How Will Each Sign Will Fare With Saturn In Capricorn?

Saturn ingressed into Capricorn, late December, 2017.  The planets is now five degrees into the sign. It will reach nine degrees in April, before turning retrograde. I thought it would be good to check in.

If you have a lot of Earth in your chart, you’ll probably feelings shored up to some extent. If you tend to be serious, practical, responsible, it’s almost as if you’ve come into vogue.

People with an emphasis on Water signs might also be getting a grip at this time. Personally, I have a lot of Earth in my chart. Just sitting next to someone like me can calm a person who is highly emotional.

I don’t think the AIR signs crave the weight for Saturn in Capricorn, generally speaking. Libra struggles the most, I’d say. You’ve got to have something special to pull of hardship and beauty.   Or hardship and party.

Aquarius would fare best of the AIR signs. This is because they’re co-ruled by Saturn. It’s also because they can detach and understand, intellectually how there has to be “downtime” so to speak.  Gemini falls somewhere in between.  There are things to think and talk about so Gemini can deal.

If you’re got a lot of Fire in your chart, you’re probably pissed off. Anger which can be converted into drive.

The thing is, Fire signs are in a hurry. Saturn in Capricorn is slow and methodical.  This transit has just begun. Imagine a fire raging out of control. It encounters a barrier… but then it breaks through and becomes a “controlled burn”. With time, the Fire signs will adapt and probably flourish.

How are you faring with Saturn in Capricorn?

If you’re having a hard time with this transit, my workshop will help!  Saturn In Capricorn – Get Ready To Get Real.



How Will Each Sign Will Fare With Saturn In Capricorn? — 22 Comments

  1. My midheaven is Aquarius so I’m hoping this could be good for my career since I’m again starting the process of more work to achieve a better job.

    • I have MC at 6 degree AQ … worried the retro period will offer. I have 3 planets in Libra … 3 degree, 11 degree and 14 degree. Already forced to stand up for truth, but that will have to do 2 times.

  2. Saturn transiting my 7th…conjunct natal Mars early at 4 degrees.I guess it’s control I need since Uranus will conjuction venus once it crosses into Taurus and will also be opposite neptune. I imagine Saturn like an anvil on those days I want to float away.

  3. Oh my, this is so me!
    I even have Libra moon in the 8th house as well. I am on the verge to have Saturn squaring that Libra thingy…

    Also, my Mars is in Cap. He is the only earth sign in a horoscope full of water and air, and an astrologer once called it “A horoscope with a handle” – meaning that all the other planets expresses themselves through Martian Capricorn energy. Focused, patient and hard-working? Hell, sign me up!

    Mars has been fired up just mightily the past 2 years … phew. So glad this period will soon be over. Although he has had a tad of respite since december when Saturn entered Cap. He is more calm. More focused somehow. More at ease. Soon him and Saturn will meet for a chat and a status meeting.

    “So, how are things going around here, Mars? (Saturn)”
    Mars: “Funny you’re asking. Things have been heavy, lately I think. But in a good way. Rock solid way kinda – if you know what I mean… Anyways, I have your 30 year status report ready, printed and binded off, Saturn. Here you go” *hands over the report to Saturn*
    Saturn takes it, turn the pages, start reading. At some places he cocks his eyebrow quizzical: “That Saturn return on Pluto was a heavy hitter, huh? Floored you pretty bad, I see?”
    Mars looks a bit flustered, pulls his tie in the Armani suit.
    “Yeah, that was pretty bad. But as you can probably read things calmed down after seeing that bastard got married 2,5 year after he threw us out with the bathwater” *coughs*
    Saturn nods.
    “I see” he says. “And so, what do you want me to help you build up from that now? Redemption? Fame? Fortune? Forgiveness? May I suggest healing from the scars deep in the 12th house? I reach them in a jiffy and it could be beneficial for you to agree upon. I think you’d like it when I hit Aquarius and the 1st house in 2021”.
    Mars considers the offer.
    “Yeah, you might want to sign that up, we have 30 year old business to attend to here I think. This is not something which has just begun, it has been there for years… 30 years to be specific. You left it in a pretty big mess the last time you visited.”
    Saturn curiously looks at Mars. “And why would you say that? The whole thing was to get you to grow up, feel your own strenght – which, I might add – you have, now with that suit and a tie. Am I right?”
    Mars: “Yeah, sure thing, but it’s on the inside that the scars lie. I’m not sure I’m quite ready for that to be honest. But I’ll give it a try if you can be patient with the anger that resides down there”.
    Saturn smiles saintly: “But of course. I have nothing BUT time, Mars… Opposite you, hmm?”

    • Oh I loved reading this! Such a perfect scenario! I would love to read all kind of planet “interactions” written like this! Awesome!

      • Thanks, Melin 🙂

        I like it a lot myself. It made me think that this was a fun way to picture astrology. As I have natal Mercury in the 8th house and a Scorpio stellium in the 9th I love to teach and communicate. Chiron in 3rd as well… I might just put this Saturn period to good use and start writing about the planets in this fashion! 😀

  4. Saturn is conjunct Jupiter and Neptune in 6th, trine Moon and sextile natal Pluto and Mars.

    It’s been a non-stop you better not drop kinda ride. Everything in my life best be organized and thoroughly planned but taking EVERYTHING so serious and not being honest will bite me every damn time.

  5. I recently went to a metaphysics fair where a woman who reads energy stated “There’s a very large item piercing you in your lower back. Would you like me to take it out?”

    She did this and that, had me do a few deep breathes, but I have no idea what this means, other than being stabbed or holding onto something that needs letting go.

  6. Well i have a stellium in libra including sun but its in the tenth house and it includes saturn, so im not unfamiliar with the energy. Im hoping this helps.

    Im also capricorn rising so saturn (and pluto) are in my first house.

    I also have venus in virgo at six degrees so Saturn will be trining that any day now and sextiling my moon in scorpio. I feel good about these.

    Its odd because I have more responsibilities than i have ever had in my life, but im also feeling more centered and unconfused than i ever have. A little bored though.

    • It’s not bullshit. The fact is, we have free will and each of us have our own psychological makeup.

      Most people with charts, as described, will have the experience I described. Most, but not all. For example, some people can never feel happy or get themselves together. Hence the word, “probably”.

  7. With my Saturn in 5th, Ive always been on the serious side.
    As a Virgo, this Saturn feels natural to me. Not in keeping with my North Node in Leo tho..ugh!!
    Im relieved for my friend whose saturn return in Sag really raked her over the coals.

  8. I’m a Gemini but I have a cap asc so I’ve actually looked forward to Cap transits because I feel like they are interesting and I can relate.

    But honestly I am doing terrible since this happened. I’ve been sick and really depressed and exhausted and burned out. I hope it gets better.

  9. In my natal chart report it says I’m mostly earth.

    “Earth Element is Strong (F,E,A,W Scores = 10,26,4,9).”

    I don’t understand how fire (one placement) is stronger than water (4 placements).

  10. I am feeling SO much better. My drive, energy, and ambition returned this month. In my element, woo! Patience was so much easier to accept when Saturn moved into Capricorn.

  11. Saturn aligns with my 9 degree chiron in cap in april, squares my natal saturn in libra,and squares my natal eris in aries all within a very tight 1 degree orb, and also opposes my asc. sun, uranus in cancer, forming a cardinal grand cross. So it’s time to get serious and take action. I’m using eris in aries to lead the mission : my mission is to bring a matriarchy into right balance with the prevailing patriarchy, and to seed the expression of a more passionate and fierce feminist persona.

  12. I have seven earth planets and Aquarius sun. Saturn is on the cusp of my 5H, with Mercury and Venus at 10 Capricorn. I’ve been speaking up way more frequently than I ever have. I mean, speaking up in person when I am dissatisfied with a service or when someone is acting a certain way with me, irritating the hell out of me. I think it’s odd that I would do this. You’d think I’d be more reserved. But Saturn is also about creating boundaries and I’m really getting pissed off by people pissing on me and telling me it’s raining.

  13. Always envied Cappy skills so I’m enjoying this transit so far. I just really suck at patience and want to have made more progress.

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