How to Handle Pluto Trauma

Sometimes it feels like we’re stuck with our trauma forever. But what if we find that our trauma is the very thing that holds the key to our freedom?

Have you experienced the bleeding key? How have your trauma tools served you?

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How to Handle Pluto Trauma — 21 Comments

  1. New classic, also love the cloak

    I used to call my former roommates place that name.. the name of that castle. And I stayed there for a while. He was fucking terrible for me. (Pisces with Aquarius moon and Venus Neptune and another planet in Capricorn.. no boundaries, many illusions, and just no respect for me.. ) the place looked all nice but his energy permeated it and pierced the walls to the point that I was terrorized by his behavior

    My Scorpio friends share this experience.. and with Pluto there is a feeling of being trapped in a rich man’s castle..

    Right now I have one person around me who finished a difficult transit.. his Saturn return.. and you can feel the relief and insight he believes he’s received.. and is a bit imposing on me

  2. I feel like with Neptune transits you just never want to believe in and never check for the truth.. it’s like being suspended in syrup a bit.. but what little chick hasnt walked through a foggy forest.. at least with Pluto you feel the danger.. and know something’s not safe..

    People are so done with me and I’ve probably failed my Pluto transit.. I had all these chances to find and climb a mountain but am clinging to base.. people say I don’t evolve much like a child.. people say I’ve whined about the same things so much.. that I’m beyond help

    • So go with it Kri! You’ll know if it’s time to change. I think you’ll know. And you are probably luckier than you know. You must have some good Jupiter protection?

      • Thanks notch πŸ™‚ I have natal Jupiter in pisces in the 2nd square Uranus.. in the past I kind of knew when opportunities were flying by..
        but Neptune is transiting it and my sun (along with a Pluto conjunction to Mars and opposition Venus transit and Uranus opposition Pluto thrown in..) I’m really all turned around and the wires are crossed..

        Jupiter is transiting my 12th (so is Pluto) and I was seeing a lot of those numbers.. they were giving me hope.. just I think with mars Pluto.. I’ve struggled with procrastination and self sabotage all my life and if I waste any more of this transit.. well the issue will never get solved.

        With a 12th house mars the mountain I have to climb is mostly ethereal and often disappears idk.. I’m incredibly un self aware all my life too.. and I think definitely this 12th house transit is pointing out that a lot of my attitudes are stopping me.. not to mention good old fashioned laziness..

        I have a few harsh Chiron transits going on too.. like to my mercury.. so my friends are saying things to me that hurt. And with the harsh Neptune transit I don’t know what I’m doing or whether I’m right in my beliefs.

      • But go with what do you think? πŸ˜€

        I wanna keep going.. but I feel guilty and worried I’m
        not doing the right thing..

        • Guilty for being me. I know that story. And yeah, people are nasty overall now. It’s all the rage. I don’t think it’s just you experiencing that. Or is it Pluto opp my natal venus? πŸ˜€

          Sounds like you have alot to ponder. I don’t know what ‘the right thing’ is. And to be honest, I don’t care anymore. As long as it’s right for me and doesn’t hurt anyone else.

          Hang in there.

          • Thanks notch πŸ˜€

            Venus pluto weirdly opened a world of deep friendship for me. Getting lost in other people in ways my ego didn’t allow before. Attracting people who are the way I wanted to be and shedding my skin to open up. I don’t get it. Maybe it showed for a time that I wasn’t so broken and sociopathic to not be able to form a connection with people. The thing is.. the mars side is hard to enact. I don’t want to flee into and lose myself in people so that I don’t solve my own issues with procrastination self sabotage and agency. People aren’t being nasty so much as telling me I need therapy and they’re not sure what to tell me anymore when I describe my issues πŸ˜€ my friend told me an anecdote about a man with his hand stuck in a door. Another man came up and said I can help you get your hand unstuck. The guy said it isn’t stuck, I’m holding an apple I want but it’s too big to get through the door. The guy said drop the apple, you don’t need it. That is a bad retelling, but I wonder what my apple is. My friend has an idea, but I don’t know who’s right. Because of these questions I have, people often think I’m younger than I am. Maybe I should have solved this 10 years ago at 23. Not at the precipice of um over fertility.. to be euphemistic

  3. I’m in the thick of a transformative Plutonian transit.
    It’s opposite my ASC, conjunct Mercury (6th house until is passes DC in Dec), square 10th Taurus Moon and square 4th Scorpio Pluto.
    I’ve discovered my rage for my mom, who abandoned my sister and I at age 4. Learned that I probably am projecting my hate for my mom into my son. I don’t want him treating his mom badly. His mom is/was the manifestation in some way of my mom: illusive, lies.
    I learned that my father isn’t my biological father, right after he had his 2nd heart attack on my birthday.
    Been unemployed since Feb 2019.
    I’m immersed in a fire of rebirth.

  4. This is so perfect for me right now. YES! Trauma holds the key. I work at a treatment centre with people who have trauma, some very major. With Chiron moving into my 10th house, my very identity has been activated around this. I have been processing my own energy to allow it to be an instrument – at times, failing and coming back into my ego as I find it difficult to work in a hierarchical structure which our organization has needed to create (all this Capricorn energy which is my 6th house of healing :0). Ego – and its transformation will be also major for me as my Saturn in Aquarius and I’m up for my 2nd Saturn return. What a MotherF’er! honestly πŸ˜› (Cancer Rising, Libra 4th house sun – MOther is so key too.)

  5. Awesome Midara! I have Sun conjunct Pluto and four Scorpio planets (three personal) Pluto has transited all of those by conjunction and just finished up a square to my Sun in Libra. So ya, Ive opened some doors and found some bodies in the dark corners of my psyche.

  6. Ongoing Pluto transits to personal planets plus my natal 8th house, have provided me these necessary growth periods. Would I swap my pain/trauma in exchange for a honky dory life?
    No pain = no gain/growth.
    Pain= growth, resilience, substance, wisdom & compassion.
    The tools pain provide, allow us to heal ourselves & others.
    Healing others is the most beautiful reward one can receive.

    • Us 8th housers types seem to understand there is a dark elation and purification with pain…loss , change…what-have- you…
      We know it leads to transformation. It makes us feel alive instead of being numb and unaware of it all.

  7. Pluto square Saturn natally and well forever, by progression at the end of signs. So I’ve said it before, but this is the so called joke that all my Pluto square Saturn contacts get, what is sicker than a truckload of dead babies? Answer: one trying to eat it’s way out.

    The most blatant one happened some years ago. This Pluto square Saturn guy who was (was cuz he’s dead now) an excellent craftsman spent two summers rehabilitating the old barn on his property to a work of art. No sooner did he finish than a tornado came thru and completely demolished it. I visited him the following summer and he had collected up what he could and reconstructed another barn.

    He was a mild mannered person for the most part. But when I told him I was sorry about the old barn loss after all his work, he went angry for a moment, which I had never seen. He raged, ya put in all that work and then it just gets smashed. I realized then it was not his only pluto saturn experience. Living with less, just like all the books say, is really the pluto saturn learning lesson. Not real attractive to the outer commercial world of glitz, but solid. Right down to it.

    Yes, lots of trauma, right from the get go. I was born into trauma, but like Kri I motored thru it. I think growing up around ruffians, I was more accepting of them, it was normal. I became somewhat of an escape artist. Around 50, that all changed. As I realized that the situation I was in, brought the nearness to physical death very very close. I had to acknowledge the dark side of humans. It became very real. So that’s what I learned. And you are right, judging people for my own survival is not wrong. Being judgemental, which I always thought wrong, is needed for my survival.

  8. Pluto 10th house. Affecting sun,mercury,venus,saturn. Affecting me. Father died when I was one year old. Childhood was bleak and mom was always working. Grandma, father’s mother, died when I was 5 and I remember the funeral, saw her dead, I was there and understood it all. I was not a shielded child. As in shielded from the undercurrents of everything, of death, of grief. Not the same in these times when my cousin is 13 and he’s not allowed with the stove or he’s not told when people die.

  9. Just watched this video (finally).
    It’s excellent, Midara. I love your voice.

    After having this transit since 2012, The key and the forbidden room is pretty much like having Pluto going through your 12th house. It’s about leading yourself on the path of self undoing. Because we get “self undone” and can never turn back. It’s like staring down in the closet of not only your own skeletons, but also their connectedness to all other people’s skeletons… The Collective Collection of Skeletons.
    By using the skeleton key we are offered a glimpse into our own worst fears and nightmares in the 12th house while we scream our lungs out, no one can hear us, and no one comes for us. We are utterly alone and afraid in the dark. Trauma is ripe with darkness and light and rainbows in the mud.

    Quite literally actually, as I 3 years ago was woken up in the night by a person being shot/murdered outside my door. Blue police lights everywhere, I couldn’t see a thing, the terror was unbearable. It was that room full of dead bodies all over…

    Fast forward to Jupiter in my 12th house closet, who brings pain relief and treatment for anxiety. Enlightenment and healing together.

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