Is That A Capricorn Trait? No. Something More Deadly – Libra!

I talked about not letting people rush your game in regards to playing cards on Mercury Retrograde video. Alma asked:

“Would you say that not letting anyone rush your game is a Capricorn trait?”

Alma, I don’t think so. Being eight or nine or ten years old and wanting to play cards with adult men in the first place is a Capricorn trait. I was ambitious.

Strategy of this type would be a function of my Mars Mercury conjunction in Libra. I want to win, see? MARS. Mars always wants to win, so Mercury is going to figure out how and since Libra is a Cardinal sign, we are talking control. I am going to control (Libra) the speed of the game (Mercury) so I can win (Mars).

And I’d do it in a Libra way. I’d go into hostess mode or something.

“Say. “Did everyone get some cake?” ::big pleasant smile:: “I got the recipe from Tammy, she lives down the street. Do any of you know, Tammy? She’s married to Fred…”

::blink blink with the eyes:: while I think. Maybe drop a shoulder. You know. Venus for Godsakes! Veeee-ness!

And then when I’ve decided what card to play, I’d toss it into the pile with one more superficial comment about the weather and a few minutes later I am raking in the pot.

Anyone else with Libra care to cop to stuff like this?


Is That A Capricorn Trait? No. Something More Deadly – Libra! — 18 Comments

  1. Libra rising here. Yup, the hostess personality, I can relate to that. My Libra trick was as follows: I lived with my boyfriend, a super intense Leo with a ton of energy and a need for constant attention. Whenever I needed some space, instead of confronting him directly, I would offer to give him a back rub, which would put him promptly to sleep. Then I could roam around the apartment and smoke without getting a lecture.

  2. OMG! Elsa and Alma!! You both made my morning with your stories!

    I am also a Libra Rising and have similar stories. Having Venus and Neptune in the 1st H I am perpetually in the “hostess” mode! Without even meaning to I charm the “pants” right off of everyone.

    Sometimes I make myself sick! 😀

    • lol@jamie, gosh sometimes I feel very libra, even triple libra, loves marriage and being a hostess. giving a back rub to my husband makes him happy and I can also do my own thing, like read a good juicy book or read astrology. haha. I was raised by a Libra with Taurus rising/Cap moon. there are some dark sides though (she is scorpio stellium)

  3. Venus conjunct a Libra ascendant here. Yes, I can definitely relate. “May I bring you a nice cup of tea with honey while I pull the rug right out from under your feet?”

  4. I do this at work a lot. When I’m meeting with females, I dress like Ms. Tough and they respond to that. However… our department chair is an older male, and so are several other higher-ups. When I meet with them, I glam it up a bit and smile beatifically. Putty in my hands, I tell you. Moon in Libra in the 8th (other people’s resources, which then become mine, mine, mine).

    It occurred to me the other day that “You can have the world at your feet if only you’ll do something with your hair.”

  5. Libra sun, venus, mercury, saturn AND pluto here. Yes yes, that’s the way we do…nice and sweet and charming, like to make everyone feel loved. Never thought of it as control, though…very interesting thought…

  6. I think that Libra is very much about control, in a civilized way. I have a cardinal Sun, Moon & Ascendant, and I never was openly rebellious, even as a teenager, but I pretty much did exactly what I wanted. If I lie, I do it solely to preserve people’s feelings! However, I’m beginning to live out my 7th house Mars and to be more aggressive about getting my needs met in a relationship. This hopefully will temper the Libra hostess mode which is my default.

  7. Libra Sun and I have to admit that I enjoy the um, social power of being the only woman at my workplace… and I smile and dress nicely and bake cookies and bring them in. Though my Saturn square Sun is making me feel a bit guilty for admitting that.

  8. I lack the titties to do that. Of course, I did play cards when I was a kid (and I liked gambling for cash – or to restate that, I was in it for the taking of other people’s money and I did), and if I couldn’t decide, well, I was perfectly willing to tell them to shut up and wait a second.

    [‘Time… time… time… time…’]

  9. NN and Pluto in Libra/9th. I can do all of this and then some…especially with my Venus/Mars conjunction in Aries.

    If I make an effort, I can get anyone on side..mostly because I was taught by my Libra Dad that “giving in is not a sign of weakness and a sincere apology is worth gold in terms of social currency.”

    The thing is…I get exhausted by the hostess mode…and it feels SO EASY it feels fraudulent.

  10. if i do, it’s subconscious.
    though i have been known to try to charm people by pulling my innocence up on max (aries venus in opposition to my libra) usually to deflect attention.
    it works.

    my kiddo does this _a lot_. but he’s got a sun venus conjunction. no libra.

  11. i didnt realize how ambitious libra placements are. they are similar to Aries. but i think if they have fire in their chart, they become doubly so. Kind of how Kate Middleton pursues ambitiously, Libra mars and stellium in 1st house, to become a princess. despite all the (capricorn/cancer) suffering. there’s alot of suffering so it’s not without some pain.

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