How Strong Is Your Love?

bridgeVenus is currently retrograde in Capricorn, and many of us are rethinking our relationships. We’re thinking deeply about who we love and why. And with Venus and Pluto dancing together, I mean it when I say deeeeeply.

In another life, I worked as a claims adjuster, and one of my specialties was fixed property. I would deal with damage to buildings and bridges, and I learned a little about engineering in the process. And the current transits remind me of caissons.

Caissons are watertight structures that are sunk deep underwater, into the ground, down to the bedrock, to provide the foundation for bridges. Without them, nothing could be built. There could be no bridge, no connection. Caissons are Venus/Pluto in Capricorn incarnate.

I have been working with several clients who are inspecting their relationships at this level. They’re looking at the deepest root to decide if their love is worth saving. One way I’ve been addressing this is to look at the composite chart to help lay out the actual structure that undergirds the connection. It’s like looking at blueprints, finding the caissons. These are the fundamental things that bind people together in relationships. They’re the foundational elements that sink into the core of the earth.

For instance, if your composite has Venus in the 6th trine Saturn, there’s a caisson. So the question becomes, how do you support, serve, and protect each other? How do you build your everyday life to reflect your love? And even more importantly, is that caisson still intact? Are you still working to help each other in practical ways? Are you still building little love rituals into your life?

Or say you have the composite Mercury conjunct Pluto. That’s another caisson. Are you still having those deep conversations? Do you still have the Vulcan mind-meld that keeps you deeply connected no matter how far apart you are? Can you still reveal your deepest secrets?

Now is the time to reinspect your fundamental infrastructure. If your caissons are solid, you can begin to look at the rest of the structure and tweak and make repairs. If they’re not, now is the time to decide whether to reinvest and shore them up or cut your losses and rebuild elsewhere.

So as you’re thinking about your relationships, look for those powerful aspects that form the basis of your connection. And if you need a little help identifying exactly what those are, check out my Relationship Review! This sort of thing is my specialty.

Are you rethinking your relationships? How strong are your caissons?




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How Strong Is Your Love? — 6 Comments

  1. ‘Caissons are Venus/Pluto in Capricorn incarnate.’ Superb metaphor, Mildara! Co-incidentally, I very recently came upon the view that Jesus was a Capricornian, His official date of birth notwithstanding. In he light of your metaphor, that makes excellent sense. It makes such a sense also of the very commonly voiced view about failed/failing marriages: ‘there is/was nothing there’. Thank you for this insight.

  2. Yes we are. I just created our composite chart with only the major degrees for less complications, being a novice. I don’t know if these are caissons exactly as they are not in Water houses nor with Planets I consider supportive under water other than our Neptune conj Mercury. That sounds like shaky ground-Neptune has no boundaries (though can go pretty deep!) and Mercury can be flighty, but what saves it is it’s in the 11th house. Our composite 11th house is Libra (ruled by Venus) and our Venus is on the ASC (Sagittarius). The other caisson looks to be Pluto conj Mars in the 9th house (Virgo). And the 3rd is Chiron conj Waldemath in the third house. This one is quite painful on my side.

  3. This reminds me of a conversation I very recently had when I said “the foundation has cracks.” The composite has two very tight oppositions: Sun conjunct Venus (10th house) oppose Saturn conjunct Neptune (4th). The second one is Moon (5th) opposite Jupiter (11th). But Uranus is in the first house – the crack? Synastry is quite good (Moon/Venus conjunction in 7th, etc.). Definitely an important relationship between two people from very different background and worldviews.

  4. Just began a Venus Rx reunion with a partner of 17 years I broke up with just over a year ago.

    The composite chart has Pluto Conjunct a Leo Ascendant and a Sun, Mars, Mercury Conjunction on the Taurus Midheaven.

    Caissons ?

  5. Venus/Pluto also has had me thinking about past loves quite a bit..Dopplegangers, per Elsa..and I still love them, simultaneously…

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