Is Adapting Your Personality To The Circumstances A Good Skill To Have?

elsie the borden cowRecently, I read about someone being denigrated for adapting their personality depending on who they were interacting with.  These days, two people can do the exact same thing. Frequently, one will be attacked, the other defended depending on the politics of the situation.  This may not be the greatest thing but it does make you think.

Recently, I was told that I would be having a much harder time in life right not, if I were less Mutable (astrologically).  I am pretty adaptable. I am extremely adaptable compared to a person who is very fixed. In whatever case, in this circumstance, my ability to juggle and bob and weave was seen as an asset.

With another person or in another time or place, a person morphing the way I do today, would probably be seen as disingenuous if not flat-out two-faced. Matter of fact, I’d have probably seen it that way myself!

Years ago, my sister characterized me as, “facade free”.  She was referring to my Jupiter-rising and this was true at the time. It’s no longer true.  Why is that?

born free elsaIt might be that I am a coward!  But I think it’s a bit more complicated.

Thirty years ago, you could be in a group of people and the vast majority of them would agree as to what was right or wrong or up or down. Life is not like this anymore. Further, if you have a disagreement with someone, there is a strong chance they will act to harm you.  Over the littlest thing!

I wonder what other people think about this. I think that Mutable people are probably having an easier time in this climate.  Here’s a cute example…

A few days ago, I was in the company of a woman who is 83 years old, and a young woman, about 23 or so.

“My name is, Elsa,” I said. “For you, that means, Elsa of Frozen. For you, I’m Elsie the Cow!”

They both laughed for different reasons, but there you go. I see that I need to morph.

I’ve let the Elsa the lion bit go. No one remembers that movie anymore, but for twenty years, it’s all I ever heard.

How adaptable are you? What’s the astrology?



Is Adapting Your Personality To The Circumstances A Good Skill To Have? — 13 Comments

  1. Nice post. My opinion is this is a skill, adaptability and resilience. I grew up moving a lot (10 places before I was 18). If you could not adapt, you were toast. I also have a very mutable side to my personality (Gemini, Pisces, Virgo).

  2. Not really adaptable in the way you are presenting it. Pretty Fixed/Cardinal. But Im able to sift through dynamics quickly in a way that allows me to see whats needed by the other person and simultaneously keep my integrity.

    Also, Im multifaceted, which is not quite the same as adaptable, I think? Im not able to move around easily in the world, but Ive found a way to move around within myself and find a common ground there with another person, by identifying what inside of me is like them. But theres some core inside of me that I literally cannot betray. If that makes any sense. I can try on a different outfit, but I cannot forget that its just a surface presentation and not me.

  3. I’ve had to teach myself the skill RECENTLY and I’m getting better at it. With 7 in Cardinal, 4 in Fixed and only 3 in Mutable (Jupiter, True Node and Pluto), it was difficult but I just don’t have the energy. I can talk to absolute strangers easier than my own family.

  4. This post, and an earlier post “Secret to getting along with others” are deeply moving. On the one hand the skill/ability to adapt your personality fleshes out to be a multi-faceted ‘benefit’ in a group/society; but, not if it’s the wrong group.

    Your point of the changing nature of what society is like now, verses 20 or 30 years ago makes being able to adapt and survive is real. I’ve a very FIXED AND CARDINAL Chart, but key planets (Jupiter conjunct Venus in the 11th House of Groups and Uranus in the 6th) give me an uncanny “Spider sense” about when to juggle; and with whom I can put my trust.
    Aging and health issues make continual moving more challenging. I am partnered with a Crab with many Mutable Elements to his makeup. We are dealing with how to adapt and move from a group while maintaining core strengths. We’re an odd couple and that is difficult for many groups to accept.
    You’re making me think this current situation through, Elsa. I appreciate the cud to chew. Don’t have answers, but then Satori is advising that’s coming slowly (the answers).

  5. I am surprisingly adaptable given that I have only 2 planets in Mutable.

    I chalk that “adaptability” to Uranus (“sudden”/”innovation”/”different”) being my chart ruler.

    I’ve always been a freak, an oddball, so have had a lifetime of adapting. Because, who was different? Me from them, or them from me? 🙂

    When you’re constantly different, in so many ways, you have no choice but to adapt to the way(s) those around you are.

    At least, me, I chose to adapt. Because yes, my life otherwise would have been a hundredfold worse.

    I think my core stellium in Libra helps too. I can see all (3) sides of a coin, and I want fairness for all. So I do my share of adapting, hoping to contribute to an equitable situation for all.

  6. I am adaptable. I have a Libra stellium – Sun, Mercury, NN (still learning the give-and-take partnership lessons!); Gemini Mars; Virgo Venus; Pisces Moon; changeable Aquarius ASC. My fiery Sagittarius Saturn on my 10H/11H cusp and Mars on my IC anchor me.

  7. Even though I am a Mutable I don’t think I am that adaptable when it comes to getting along with others. I do have that scorpio stellium so I am not good at changing my personality just to get along with others. Probably why I am alone most of the time.

  8. I’m mega mutable with 5 planets in those modalities. Four are in my first house. So even though my sun is fixed and Mercury is cardinal, I’m pretty good at getting together in a group and getting along. Or acting a certain way on a particular social media format. There’s a time and place, and a particular set of people with which to let it out.

    On its face it does look wish washy and I’ve often wondered that myself. But I don’t really care because my way has gotten me far and it’s just natural for me.

    Not saying I can’t let shots off across the bow but…time and place.

  9. Im very cardinal – so not adaptable as one would like but I do have a good dose of neptune and pisces which makes me adaptable enough. The best way to explain would be that I see myself as a tree who is strong and rooted (I’m not going anywhere) but will bend branches and shed leaves for the environment. I do have an interesting combination of libra and scorp (iron fist in a velvet glove). My libra helps me get along, my scorp is discerning!

  10. Having 6 planets in fixed signs means a fear of morphing for this Gemini! Whenever I try to change my lifestyle or demeanor or appearance I get all kinds of flack! I’m a brand people want to stay the same, even with a Pisces Rising! Haha.

  11. I’m Elsie the Cow era through my mother who died at 86 yrs of age 10 years ago. My daughter is Elsa the Lion era – she’s 37.

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