I Hate My Grand Trine Pt. 4 – Too Much Of A Good Thing!

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Continuing with the theme of Grand Trine problems, let’s talk about having too much of a good thing. Grand Trines, with a few exceptions, occur within the same element. For example, if you’ve got a Grand Trine with planets in Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, you’ve got a whole lot of water!

Not that there’s anything wrong with having a lot on one element. We’re all created the way we are for a reason, and the world needs specialists. But when a chart is dominated by one element, there can be some, ahem, imbalances.

Take my sister, who has a Grand Trine in air signs. She is fun, quick-witted, and can make fast friends with anyone. She’s also the most annoying force of nature I’ve ever met. She is a human hummingbird; never stops moving, talking, fidgeting. She grows noticeably uncomfortable when a conversation sustains one topic for more than three sentences. Small animals start running in circles whenever she passes by – really. When she stays with me I always have to take a day off of work to recuperate. It’s like a tornado passed through my life.

Again, the world needs people like my sister! She’s a character, and we all need to be reminded to lighten up. But do you think it’s easy to be her? Because I can tell you it’s not. I’m pretty sure she would kill to be able to stop and rest. That’s probably why she married a double Taurus. Someone to land the plane!

After all this, I can say that having a Grand Trine really can be wonderful. I’m certainly not knocking it. But I wanted to show that it is a little less straightforward than it seems. Like Elsa always says, every gift is a curse in equal proportion. With a Grand Trine that goes double – er, triple! J

Does one element dominate your chart? How does it affect you?

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I Hate My Grand Trine Pt. 4 – Too Much Of A Good Thing! — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for inspirational writing! I have a kite formation and that adds some tension. I think whenever a transiting planet forms challenging aspect to the planets from the trine it gives a chance to act! And when you have additional Square natally. I have Air plus fire : Asc 5 Aquarius, Sun and IC 5 Gemini, Pluto 8 Libra, Mars and DSC 5 Leo SQUARE URANUS IN SCORPIO.
    I believe – it comes from my experience that when Jupiter placement and aspects shows us somebody’s possible laziness and overindugence. When jupiter is involved in grand trine it surely may manifest like this.
    Too much good karma not much energy or wisdom

    • And what dominates – I swing between mind work ( air trine) plus rebellion (URANUS Square Mars) and cosy Taurus Stellium ( Jupiter conjunct the Moon and SNode yod apex for Neptune and Pluto, plus Mercury Pallas, Venus, Vesta from 11 to 29 degrees.)

  2. A friend of mine has a big water trine with all but three planet in it. Jupiter is included in the trine. My friend has a tender heart of gold and very little back bone. She has extreme difficulty advancing her own life; no traction.

  3. This is more of a side comment. I have a cradle aspect pattern, which I have read acts like a grand trine. I’m not sure I buy that, as the grand trine usually has one element while the cradle is spread across two elements. In my case, my cradle is spread across air and fire.

  4. Like Elsa’s sister, I discovered I have a grand trine in Air from Chiron to Juno to Jupiter. I never saw it until I added Juno into my chart. I joked I was an air head, but I think it’s more like my childhood wounds (Chiron in Aquarius/ 3rd House) shapes how I view my partners (Juno in Gemini/7th House and I Jupiter (In Libra/11th House) broadcasts it to my friends how it’s so painful when we have an argument. I hate conflict! Also, I am busy a lot and sometimes will be driving all day here and there on weekends to get errands done and don’t stop until dinner time. But I get a LOT done in a short amount of time and will multitask at home and work. I wish I could calm down. And I wish I had done better in School and had finished Collge.

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