I Want My Ex To Suffer…

It’s common that people want their ex to suffer.  But there are some people out there who are really hard to damage. They’re bulletproof and it shows in their chart…

Have you ever met someone quite hard to injure? What did their chart look like?

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I Want My Ex To Suffer… — 37 Comments

  1. I’ve never wanted an ex to suffer even though one was a cheater. What would a chart of someone who can’t be hurt look like? I’m intrigued.

    • Two words….Donald Trump. The guy has Sun trine Jupiter. Oprah Winfrey ALSO has Sun trine Jupiter. Have you seen these two people go down? 🙂

      • Interesting. I have Sun trine Jupiter, too. It’s not a tight aspect, but it’s there. This is not my experience, at all. Despite my 5th house Capricorn Moon, I’ve cried, in public, because I’ve been dumped.

        On the other hand, Oprah and Donald seem to have much in common astrologically. They have Sadgittarius Moons, Oprah apparently is Sadge Rising as well. Donald, Leo Rising (who could tell, with a person who is famous for his hair). They also have Air Suns, Donald’s in Gemini, Oprah’s in Aquarius.

  2. I would think that someone with a lack of strong Neptune aspects and a lot of/ strong air placements would be difficult to hurt. Air can detach and rationalize and the lack of Neptune leads to less sensitivity.

    Everyone can be injured, the level varies based on the individual. What one person could be injured over could not matter much to another person going through the same thing. I think Chiron hints at that Achilles heel. Some are better at hiding their injuries as well.

  3. I would definitely say Mars in Aquarius would definitely be the type to either be extremely hard to injure or just not care about your attempt.

  4. My Father in law is this way. Being a former Marine helps too. He has survived open heart surgery and cancer and just recently had all of his toes amputated and he bounces right back and you would not know that he had a problem.
    His birthday is 9.23.54 EST. I don’t know his birth time but I keep going between Aries and Scorpio Rising. He had Mars in Capricorn and Uranus in Cancer and his Moon and Pluto are conjunct, plus he has Venus and Saturn in Scorpio. So, I would say that these placements make him tough. He first wife passed away and he divorced his 2nd wife and he refuses to let anything keep him down. He told me that if they cut his legs off, he would still find a way to keep going.

  5. To answer everyone ^^^ I don’t think there is a single signature. When I say this about someone (which is not rare), it will be because of a preponderance of evidence, both + and-.

    It’s not rare (in partners of people who hire me), because dealing with people like this can be super frustrating. So really it’s a relief for someone to come along and tell the person the truth…the person is not going down!!!!!

  6. I can think of two people that are bulletproof, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Its for different reasons, but nothing seems to stick to either one of them.

    If you look at the scandal-ridden life of Hillary Clinton, how has she escaped accountability over the years when others have been held legally accountable for far less than she did? Also, she is the epitome of making the various women Bill Clinton had affairs with suffer and pay the consequences. Look at Monica Lewinski. There are many others, but all of them fear Hillary.

    Hillary is a Scorpio rising, with Scorpio Mercury, Venus and Sun in the 12th house. Venus and Mercury are conjunct her ascendant. I think the 12th house planetary positions play a part in being bulletproof. It acts in a very stealthy manner and depicts someone that never shows their hand.

    Scorpio in general is capable of being bulletproof because they’re so tough and unrelenting.

    On the other hand you have someone like Donald Trump. He is also bulletproof in a different way. He is brutally honest, thanks to his Moon in Sadge. No matter what he says about someone, he gets a pass and it works out for him even though he’s said some really cutting things.

    He has Mars in his 1st house conjunct his Leo Ascendant. That is bulletproof in a different way. He’s a warrior that will crush the competition openly to show his prowess as King of the Jungle. Anyone that tries to attack him seems to have whatever they did deflected back to them.

  7. Something funny I read….. I have been worried about my health. Seems it is my full time job now… Saturn in the 6th transiting my 6th whoohoo….

    Anyway without boring you with the details I was reading about health and worry…and the article goes through the list of things to do so you wont and then at the end says …. hey, do you remember what it was like before you were born? No you don’t! So with death comes peace….so think about it like…hey, if I am dead what do I have to worry about.

    Seems stupid typing it right now but I have to tell you I think I spit my tea across the room laughing. Basically it said….why worry. You will die eventually of something. And you wont have to worry anymore….

    I got a giggle ….

    But yes, we never want to think about it but if we are smart and have the time to plan its good to take care of our own business. Many people don’t get the chance because of sudden death due to accidents or murders but if you have the time you should think about it.

    I know I have something going on. I don’t know what yet but I do. I have probably thought about death more over the last two months than I ever have…. It’s scary to think you’ll leave your kids….that is the only part that really bothers me.

    My husband will fall apart. He swears it will kill him. I am not so sure about that. In fact, I doubt it. And he swears he will never marry again. I doubt that too. If he doesn’t marry eventually he will meet someone to share his life with. I don’t want him to sit alone and rot. I love him. I hope he goes on to live and enjoy his time if he can.

    I am not sure I would have said this 20 years ago but if you really love someone you want all good things for them which would include another relationship for him should he need company eventually. He isn’t that old…I would hate to see him live another 20-30 years all alone. That would be so sad.

  8. Elsa, you look really happy in your video, just glowing, like you’ve been on vacation. I think your new home agrees with you.

  9. I’ve never wanted an ex to suffer (except for that time I tried killing with kindness, and boy did that work even better than I anticipated), and none of my exes have really acted as though they wanted me to suffer (or I’m not particularly vulnerable to that sort of attack?) But this reminds me of another topic, perhaps related in some way. My minister gave a sermon the other day about resenting the success of another person. That question stirred in me an emotion towards an ex, so that is why I’m not sure if this is related or not. But anyway, he spoke about how it’s impossible to find happiness by comparing yourself to others. We all reap more than we sow, and we are in fact lucky that life is not fair! It is with God’s amazing grace that we’re all making out better than we could on our own, that’s for certain. I loved this message. Nobody is truly self-made, anyway.

  10. If they didn’t love you, you can’t injure them.
    We can only be injured by the things or people we love. People that don’t seem to suffer so often probably keep their heart to themselves and don’t let it be out there all the time.

  11. There is something in elisei’s comment. I’ve been told ‘you just can’t care so much’ and ‘that’s the price of caring’. Water baby here had to make some adjustments on the repeated advice. How cold I felt initially. I know what suffering feels like so I don’t really wish that on anyone else. I just want to stay out of the suffering trap. Beware of the everyday sadist.

  12. I wish I were bulletproof like this. But I do know people like this. Jupiter on the MC. Sun in the first, especially in Aries. And Aquarius. Aquarians are too chill to care what others think in general. ?

  13. I am currently in a transit of Neptune conjunct my Pisces Moon/Chiron conjunction, in the 9th house and my Scorpio Neptune trines my Moon natal. From what I understand, I am undergoing a spiritual transformation of sorts.

    One of the concepts that religion grapples with is the church teaching obedience to God, and the obvious unfairness of observing someone who is not obedient to God and receiving much more of life’s blessings than one who lives according to a gospel and still does not see their fortunes improve or their lives getting better.

    One will never be happy comparing themself to another. There will always be someone smarter, richer, happier, luckier, etc. The real spiritual awakening comes when you see yourself and your life personally touched by God and being grateful for it. By accepting, truly accepting of one’s life and not wishing to get even with another who has wronged you.

    That being said, sometimes if I learn of someone I love being wronged badly by someone, it’s all I can do to sit on my hands and not go out seeking revenge. Sometimes I fantasize about just punching someone out who has done something horrible and truly deserves it. Then I meditate on a quote, “How will this benefit me?” By answering that question honestly, the stress level declines and the still quiet voice of reason in your head takes over and you see how fruitless it all is to seek revenge in the first place. Throw your hands up and surrender oneself to God, asking for mercy and wisdom and peace. God will take care of the rest. He still remains and will always remain in control as long as the sun rises and sets and the moon waxes and wanes.

  14. Richard Branson has Leo rising, with Pluto conjunct the Ascendant. There’s bullet proof right there. But hell! who would want to hurt such a guy?
    Better to strengthen yourself and learn virtue; great video!

  15. I thought I didn’t want exes to suffer. But, I notice I want people who reject me, frequently strangers, to suffer. My friend with mars/pluto in Scorpio wants her ex to suffer and has to fight her natural vengeful nature

  16. I don’t know about bullet-proof but I no longer relish anyone’s suffering. Vying for them to trip-up is a pointless expenditure of my own energy. I also don’t want to tie myself to that negativity because it robs happiness.

  17. One of the most profound comments an ex has left me with. He was an ex Marine who was also in the Air Force. He said: I’ve seen scared people and brave people, crazy people and smart people, but it doesn’t matter who you are, you can always be brought down. One of the few statements ever that left me at a loss for words.

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