How Many Friends Is Enough?

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Hi Elsa,.

I’m usually a loner during my secondary school. I just can’t make good friends. Whenever this we try to get closer, some misunderstanding will occur and all the other friends will also condemn me.

Now in the other school, I make 2 good friends. Currently one has a serious problem with her boyfriend and another have lots of friends which she consider as good friends too. I’m feeling lonely and neglected. Is having two good friends too little? Should I know more new friends? But how can I go about it?

Confused Sadge

Dear Sadge,

The main thing I think you should do is get off your own ass. You are being very hard on yourself. You are being so judgmental of yourself, you can’t think straight. So I am going to think straight for you and you try to get on board, okay?

Two friends are plenty for some people and nowhere near enough for others. If you are an inner circle type person like I am, less is more. I would rather have a couple of intimate friendships then friends coming out of ears. Other people feel otherwise. So this is the main thing to get.

Never mind how many friends the people around you have because it’s completely irrelevant. What is your personal style friendship? What does your authentic self need?

The stellium in Scorpio in your chart suggests you want intense and intimate connections with others and fact is, it’s not possible to maintain 10 friendships of this ilk. So just think about that. And compare to someone much more light fare. Someone who can juggle ten friends, or twenty friends a day. Is that you? I don’t think so.

Now your Sagittarius Sun is more social. However, you have Saturn conjunct your Sun which thwarts your gregarious nature. This is also the reason you’re so hard on yourself and that has to stop. But the energy exists. You can’t get rid of it, but you can manifest it in a way that is constructive and I can tell you how.

If you will learn about and define yourself as described above, well these are Saturn concepts. And from there, you can take responsibility (also Saturn) for getting your needs met in relationship and there you go. No more problem. But you must get off you own ass, okay? Otherwise you’re going nowhere.

Good luck.


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How Many Friends Is Enough? — 2 Comments

  1. I have inner circle and outer circle, and that takes care of my needs. I like having day to day buddies, but only my inner circle really gets all of me… and that’s the way I like it.

  2. I have an 11th House Sagittarius Saturn squaring my 7th House Virgo Venus and cusp 8th House Mercury. I have a handful of intimate, true-blue, older friends. Congruent with my nature, I don’t have, or believe in the concept, of cyberspace FaceBook “friends.”

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