How Will You Be When You’re 30 Years Older? Notes On The Saturn Cycle

Recently I spent time with a woman who is roughly 30 years older than I am. This means my Saturn is conjunct hers which gives a natural affinity. If two people have Saturn conjunct, they share a reality (Saturn) at least to an extent. I liked the woman a lot. I admired her and I would not mind it one bit if I wound up being being like her in 30 years.

Later I realized that if this is what I would like, I would have to work towards it. 30 years is a long time and there is a tremendous variance among people as far as how they develop themselves. Some people get little done in a decade. Others soar or manage to transverse ‘cross challenging terrain in the same amount of time. Basically, I can’t just coast and expect to turn out as well as she has. It will require I commit and set goals for myself which is exactly what I am going to do.

I’m made this decision because I don’t want to be a loser but also because this woman is a role model. She’s shown me what’s possible for people like her aka as people like me and made me really want to manifest my potential on the high end.

Do you ever think of how you might be, 30 years from now? (I would like to be great!)



How Will You Be When You’re 30 Years Older? Notes On The Saturn Cycle — 8 Comments

  1. Yes, I think about it. I also have put myself in the shoes of the older me and asked myself questions about the life I would like to be able to say I lived when I’m 65 or 75 or 85. So, with that in mind, I didn’t want to say something like “I had the opportunity to do X but was too afraid”. I’ve tried to live my life with that in mind.

    If I could reach farther, I have. If I could jump higher, I tried. I guess I think it’s wise to spend your time here doing what feels right, which is to live.

  2. For most of my life I’ve been pretty short-sighted. I don’t expect to do a third Saturn return, although longevity runs in my family. I do annual reviews. Still, I know several people in their 90’s that inspire me greatly. The one thing they share is passion. They don’t all have the same passion, but they all have a passion for something and I do think it’s what keeps them going. So this year I’m working on developing my passion – for something. I’m going to try as many new things as I can until I find it. Do I hear “Climb Every Mountain” blowing in the wind of change?

  3. That is interesting! I have not gone through my 1st saturn return yet, so I guess I haven’t the long term, far sighted ability to look ahead like that.

    I feel like my life 30 years from now will be Ages away from where I am now (a pun, get it get it). Though I have goals, I must admit that planning for 30 years down the road is a little daunting, if not a little unrealistic for someone at my age. 🙂

  4. this post is funny since I have a friend who does the same work as me who is about 30 yrs older- she is part friend/mother I would say- and she is just like how I picture myself at her age- still working hard and traveling and enjoying life!

  5. That is great, Elsa! I have Saturn conjunct the Sun in Aries, so I expect to be AWESOME when I’m old. My daughter has the conjunction, too, so I think we’ll be close all the way to the end. I want to be wise but young-thinking, generous with my resources, and be a safe place for people to be themselves.

  6. Yes, I do. I really want to be healthy, above all. I look to my parents and I think, yes I would like to go into old age with good health, an active mind and body, medication free and above all–independence. Independent mind AND body.

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