Invitation To Send Questions About Astrology & Life!

Émile FriantI want to invite readers to send questions. The questions can be on any topic.  Astrology questions, philosophical questions, questions about personal problems, curiosities…whatever you’ve got.

I want to challenge myself, but I also want to challenge you. We have many interesting discussions around here, I’d like to get more of this going.

It’s best if you keep your question concise. Just think of it showing up on the blog. You want people to read it and be immediately engaged in this thing you’re passionate or curious about.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to post all questions, but I’m going to try! You’ll be anonymous (but you can identify yourself in the comments, if you please). I also may edit what you submit, for clarity and brevity.  Please use email!

It’s also nice if you include your location. City, state, country, whatever. Culture is important. This adds interest to these posts.

That’s it – lets have some fun with this! EMAIL


Invitation To Send Questions About Astrology & Life! — 102 Comments

  1. ok, here is a challenge for you, I am a man (Pisces born 27.02.1973) and the woman Im seeing (saw) is (Sagittarius born 14.12.1974) I find the current astrological turmoil very stressing and am wondering if the relationship is anything to pursue or not?

    Kind regards

  2. Hi Elsa,
    I have difficulty understanding what an 8th house person is or a pluto person is. From what I understand if you are either of the above, people have a good/bad reaction to you. If a person has a good reaction to you, can it change to a bad reaction and vice versa a bad reaction to a good reaction. Also, is this all really just projection on the 8th/pluto person?

  3. Hi Elsa, I’m a sag sun, aries rising. I was a teenager when transiting saturn was conjunct natal sun and it was brutal. In your opinion, do saturn transits get easier the second time around? I’ve been hit hard by transiting saturn opposed natal sun and especially transiting pluto opposite natal moon and shortly thereafter conjunct natal sun. I’m sort of dreading saturn in sag.

  4. Hi,
    another site stated I would shine if I had a job interview on 11/03. What’s scary a employer called me on 10/31 to schedule interview for Monday. I believe it went well. What are your thoughts? I’m a female dob: 03/27/66

  5. Hi Elsa
    I’m glad you are feeling better!

    Is there anything astrologically significant in terms of 1997 like a cycle ending? I have 6 people around including myself who are having endings (death, separation, etc) of people they connected to in 1997. Wondered is there an outer planet influence?

    If too specific then no matter


  6. Hi Elsa.
    Once told my rocket in life seemed facing downward….can you by any chance sense I´m turning my rocket around to set it off = going sky high in this life – time?? I am 26/04/74, at 23.55 city Koege, Denmark

    Thankyou and wellbeings. xa

    • Thanks! I feel I’m getting my energy back. I like it. I want to get back into a “trained” kind of state. I want to be in shape. Mentally, physically, spiritually!

  7. Also, if you email me a question, please try to be clear what you are asking. I don’t understand some of these questions, plus I have to spell “Sagittarius” for you, lol. Heavy editing!

    I don’t mind writing style. But please keep in mind that people will read what you wrote…maybe A LOT of people. They’ve got to be able to parse your thoughts. Thanks!

  8. Can’t find in books or on internet!

    How to interpret the 0 or 29th degree.

    Example ascendant Scorpio 29 degree (12th house scorpio). But 1st house sag. Is a chart therefore read as carrying over a 1 degree in the first house?
    I have many planets(sun, north node, ascendant,ect) …at the 0 and 29th degrees ??? Never know how to interpret.

    • let me rephrase that….

      When the last degree spills over into another house or the ascedant.

      Usually the first house IS the same sign as the ascedant…but what if the ascendant is the same sign as the 12th house??

      Not sure if this is clear?

  9. Glad your feeling better also.
    Hope this isnt to far out..
    Because the Retrograde direction is the regular progression of both The Lunar Nodes and something called “the ages”(i.e.; “the age of Aquarius”); and since the Nodes change direction often, and since the ages take so long to change, and I dont know if ages have a retrograde, but have seen the ages described with this type of loop through a cusp, the nodes seem like they could be of important clearity at times having a sense of direction meaning and purpose, not simply of “aspect” or “intensity”.
    Any help with the directional Nodes has been a wonder for me on just what to think at all about them.

  10. When the north node progresses into a new house or sign do you consider this relevant to the persons life purpose – have you noticed changes in a persons life when this occurs?

    • Been bugging me for a long time now, but what in the world does it mean for me having a Capricorn rising(25.29) and Cap moon (22.23)and a Sag Sun (8.23) with a progressive ascendant in Pisces. Ahh, the questions! To fulfill life would be great! How do you do it?

  11. Not sure if this is too late to ask a question, but Saturn in Sagittarius is coming! Just finished up having a Saturn Return, which hit my 4th house and my stellium in Scorpio. Saturn in Sag will be hitting my Venus, Uranus, and NNode in the 5th. What’s your take on Saturn hitting a Natal North Node?

  12. I have six questions answered. I’m enjoying this!

    But there are a lot of questions I will not be able to work with. The main reason being, I do not understand the question! 🙂

    I’m hoping as some of questions are posted, people will see what I mean.

    The questions have to be something the average person can understand.

    Thanks! 🙂

    Im not looking for a relationship but so often new people and long time aquainted, all of a sudden present a side of atractive that Im not raedy for.
    Sure , that woulod normally be the most important to address being ready for the “when love walks in”…YET,,,
    Lately, from my own point of view, so many things have such an enormous LOVE appretiation about them whether people , events, landscape, observation of other peoples compassions and efforted ideas, etc.; that the thought accured to me to be concerned to becareful not to take my usual turn away from even a “”relationship”” potential, that I could end up neglecting what could be the reason of all this vivid love reality; that is, to harness all that and allow it to flow in that direction…
    Question then, Having a 16 degree Libra Sun, when the 19 degree Libra node moves into 16 degree mark, what kind of influeces could I relate , or is there anything that relates “direction wise”, with the node aspecting Sun?
    RECOGNIZING Real life “signs” so to say, specially for relationships, have never been IN MY PLUS apptitude wise…
    And no, Im not looking for an excuse for outlet of personal energy.

  14. Ashley Bell on November 6, 2014 at 7:04 am said:
    Been bugging me for a long time now, but what in the world does it mean for me having a Capricorn rising(25.29) and Cap moon (22.23)and a Sag Sun (8.23) with a progressive ascendant in Pisces. Ahh, the questions! To fulfill life would be great! How do you do it? I hope I entered my question right this time!?

  15. Hi Elsa,

    I’ve been going through Neptune conjunct Ascendant transit. Am I able to make any solid decisions at this time, or are all my beliefs dreamy and unreliable? Should I just coast for another year until the transit is over?

  16. Dear Elsa,

    I am so happy that you’re feeling better!
    Here’s one of perhaps somewhat general interest: North Node (19 Cap) in natal 1st house, now (at 14 Cap) conjunct MC in progressed chart — does this progression indicate one will attain life’s purpose soon?
    Also, in my case Pluto is approaching that spot — catalyst?
    I feel South Node (conjunct Uranus in Can) now at progressed IC with Venus and Mercury so much more strongly. Still stuck in nostalgia over someone I met 10 years ago with many karmic or past life markers in synastry (Venus, Mars, Mercury, Chiron, etc.) around that South Node. Any chance of getting unstuck and actually accomplishing something Capricornian in this lifetime?

    Blessings and best wishes!

  17. Is it possible for a chart to be locked up preventing opportunity? OMG looking for work attempting to move forward with a creative project I have been pitching…working to make something happen and NOTHING!

  18. Sent you big paragraph, apologies. I went with the flow without editing. You ll need to edit if at all you are posting. Thanks

  19. Hi Elsa,
    Don’t know if you can help but I’ve got Jupiter and a Moon/Saturn conjunction in my 12th house, in Virgo. I want to stop withdrawing from life so much, and wanted to know what is the best way to handle 12th house placements if you’re someone who seems to fall back on them?

    Thanks from the UK

  20. Dear Elsa
    How to live and develop with many planets in anaretic degrees (chiron 29 aries, Venus and vesta 29 taurus, Saturn 29 cancer, pars fortunae 29 Aquarius in my chart).what is the extra meaning?


  22. Hey Elsa! I am so concerned with January 12, 2020. My bday Nov 30 1981. Time 10am, Cullman AL. Any ideas, advice as to how this will effect me?

  23. Hi Elsa!!
    This question may work..
    I was wondering, what is the difference in the degrees!? As in: a planet in the early degrees of Sagitarius as opposed to the planet in the later degree of Sagitarius?
    Thank You!! xox

    • Hi, Ashley. There are at least four books out there that assign meaning (called “Sabian symbols”) to each degree of the zodiac. Try googling this?

      Personally, I use the degrees as a measurement to determine how tight a specific aspect is. 🙂

      Good luck!

      • thanks!right after i typed this question,i actually found article on it. i have been looking for awhile too. the irony is funny. being a sag sun i tend to just say (Or write!)whatever pops into my head with out thinking. i hope i have not bugged you too much! i love your insights!! have a nice weekend !!

  24. Mars will be in Gemini for a long time. Now, people who be into their solar return till it is in there, how will it affect them? What will differentiate?

  25. Hi Elsa so my question is about BLack moon Lilith in the 7th house. Do you think people with this placement are drawn to each other or there is some type of significance for two people being together and having this.

    I have bml in Pisces the 7th house. The first love of my life who passed away was bml also in the 7th house. My fiancé who I’ve been with since the death of my last love is bml in the 7th house and my son also has this same placement.

  26. This is me sending a question to the invitation to send a question. Not sure if I am doing this in the right spot – that’s prob typical of me. Im pisces. I have loved astrology since forever but never seem to learn the tech stuff properly (by that I mean houses, transits, whatever). My question is if we are ruled by the stars and orbits around the earth, what happens when those that believe in science over the stars, and they send rockets up to the moon, what damage do they cause and moreover does it change the layout of the stars and what we can determine from them. Hope this make sense.

  27. Can you talk about how you choose a house system and what is the symbolism behind the main house systems used, or at least how they differ from one another?

    • Virgo rules the stomach and it’s generally tied to stress.
      Also, look at the 6th house.

      Secondly, the moon / Cancer / 4th house is also associated with the tummy.

      I don’t know what kind of pain you’re talking about but this is where I’d begin. 🙂

  28. Are there aspects, degree points or signatures to indicate redemption in a chart. Whether or not this is a matter of free choice or something bestowed upon. It this a karmic realignment ? I need your book I believe it to be an important redemption story.

  29. I have a question about the Mars in Gemini transit. It’s in my 8th house. I’m a Scorpio and frankly, I don’t understand the 8th house even though I’m supposed to. I don’t have any planets in Gemini so I don’t understand what that energy feels like either. How do those energys interact? I know you said no individual questions but I’m hoping you could give some insight that is beneficial for many. This is going to be a long transit and it’s a complete mystery to me.

  30. Hi Elsa! I’ve always wondered if there are aspects that recur in families. For instance, my grandmather, father and brother all have uranus on their (different) ascendants. My mom and I are both venus-uranus girls. In your experience, is there such a thing or is it just a coincidence? Thanks!!

  31. Hello from Portland, OR. Mars has been in Gemini for a spell. It’s been within range of my natal 12th house Gemini Moon+Chrion conjunction. I’ve discovered more awareness of a unique hue of self-sabotage that feels like guilt. How do the comet Chiron and the Moon dredge along such a guilt trip in the 12th House?

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