Gaining Insight – Tips From My 8th House

I wrote something in the Colosseum about a person’s  subconscious motivations. One of the gals  called it “extremely sophisticated thinking”.  I responded,  “When you spend your life in the shadow, guess who is illuminated?”

It made me think of John Hiatt, singing about people he met on the high plains of the Kansas /Colorado border:

“…those high plains people, they’re different somehow

you spent your life leaning into a hard wind, I guess you’re less likely to take a bow…”

If you want to know who you’re dealing with, ask yourself what they’ve spent their life doing. If you have worked on cars for three decades, you’re going to know your way around a motor. If you’ve farmer all your life, you’re going be steeped in this.  I live and work in the shadow, or what I call, the dirty grave. You don’t think I’m slackin’, do ya?

What have you done or been involved with all your life?



Gaining Insight – Tips From My 8th House — 14 Comments

  1. the only thing I`ve been doing in the last 14 years is changing myself for the better and though it sounds like fun, it ain`t

    when the only thing that`s constant is the feeling that you are never enough and there`s this constant hope of breaking dawn, that can make you jaded like a war veteran

    all hail Eris, dark godess of the oneuppers

  2. No, Elsa, I don’t think you’re slacking – you consistently report on the things you see from the dirty grave – much to our benefit. Thanks for this great post and the insights.

    My thing is Defense. Defending my people, and women and girls. That’s my job and I love it. Also repairing human damage, or wounded humans, for the last 15 years or so. Love that too. Aqua Chiron conj. IC in 4th and all the squares in my chart pretty much provide me with all the *work* I can handle. Scorp Saturn in 1st gives me the staying power to keep it up. I get tired from time to time but I never, ever quit.

  3. Hospitality. I sell hotel guest rooms and services. My goal is to help and be of service. Other job is being a mother. Sometimes the first hob is being a mother in a bigger house with 276 bedrooms. It’s a healthy form of co-dependence.

  4. I’ve become an expert at allowing others to be heard. Saturn in Aquarius creates space for those that have had no voice feel safe to open up. Lots of Scorpio and Pisces can deal with whatever needs to be brought out in the open… I am a soft place to land.

  5. I thought I spent most of the last 20 years being a mother. To my children and my ex. This post made me look at the almost 20 years before that. I initially thought oh wow I mothered my mother and sister too. Oh and my friends!

    I’m starting to see that’s not totally accurate. Mothers my kids was never as simple as feeding, loving and physically
    Protecting. There was deep hidden sh@!

    In High school it wasn’t saying like a mother would no dont drink alchohol or it’s late we gotta get home.

    With my mother and sis it wasn’t just nurturing.

    I’ve held the space pushed back the darkness as best as possible. Seen the deeper hidden things lurking and attempted to flush them out or absorb/change them.

    Until I was for awhile lost to myself. Afraid to go on and afraid to change. Well I’m not afraid anymore.. Well to be totally honest at times overly causious but not emersed in fear.

    I did these things my whole life and didn’t even know I was doing it. Now that I do that the viel has lifted some I am learning to do it different so I don’t lose me in the orocess

  6. I have been involved with healing, my entire life. Taurus Chiron/IC trine Moon. Conjunct my mother’s Saturn.

    My matrilineal kinship. I am the 4th daughter, of 4 daughters. I carry history. It’s part of my life’s work to build healthy patterns and escape the destructive ones (hence my feelings on passive aggression).

    Figuring out, what is old hat and what is not my lesson any longer. Not falling into an ancestor’s trap.

  7. Yanno, I really don’t know.
    To an extent, I’m also a shadow figure. To a large extent, one could (rightly) argue.

    I think what I’ve spent my 30 years doing is fence-work: mending and building.

    “No, Elsa, I don’t think you’re slacking – you consistently report on the things you see from the dirty grave – much to our benefit. Thanks for this great post and the insights.”

    Ditto. 🙂

  8. I’ve done several things, intensely but only for a few years.

    Consistently, over all that time? Hmmm…. Reading, writing, cooking. Learning to research. Learning to understand men (I’m better at cooking…)

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