How Much Of What You Do Is Subconsciously Driven?

conscious_subconscious.jpgIt was at my Saturn return I really became aware of how unconscious I was of my own motivations. I have significant Capricorn so discovering this was harrowing. It was also horrifying because say what? What do you mean I’m not in control!? I better damned so be in control.

But I learned that not only was I partially being driven by my subconscious, I was primarily being driven by my subconscious and when I really came to know this as a fact, I made friends with the idea.

I realized I had navigated pretty damned well for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing which meant I did know what I was doing, it simply was not in my conscious mind. So now all these years later, if you know me you hear me say things like this:

“I don’t know what I am up to but I am obviously doing something…”

I also say this all the time:

“Let my subconscious take care of it, see what it wants to do.Β  I am just not going to worry about that at all.”

I have learned to trust my subconscious implicitly because what else am I to do? I become conscious when and if and in my case if the when comes, it usually takes about 10 years for me to really understand what I have done and that is at best. 15 or 20 may be more realistic but anyway, here is my question:

See that graphic? I think that’s about right. I think 90% falls below the line in my case. But I want to know if others agree. Is it due a packed eighth house – so much depth it takes this long for things to surface or is the 90/10 thing universal?



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  1. i get feelings, and try to act on them. i don’t usually know where they come from, and even when i try to figure it out, it takes SO much more energy to try and logically explain them-and even then, i’m not sure if i’m coming up with an explanation or rationaliztion–it’s much easier to just listen to them and go on. and they’re always right, so why fight it?

  2. This is sort of tricky question for me, because I do a lot deep inner exploration, at the same time i do let my habits drive me around in circles. I tend to think about things a lot and sometimes never get around to taking action, but when I do take action, I usually do it without thinking about it….

  3. I just finished my own SR (8th House), and shortly after that Pluto crossed my into my 1st House. It was 6 months ago I realized I was being re-born–I was thinking about things I thought I’d long since overcome, and things I’ve never thought of before.
    Something I’m struggling with constantly is Sexuality. What it is, what it means, my relationships with the world around me, etc. I never expected to have to own up to having ‘what I have’ in this regard (natally, my Aries Mars/Venus conjunct opposes Pluto).

  4. I would have thought the unconscious realms would be in the 12th house 4th house scenarios. From what I know, 5% communication is verbal (conscious) and 95% is non verbal (or out of our awareness). Things such as our body language saying one thing and our verbal communication saying another.

    Knowing our subconscious realms is not an easy skill to master and requires pushing up what may be bubbling up slowly anyway. Not many people enjoy self reflection, some of us are “locked out” from accessing too much sub conscious info. It can be a safety device designed to protect the system from too much awareness too soon. Psychoanalytical therapies work with unlocking the subconscious realms, including art therapy.


  5. When it comes down to it, I do spend a lot of time wallowing in the subconscious depths. And I apply what I encounter to my subjective experience, and it affects the way I am in the world, It comes out in my art as well… It is important for me to know myself, so i can figure out what it is I am supposed to do with myself….. I let my intuition lead me around(I don’t always listen) to me this all seems unconsciouses or automatic…..

  6. Yesterday I was talking to a friend about giving advice on a health issue. She ssuggested wprking with the family tree, and then sent me a link for a place that seemed based out of Austria. I noticed there would be a special conference in Hamburg and sent that link back to my friend. she noticed her mentor, who is from Africa who she has never met, was going to be in here in Hamburg at the conference, and meanwhile this was all for another person with a health issue, but what happened was my friend and I signed up for the conference instead. That woman and I both have our moons conjunct in Sagittarius and yesterday was moon in Sagittarius, and the conference in the Fall will take place with the moon in Sagittarius. Is this 90/10? It felt like 100/0 and it felt also like a fantastic kind of normal.

  7. i do much better when i try not to get in the way of my better judgement (which is the greater part of my head that isn’t bogged down by slow, two dimensional linear conscious thought.)

    but, learning to differentiate between what i call instinct, and my stupid complexes has been challenging. endlessly worthwhile, but challenging.

  8. I’m two years past my Saturn return, but only recently, with Saturn in my own sign, have I become aware of the relative lack of “internal locus of control” that I’ve had over my life. I’ve been in two live-in relationships for 10 out of the 13 years since I moved away from home… I have lots of Libra (w/Neptune, too) and have been way too partner-oriented:P So now I’m in the process of sorting out who I really am and where I want to “travel” on this journey that is life. It certainly has its overwhelming moments (as a Virgo with no-one to serve but myself! There’s a challenge!;), but is a big thrill as well:o) Great sorrow has manifested in a much more intense outer personality (which is good), and the intention that I will seek out good memories and live in the moment (which is awesome). I feel that I have developed a much greater understanding of why many Plutonians are so funny:o)
    Oh, and I’m currently reading and learning a lot from Dostoevsky’s “The idiot”, the gist of which is that always doing the (morally) right thing only leads to tragedy and that the perfect disinterestedness of divine (Neptunian) love has “its only historical counterpart” in complete powerlessness. I intend to re-read it, which is a first;) (Sag rising, Jupiter in Gemini!)

    I thought it interesting that Dostoevsky (a Scorpio) had Uranus at 0 deg Cap, Neptune at 1 deg Cap and Pluto at 27/28 deg Pisces; maybe he’s the man of the moment?
    He is for me, anyway:o)

  9. LMH – not personal at all. The filter is wacky, less so this last week or so than it was a month ago but still very wonky. Trouble is this blog gets hundreds of spam comments a day and I can’t do without it. πŸ™

  10. Absolutely no need to apologize, Elsa, but thank you:) I was a little concerned that I might have been banned from posting. With Uranus in Scorpio on the MC squared by Saturn, I’m sensitive to random punishment:o)
    (Now it’s back to the books for me – looking forward to the weekend:).

  11. PS LMH – you have to be a true jackass to get banned from this site. There have only been 3 people banned in 3 years. The thing is each of them has had several (or a dozen) screen names so it may look otherwise.

  12. Actually, Ive told my husband many times I dont believe in the subconscious LOL. Not in the way most people think of it – some mystical force that makes them do things they wouldnt otherwise do. I think a lot of people blame the subconscious for things that are conscious.
    Or maybe Im just very in touch with myself and cant imagine that my brain has his whole other agenda Im not aware of.

  13. I think I’m pretty well aware of what’s going on with me consciously. There’s not a whole lot I’m 100% not aware of. Maybe it’s the Scorpio rising, but I’m very well in touch with the “dark side.”

  14. Scorpio and the subconscious.. I think that there is a lot that happens here at this plane, i guess theres not alot that my subconcious mind is aware that its aware of. Its tricky……
    But not to undermine the extrordinaryness of consciousness.

  15. The subconscious mind has never been actually found. You know, like placing a flag on the moon sort of makes it real. Some psychoanalysts believe the subconscious mind is in the left frontal part of the brain. In my training background the emphasis was place on the words out of awareness rather than using “subconscious thoughts”. It doesn’t really matter to me that science still hasn’t found the subconscious mind in the brain. The meta classification suits me fine. If an “un thought” (subconscious one) becomes an actual thought then its not out of ones awareness anymore. Cool hey.


  16. I have Moon square Pluto in combination with a very strong Saturn (conjunct Moon). What it means is that the desire to be in control is at total odds with very powerful subconscious urges that often rule my behaviour. Sometimes it feels like I’m at the mercy of my subconscious, and poor old Saturn feels very frustrated he can’t do much about it.

    Inner work of some kind is probably the only way out. At 34, I’m learning to meditate, and find it very helpful to be more aware of what I’m actually doing.

  17. Thanks, Elsa! It’s great to be here. Pluto’s now transiting my Ascendant and learning to work with my subconscious is actually one of the major themes. πŸ™‚

  18. Hi everybody and thank you for adding sparkles into my life. My subconscious mind has led me ever since I can remember but not always I listened. I am aware of all the big mistakes I’ve done despite the warnings. Sometimes I wake up with an answer of something I have already forgotten. I have no planets in 8th, Jupiter and Pluto in 12th and strong Neptune in my natal, Virgo. I don’t lack good ideas but to express them is torture. I work now on a project in two languages which is double-trouble, and Saturn has returned my memory on top of it. He makes me to think of the past, especially of the things I wanted to forget. Saturn has taught me only one thing, that astrology is true.

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