How Do You Feel With Saturn Direct?

Saturn has gone direct in Capricorn. This is palpable to me.  Specifically, I feel intense pressure to control my reactions and /or impulses I might usually indulge!

I’ve spoken to two men in their 80’s (Saturn figures) in the last two days. There words are in my head at this time. The instructions are simple and while they should be easy to follow, I have this Leo parts and Mars parts that want to rush things, make a scene, have instant gratification, etc.  However, this is the wrong time for all that. I mean, Kindergarten is over, huh?

So that’s the feeling I have but it’s not all hard-edged. One of the men told me to look at challenging things (or people) and understand that this is how it is now.  Point being, it’s not how it was and it’s not how it will be so just deal in the moment.

How do you feel with Saturn direct?

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How Do You Feel With Saturn Direct? — 21 Comments

  1. “… this is how it is now.” Love this. I will be keeping this in my mind. Thanks for sharing, Elsa!

    As far as Saturn going direct – I started to feel lighter and lighter with each planet that has gone direct as of late. And now with Saturn going forward, I feel like my life can go forward once again. Did a lot of reviewing, rethinking, rehashing, and purging of the past this summer and I feel more ready to get on with the future. I know there is still more to come, but am feeling much better than 4-5 months ago. Whew!

  2. It feels like being in labor. Not much but staying present can be done. Overwhelming immediacy is my experience of the times. The necessity of rootedness is undeniable but where that root is has yet to be seen. It’s bittersweet. Today is my birthday. Pluto had his way forever on my midheaven for forever now Saturn. After the wrecker ball the building begins. My bday present will be a solar return chart. Thanks for sharing these pearls of wisdom. People who have lived a longtime know this stuff. It gives perspective. Quickening, before a growth spurt toddlers are really cranky,unreasonable, inconsolable but then they grow an inch literally over night.

  3. Ready to get on with it.

    It’s time to go through ST’s things as well as mine, and decide what to let go of so I can move forward with this new phase of my life. I also need to get serious about increasing my income, working more hours, cutting expenses. Glad I got my fun and relaxation in this summer, cause fun time’s over.

  4. I got three gifts yesterday: one from a Master Musician; shared with me through a long-time friend; and both gifts were remembered & reinforced by another long-time friend. The gifts came via an unexpected venue (FaceBook). The Master Musician is Herbie Hancock teaching improvisation. Like you the gifts tell my Leo and Mars to sit on the piano bench for awhile.

  5. Doing cartwheels now that Rx Saturn is direct! This 2 degree Saturn has been exactly squaring my 2 degree Libra Sun for a while. Grrrr!

  6. Husband Health took a hit this summer, slowly lost his energy level and strength. In the hospital now getting ready to go to a rehab facility. I think he is finally going to take responsibility for his health. I realize I have hurt him more than helped him by doing so much for him.

  7. I seem to have trouble sleeping whenever a planet changes direction. Feel lethargic, no energy, frustrated. But I am looking forward to getting unstuck and miving forward again.

  8. Saturn going direct gives me hope. I was on a deep 3-month “inner transformation process” this summer, which I now have completed. Interestingly, on the exact completion date (today), I got fired! (From my job, which was the arena where said process played out.) I take that as a crystal clear sign that I too am “going direct/forward” from here.

    It is highly inconvenient and scary from a financial point of view, but somehow I am pretty much calm about it.

  9. I became sick as well as one of my friends my same age. Then everything has gone wrong. I’m not going to do anything that I don’t want to for the next 3 days.

  10. Like clearing out clutter!

    I noticed yesterday that I was still letting an irrational fear come up and it was controlling me and not the other way around. It caused me a lot of stress and sleep deprivement.

    This, I sat down and faced that fear, took ownership. And well…. last night I had the best sleep in a week!

  11. “One of the men told me to look at challenging things (or people) and understand that this is how it is now.”

    I’ve been avoiding this particular instructor. We make each other uncomfortable. The first time I saw him, we had a polite chat, but since then I’ve been going out of my way to avoid seeing him. I’ve literally still run into him everyday he’s on campus since then! I wonder if we’re both making moves to not see each other, and then running into each other that way, but I don’t want the self centered idea that he’s thinking, much less bothered, about me at all. I don’t know if it means anything, but it’s just the way it is.

    Aside from that, I also feel that pressure. It’s serious, but it doesn’t feel impossible. More like necessary. As you said, not in kindergarten anymore.

  12. Got a collection call about my auto loan today. This is the second time I’ve made a payment on that car and had it fail to go through. I’ll look for the receipt this evening and figure out what’s going on.
    Also got charged about $30 more than I expected from the park I went to last weekend. I’ll have to call and ask about that.
    Okay, I thought Saturn was passing through my 1st house and squaring my 10th house planets? So why am I having 2nd/8th house issues?

    Looks like I’m back to watching my money pour of me like a faucet again!

    • I looked at my confirmation receipt for the payment—turns out I printed out the payment information page but never sent the info through so they could process my payment. Aauugghh!!! D’oh! I think this is actually my upcoming Neptune transit, not a Saturn issue. ?

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