How to Find the Right Partner Faster – Lead with the Weird!

Want to find the right person faster? Don’t try to hide your quirks. Let your Sun shine! Lead with the weird, and the right partner will follow.

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How to Find the Right Partner Faster – Lead with the Weird! — 15 Comments

  1. I love the look! Of course, you always look wonderful!

    The only thing I disagree with is the statement of “Faster.'” Showing your quirks might find you the “right partner” because that person is going to love you more for those quirks and the relationship is going to be so much more genuine. However, this just helps you weed through faulty romances quicker, but that doesn’t mean it is going to be any easier to find a suitor that enjoys all your quirks any faster. God knows I have been trying!

    However, your approach is right on the money. It is important to stay true to who you are at your core. The right partner is going cherish that. It has been a struggle in my past relationships. I always feel like I give way too many resources, almost to the point where I do notice a diminishment in my own personality and preferences for things. I shall no longer do such and will always forever lead with my quirks! Thanks Midara!

  2. All of this is absolutely perfect and I love it and I want a transcript and to quote it everywhere. I hope it happens for me someday. Because man, I’m so obviously weird 😛

  3. Thank you for this.

    I met someone recently who did not seem to be interested in my weird side, which was discouraging. I would make all kinds of quirky jokes and be met with little reaction. So I think I just need to LEAD with it more, as you said, so people who don’t dig it won’t even begin to waste their time with me.

  4. Blue lipstick! I love blue lipstick! Wow!

    This story reminds me of when I was going through Uranus trine my Ascendant. It was a really pleasant transit for me. I started wearing multiple clock necklaces on my neck and a weird neck scarf with parachutes on it, embracing my inner Diane Keaton :/ and also I found midnight blue (and green or purple) nail polish, which are the only colors I like.

    I used to act weird a lot all the time and really exaggerate it. There’s a pic of me in a Thailand shirt all dirty doing a fake can can with my blue thrift store skirt revealing ripped purple pajama or is it yoga pants. I was not getting laid at the time. I am naturally this way. But I think at this point over emphasizing my personality is illusory. During and before my Moon Pluto transit I dressed and behaved like Ally Sheedy in the breakfast club. Again, it wasn’t for everyone. Though out of the passable candidates, I did attract more douchebags than I expected. My second boyfriend was kind of a preening Robin Thicke type (Libra of course) who gave his dog a full body fauxhawk.

    This took me forever to learn, probably Saturn in Libra. I used to do weird stuff when I found a dude I liked.. another bad thing was I would take on their interests and act like I liked the same stuff (this was when I was unemployed and these were start up dudes testing me about my passions and they were barely employed).. also I used an insulting sense of humor when I liked someone..

    Now with my Venus Pluto transit I sort of approach dudes of various attractiveness by wanting to know who they are and setting aside my “personality” performance. I don’t expect that they’ll like me, if they become my friend and want to get to know me more, yay. I don’t get laid that often and haven’t had a boyfriend in a long time. My physical thing before I speak tends to put people off sexually before I do anything. I don’t appeal to people that much, and fuck if I will lay a FINGER on those I do appeal to because they are ugly and I have pride. Also they are geriatric. I’ve been like this and had these issues my whole life, I have a tight Venus Mars opposition. My astro twin said something that imparted to me that chasing after guys generally doesn’t work out for us.

    I would rather go deeper with people if it’s what they want. I want to forget how much my physical appearance puts people off in the beginning and know who they are.

    • Haha, how did you guess? 😛 My Venus trines Uranus with a pretty tight orb.

      And my Venus also conjuncts Mars. Hence my brashly informing that poor boy that he was dating me, haha!

  5. Also, do you have positive Venus Mars aspects?

    Also, wish someone filled my desk full of bouncy balls 😀 or idk I’m currently boycotting bouncy balls.

    Asking cause I do have problems finding people :/ and we argue like dogs sometimes (Venus Mars opposition)

    But, on the real, I value the friendships I’m finding now more. Even thought the fact that nobody wants to lay a finger on me occasionally sticks in my craw these days. I left a bar situation when some red nosed alchy kept staring at me and a young dude was completely and overtly ignoring me as they do and some other weird awkward stuff happened with a group that sat with me while I was trying to drink beer and eat peanuts and study.

  6. I couldn’t agree more!. Our quirks are what separates us from the flock. Beauty=uniqueness. My man always says “they sure broke the mould when making me”. He loves my individuality and crazy lil ways. If you have eccentricities that you hide you risk not being really seen, and therefore loved. I think I really need to purchase a blue lippy now, you wear it well ?.

  7. The other day I watched a video of Emilia Fart on her first date. She was dressed as her usual oddball self–but so was her date! Lol! They shared a picnic, in a graveyard, right next to a freshly dug grave. ? But that worked for them and they hit it off immediately. ?

  8. so awesome!! thanks for showng us ^^ is your man is an Aries right? i did read Aries men dont like boring. You are definitely not boring. 😀 You have this lovely eclectic happy feel good look 😀
    i love the story that he was sought after, and all the ladies didnt get him but u caught him unexpectedly ^^

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