people would come and go from my life.

    So the Gemini peeps actually taught me quite a bit! Especially the last relationship I was in who was Gemini moon.

    I find the signs that challenge me/make me uncomfortable are the signs that I can learn from quite a lot (not to say it’s hard as all hell sometimes). They just make me a better me πŸ™‚

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