How To Take Full Advantage Of Venus In Gemini

Joana (who lives in Portugal) writes: My Home Is Bigger Than Yours Home

Your soldier lived in Portugal? I’m amazed, yesterday it was the chivalry, now this…

The soldier speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German, fluently. He speaks Italian (for the most part), some Russian I think. He had to learn Latin and he can get by in at least a half dozen other languages, maybe more.

He speaks English with a Southern accent and Spanish with a Spanish accent and people flip.

In fact when we’re together, people always glance at both of us and then speak Spanish to me. It’s embarrassing but then he steps in and let’s fly. It’s a chivalrous act, like getting the door for me.

“Here. Let me get that Spanish for you, Elsa”. ::blushes::

He also plays wicked games with his abilities but those are stories for another day. He does not think it is possible to be in love in Germany because the language is so bad on this front. He says if you say “I love you” in German it sounds like you just punched the person in the mouth.

He has Venus in Gemini in the 3rd house in wide opposition to Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 9th and can definitely chat you up. He lays the romantic Spanish on top the Southern gentleman thing and forget about it. You go down.

Lucky for me I am pretty much the only person on the planet he likes or I’d be in big trouble.

Are you bilingual? Trilingual? More? Got Gemini??


How To Take Full Advantage Of Venus In Gemini — 14 Comments

  1. Only midheaven. I am a translator, 4 other languages under my belt besides English but I use Italian and English.
    And I soak up other cultures, foods and music like nothing.
    Is that anyplace in one’s chart? That is maybe the biggest part of who I am. I have quite a bit of Pisces, though, maybe it’s the ‘melding with others’ thing.

  2. Viv – he’s freakishly smart. I think the 9th house Jupiter in Sadge speaks of religion as well. He is profoundly Catholic, hard, hard, hard core Catholic but he interprets things in ways other people do not. He studies things and thinks of them at such a level he comes to realize things other people do not. It is best not to discuss religion with him… he will win.

    He doesn’t know any astrology but has no problem with it. Whores, soldiers and astrologers… we have been around awhile. What he respects is history and understand some of the earliest things ever written have to do with astrology.

    Catholic=Universal so when I say “universe” he feels we are talking about the same thing.

    But yeah. He is smart, deadly and Catholic. 🙂 He can also dance, sing and play guitar.

    What he can’t do is understand modern culture. He seriously does not get this era. He has complete awareness of previous lives and prefers them, other than I am in this one. he has little idea why he is attached to me other than he is and he’s glad of it. I guess he’s been lonely awhile. More than just this life, I mean.

  3. pixiedust – what’s your jupiter situation?

    as for me, i’m a gemini & gemini mercury in my 9th house. i know a little of everything. if i pay attention and need to know something, i can pick up the gist of a conversation or writing. speaking isn’t really my thing unless i’m mimicking someone or giving some kind of direct answer. i’m too lazy.

    i was raised on sign language and had to translate to/for deaf people a lot when i was a kid/teenager. it’s a lot less intuitive now but i can carry a slow or directional conversation fine.

    i know a few programming languages, too, and can pick up almost anything involving website coding.

  4. nothing in gemini, but moon in sagitarius.

    i’m bilingual (portuguese and english)
    I understand spanish and italian well enough and some french.

    I’m curious, what’s the soldier’s IQ?? 🙂
    I love the fact he’s full of contrasts. A soldier teaching cathecism. I never would have thought. But with moon conjunct neptune I see why church is important. I have it too, and never been happier then in my church days. good times. The world made more sense back then. there were the good and the bad. that was it. simple.
    How does he manage to be catholic knowing astrology and being this smart?

  5. A friend of mine is fluent in English, Farsi (Persian), Latin, and ancient Greek. I also think he is fluent in French which is something he denies, but he has pretty high standards. Personally, if you can work in France and read Sartre w/o translations, that counts as fluent enough to me. He also reads dudes like Agamben (Italian) and Heidegger (German) w/o translation; not quite fluent b/c he can’t speak them, but most ppl can’t understand those philosophers in their mother tongue! He claims his “problem” is vocabulary; he’ll pick up the grammar in 3 days – 1 week but it takes a long time to build the vocab. (I wish I had that “problem” too lol!)

    No Gemini. His Mercury is in Pisces (sign of its detriment and fall), conjunct sun (combust), opposing his (empty) 3rd house ruler, a Virgo Saturn, both square Neptune in Sag. Surprising isn’t it!

  6. Oh the soldier is full of talents! 🙂

    I love languages, one of my passions. My 3rd house is in Gemini; apart from that I have Sun conj. Jupiter in the 9th and in Saggitarius, so maybe that explains it.

  7. I’m quatrilingual, and I can speak enough Italian and Spanish to get by (although I struggle to read in those languages).

    Venus and Midheaven in Gemini.

  8. we did an exercise in class where we vented off different emotions and one of my classmates, a canadian now living in switzerland, invited everybody out to coffee, in german… and it sure sounded grumpy! 😉

    i have a gemini jupiter in the ninth. know enough spanish to get by, and a very small bit of japanese. i have a friend with a sag jupiter on the IC, trine mercury mars, and she can speak anything she comes across, pretty much.

  9. one of my pals has venus in gemini and he can speak some thai along with great cleveland-style english

    i go through this recurring periods of studying spanish. i’ve been taking on and off since 8th grade. i haven’t used it since this past spring, but if given a a few days of immersion i am fairly proficient. i would say intermediate. i know some japanese/katakana from watching foreign dramas, but i’m really too lazy at this point to learn more.

    my mars is in gemini, uranus conjunct midheaven in sagg, aqua ascendant in gemini decant, conjunct jupiter in aquarius. i’m a taurus: i have sun, moon, and mercury conjunct in the third house. gemini is in the fourth and fifth house, along with sagg in the tenth and eleventh.

    yup, i’m a talker.

  10. I’m alright with languages. I pick ’em up easy but forget ’em even easier. :p I’ve “forgotten” Latin, French, Spanish and a little ASL. No Gemini a’tall.

    There’s a Tool song, though, where the lead singer is reciting a recipe in German over some samples of people cheering and clapping. It certainly sounds sinister enough, bringing up images of Hitler speeches, but I’ve always considered it an example of how what we don’t know we condemn/condone by association.

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