I’m Going Back To My Blood & Guts Roots

This morning something snapped inside me. I’ve decided to go back to my Blood & Guts roots.

If you weren’t around circa 2010, you can get an idea what I mean, here –  There Is Still A Demand For Uncensored Writing & Creativity Unleashed.

I am going to teach another class, most likely in May. It’s going to be another Blood & Guts course.  It will be my third class with this theme…my favorite theme. It’s going to be a(nother) proper Zombie Jamboree.

Details coming soon!  See you there!


I’m Going Back To My Blood & Guts Roots — 19 Comments

  1. Yeeeeey, I’m iiiiin. I’m having transit Pluto conjunct Ascendant, and Mars. I’m all for the Blood & Guts 🙂

  2. Wow, this is timely- I got kicked off another astrology site for speaking my mind and telling the truth just yesterday, lol. They called it trolling and called me homophobic…lol. I don’t think so. Somehow if we tell a gay person they’re wrong and it’s disgusting for them to plot and scheme ways to get in their heterosexual and MARRIED male friends pants, we’re a homophobe. I just couldn’t have it that no one would speak up and tell the truth, so took it upon myself.

    Ah well.

  3. Interesting!
    Maybe I’m naive but I’ve never quite got the complaints about the ‘PC’ phenomenon. It seems the opposite to me: everyone just blabs all they want no matter how offensive. There’s a place for everyone on the interwebs these days!!
    Frankly I’m sick of the lack of etiquette & manners in our society. Eh. But then I guess I’m already a curmudgeon! Seriously folks…..step away from your bloody cell phone…..stop dropping f-bombs & learn some adjectives & adverbs
    & no: it isn’t ‘all good’ !!! Argh. Hate that phrase
    I guess I find the people complaining about PC sorta come off as entitled brats, which is ironic, no? But then, like I said, I just don’t really get it.
    So: there’s my two cents.

    • It’s mostly at colleges, this overly PC stuff. Everywhere else, things are pretty normal. Yeah, you’ll meet the random nitpicky, snooty, criticizer/word policer, but overall, I’d say a good amount of people are pretty cool about it all. But I get what you mean, some people in the population could use some manners, my Libra planets agree!

    • The purpose of “PC”-ness was to create an environment of tolerance, then acceptance, then love. Now, the interesting thing is that we now know what *not to say, but we haven’t changed the internal fear or imaginations that create these separations. So I wonder if PC-ness still has a role. Let me think, yes. I remember being yelled at for being an “ethnic” person, with that person assuming all sorts of things about me, and that hurt doesn’t go away. That possibility of rejection seems always to be there. But then again, the dialogue has become so wrought that little common understanding comes from it. I don’t know. It’s scary out there for everyone, and no matter how small I go, to become “good” and survive, it doesn’t matter, it seems like I will be the first one out in a group.

      For some on the edge, the only way to put you shotgun down is if the other person does first… And when does that happen? So anyway, PC-ness is important but I know it is a bandaid.

  4. Me. Too. The PC crap. I was reading the posts about , and that is a perfect example of Libra Pluto half of gen c. And I was born in the same era but my parents are not Boomers, they were both polite but they had no vascillation on the way their own personal beliefs were, and many of my peers are… sarcasm without any spine, like “we’ll stand behind this issue or that as long as it is not going to get feelings hurt or make us look mean.”;the same people who I have heard say “I am not prejudiced against anyone-I have friends who are black!” And I am always imagining the receptionist at their dentist or someone else who is connected to your own life just enough for you to know her name is Ruthie and she’s got a little boy. Oh, and she’s black, but you’re not ENEMIES so….

    I have issues with the word TOLERANCE unless it’s a conversation about the amount of booze one can put away. Whatever kind of oddball I may be, drop and f bomb on me and tell me you have a problem with me. Bonus points if you want to make me aware of the reasons for my irritating presence. Just don’t practice TOLERANCE of/for me-not ever.,I think I would rather be kicked in my leg than TOLERATE. I think that is a condescending attitude and word. Maybe I am a curmudgeonly old clam? ;:

    • You nailed it! It’s the fake, pompous, insecure, image-obsessed, brainwashed, robotic, useful-idiots TOLERANCE rhetoric that is INTOLERABLE!

  5. I’m lost!
    Tolerance of intolerance, and vice-versa!
    My Merc in Virgo and Mars in Libra aren’t up to par. Not enough fight in me, not enough conviction either.
    I leave that to really energetic people – I’m not one of them.
    (But put in my 2 cents for some silent minority)

  6. Yes, if you don’t throw the trash out regularly, it piles up. All this PC is just cosmetics hiding the dirt underneath.

    • I shouldn’t have written this. I was following a negative train of thought. I’m living in a dark film at the moment.
      It also seems that I have missed the issue. Is it about tolerance or is it about self-censorship?

  7. Blood and guts means being real yes but also real about your own blood and guts that are on your hands.

    I agree… Fuck nice, but I can’t give up practicing generosity and kindness really. I do it not because I have to, but because I want to, because it’s the right thing to do to figure out that they’re human like everyone else and what would happen if I was in the same situation? Maybe I’d be in the same state, if I didn’t have perspective.

  8. I am all for generosity and kindness… And my filthy autocorrect wanted to suggest that I am all for genital. Lo.? I am not anti-genitalia but I digress. I found out that the whole city of New York when I was 19 and 20 years old seemed to be full of covert hoping and praying and sneaking hand in pocket to slip a bill into the subway musician or panhandler’s possession clandestinely with a vaguely random compassion to the initial observation on my part. I grew up in a large city on the Great Lakes and that is really not comfortable in regards to people segregated by the part of the Slavic world that grandparents are from with a alkaline phosphatase loathing for the specific shadow projection screen/projector and I am now seeing the children of the of same people who would rather be Slovak and have a black family but the houses of the 70s rusty belt white flight than a Polish family ( like my maternal grandparents) and recently as 2003 i was playing a show that almost didn’t get played…the Serbian singer of the opening band and the Croatian descendent guitarist (grew up here, and NOW based on the East coast … Philadelphia and we’ll known as A record producer for some big time names) we were all like WTF this is happening? And that is really not a good feeling. I am Polish and Sicilian and Irish so I belong to the city and with my own neighbors passing me like a joint when applicable. The millennial generation have been moving in to the same parts of the city that were still dangerous to drive through 15 years ago regardless of the color of your epidermis or the flag of your forefathers or which one of “God’s Lamps” (as my daughter called the sun and moon) and I can’t help but feel like a turd with the same generation buying a bit of property to “repurpose ” changing the names of the areas or just blatantly naming a few blocks as if this historic area is a new subdivision and then trying to “Photoshop ” the way sometimes vestiges of the old days creep up encroaching upon the new “Battery Park,” and “South Bridge” which I have to admit sounds better than the same area when it was nameless and then we had our own little ‘hoods and districts according to experience. Battery Park was “just off the lakeshore where the gay restaurant is next to the abandoned factory that teenage girl was killed in.” And The South Bridge- the projects that look like the 21st Century seen from 1968.. And Carnegie Square is “where Donna was being nice to that retarded kid who grabbed her boob and mugged her” and I have to clarify that this is Donna the Gemini who has Pisces moon Venus cancer and Sagittarius rising and loves kids and animals and anyone who is trampled on by the world. And he had down’s syndrome and he did grab a boob and tried to mug her mod grab. And she cried for a couple weeks because she ended up breaking his nose. But he was revealed to be doing unwanted things to girls in the group home he was in and I am already feeling the nails in my coffin for saying “retarded” though the whole sentence is a quote from her elderly landlord. The repurpose the city kids are not so thrilled with the elements that make a city NOT a suburban utopia. Encroaching upon their quasi hipster ungated but exclusive communities. Which means that they wanted to accept 5 of my own gen x peers-the oldest is a professor from Kenya and Pluto in Virgo. 3 of them are Pisces and 1 Aries (He’s youngest son of 2 prominent surgeons) and then my own Libra Pluto peer from highschool who is married but I suspect he has Leo somewhere (last day Of Libra 74 or 73 too lazy to Google or find my ephemeris) and I am really having a EurekA moment-the 5 black men who I just mentioned- the “free spirit” girls are all over the idea of the intense Pisces black writer,and the painter, and even thinking that Orson is in a loveless marriage- the same PC community has a deficit of black women. Or many other over 35. The standard of tolerance and that of encouragement differs! Lot more Asian girls , not sure if I can recall last time I saw a male Asian. The girls are openly “pansexual “and yet my late friend T who moved from the wilderness of New York state to a randomly chosen for price duplex there was horrified by the way that women are “got young women are offering to have threesomes with ME full on tab A slot B 2 girls 1 T giving it up like college fat girl p–‘y! And I don’t want to at the point of my life I’m at!” He was Taurus Scorpio moon….great guy who was a teacher, and then decided to work with severely limited special needs kids…he was a songwriter and he got tonsillitis and I found out he was not going to wake up and my sister was dating him. Now there’s gotta be a Heaven. And ENOUGH with my curmudgeonly ass. Is this moon outta Leo yet? What Is it about Leo moon and I that doesn’t get on? ?????

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