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Charlie Brown shirtSeveral years ago I was yapping at Elsa about some problem or other I was having (I have long since forgotten what it was) and she said to me, “uh, I don’t think that’s Pluto. That sounds like a Saturn problem to me.” Saturn was transiting my 12th, so maybe that’s why I was refusing to look at the problem. Neptune was also transiting the midpoint of my Neptune Sun and Saturn Moon. I was pretty much confused about the nature of my self-indulgent asshattery. Elsa’s cool like that. She tells you the truth but it’s up to you to hear and apply it.

I was having an emotion yesterday and for the life of me I just couldn’t name it. As self-proclaimed Queen of the Self-Involved and a know-it-all to boot, this was a momentous occasion! Anyhow, given the fact that it’s mysterious and hiding from my conscious mind I decided it must be a Neptune issue. I decided to let it drop and allow my subconscious mind to work on it.

While a transit may not be actively affecting one’s Moon, it’s unusual to have something happen that doesn’t show an effect of some kind in the emotions. So here are some simple tools to evaluate what the outer planet emphasis may be. Feeling depressed, burdened, limited? It’s probably Saturn. Feeling turned upside down, taken apart, immolated? It’s Probably Pluto. Feeling anxious, hopped up, out of your element? Perhaps it’s Uranus. Feeling confused, victimized, not really sure how you feel? It just might be Neptune, who the heck knows.

It’s fairly simple to look at a transit and gauge how it might make you feel. It’s a little more complicated to take an emotion and pin it on a transit (or three). How have you been feeling lately? Can you connect it to a transiting planetary energy?

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Name That Transit — 14 Comments

  1. I’m feeling really damned good, I’d say halfway to content, when I’m not wanting to bash someone’s head in. *grins*
    Venus and Mars?

  2. Ooh! Ooh! Jupiter-Uranus, maybe? Considering I can feel the winds of change a-blowin’, but I’m super hopeful about it (that’s the contentment part from above).

    The ass-kickin’ I’m still lost on. 😛

  3. I have moon and neptune in scorpio square mars, and my whole thing is I can really never tell when I am pissed off about something. I have terrible boundaries and someone will do something incredibly rude or horrible to me and I’ll just stand there waiting to be moved to do something about it. And usually what I’ll do, like *way* too late for whoever to even understand why: I will amputate. I mean you might have to think back 12 years or something to figure out what I just did.

    In other news, Saturn is on my sun. I used to think I could not take criticism because I was too sensitive. I was wrong. I can take criticism. I’m not scared of it anymore. I’ve been getting chewed out and read the riot act by both strangers and people who are closer to me pretty often now and finally Saturn on my Libra sun is really not in the least bit bothered by it. It’s their opinion, you know? Thanks for noticing I’m alive.

    Years ago I would have taken the same information and used the moon neptune square mars to feel affronted and take my whole game and go away or something. Now I’m like hey, okay, getting yelled at. I’m not perfect? Thank God you figured it out, now I can take off this damn leotard and quit juggling all this fruit.

  4. I do not have any understanding of what a midpoints are. I know where they are but don’t know what they mean. I am beginning to understand transits and that is the truth. Even Neptune!

  5. I’ve been feeling pretty much ALL of it actually. I just realized what a rough transit I’m going through, well I already knew, but now it doesn’t look like it can get terribly worse from this point. *Frantically knocks on wood*. I like knowing, cause knowing is half the battle 😉

    Starting from the end of last year when saturn and pluto started squaring off, pluto was on my natal neptune as well. I felt it all, and then by the time summer came and uranus was really getting in there…ho boy was I feeling all sorts of crazy energy. I can’t even describe it all yet, but I just can’t stress how much better I feel now!

  6. Definitely feeling upside down and taken apart = Pluto square my Sun. There’s some hopped up anxiety too, Uranus conjunct the same Sun. I’m hanging on as best I can with the planet cluster-f*ck in Cap squaring the poor thing too.

    Luckily, my feelings are pretty foggy about the whole thing (Neptune square Moon). I think I’ll grab your words of wisdom, “and allow my subconscious mind to work on it.”

  7. I don’t know where to start. Saturn almost conjunct my Chiron and Jupiter, squaring my Sun/Venus, or maybe my chart ruler Mercury and THEN my Sun/Venus. Pluto on top of my chart ruler, and almost on my Venus now. I’m still bunkered down, have hardly seen a soul for months…

  8. they’ve ALL been doing multiple somethings… I get a break with Pluto ever so slowly is passing the last point of it’s bulldozing path. *Exhales*

  9. In my solar return chart, pluto has been squaring my sun and will do so till 2012. I also have Saturn square sun and sun square uranus. Its been difficult with setback. And have had some legal problem. After this is gone, I’ll be going through my saturn return return so it doesn’t get any better that much. Indian astrologers seems to tell me that after 2014 things should get better. I know why too (school wise). I’m just hanging in there and being patient as I can be.

  10. I’m another one whose chart is under heavy fire.

    I’d love some examples of how we could use our astro knowledge of outer planet transits to our benefit… When you figure out it’s a Saturn transit and not Pluto, what do you do with that? Work harder? What if it’s Uranus and not Neptune? <—that sort of stuff.

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