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Cancer HomeCancer
A Cancer has, perhaps, some of the most “homey” homes in the zodiac! Loving family and having friends that are like family the Cancer makes their home a place where loved ones can come or gather and feel at home in their surroundings. Try framing photos of your family and friends and have them on shelves and in frames to make your group more at home when they visit you. Nothing says “welcome” like photograph of yourself on the walls of someone’s home so don’t spare the framing and make you home a home away from home for those you love. Comfortable setting in warm colors suit you and you don’t have to shy away from colors that relax and bring in the visitor. Staying away from stark furnishings and thinking in terms of the classic “home” style will keep you on track when choosing things for you home. Try using more wood than metal in your decor to warm it up and make it inviting. You use color well so choose colors that are floral in shade to stay on the warm side of the color palette. Lace is very “you” and having tablecloths and fabric in the form of throws and afghans are also good ideas.

Having a nook for friends and family to gather and talk is very important for the Cancer home so look for corners or areas in your home to set up a cozy place to sit with your loved ones to exchange ideas or for discussions. This area should be cushy and comfortable with soft enough lighting to make everyone feel out of the spotlight and in a safe place. Even if you have a small home try to make yourself this little area near a window if you live where there is not too much sun, or in a softly lit corner of your living room that shows itself to be where people can gather close together. There is a feeling of safety you get from these spots in your home and they make all that visit you more likely to share their feelings and concerns which you are so good at caring about. You will also feel more like socializing with a close area that helps you feel like you can open up. Use colors from the outdoors for this area and again, family photos.

Most Cancer have great gifts in the area of sewing, crochet, knitting and cooking. Make your own throws if possible and try your hand at pillow cases and making throw pillows. If you can’t make them yourself, find a friend that is close to you and negotiate a deal where they can use your choice of fabric and color to make the extras around your home to keep people comfy and warm. Muted colors are best whether it’s a muted red, green blue or even purple. Pastels also suit the Cancer eye because they are calming and inviting, so try using pastels if you are a softer person and want things to feel soft and not sharp. If you don’t sew, crochet, knit or paint, find another way to put your finishing touches on your home that make it very “you” and reflect your warm personality. Cancers make people feel at home when they are visiting so don’t spare yourself when it comes to your kitchen as well.

A kitchen for a Cancer home should be equipped with everything needed to cook old family recipes and home cooked meals for visitors. Go ahead and invest in the best you can buy in the way of pots, pans and utensils so you are prepared to cook up a storm! Collect family recipes and put them in decorative cards on display in a sort of heirloom container. Even if all you can make are cookies, it suits you to try because a bit of you is warmer than many signs when it comes to making people feel that you go the extra mile for others. Have on hand a great coffee maker or press and try a tea set for a kick because others love trying different coffees and teas that you may find interesting. You are the master of “comfort food” so keep some on hand in your kitchen so your friends and family can enjoy their visits with you. Try cute aprons in the kitchen or if you can sew, make a few aprons and dish towels that are colorful or floral which suits you perfectly. You may find that making a cozy nook in your kitchen for friends that are visiting to sit in and talk will bring forth their personalities because they feel comfortable so try to arrange your table area with a coziness that makes people relax.

Heirlooms and antiques look great in a Cancer home so collect those from your family or find them at thrift stores or antique stores and scatter them about for touches that welcome and suit you and your love of family. You can find many family heirlooms that have been given away after the death of family members in thrift stores that just might “speak” to you and remind you of an era that makes you happy. It’s important that nothing in your home make you feel out of sorts so get rid of anything you have out of obligation and surround yourself with things that you, yourself, feel good about. You can have emotional reactions to everything from furniture to knickknacks and you should only surround yourself with positive energy in your home for those trying times when you feel you need to be comforted. Heavy furniture suits you because it has the feeling of security so try to find furniture on the solid side to make you feel more at home.

Nothing makes people feel more at home than “food scents” so try scents that are like spices, for example cinnamon, nutmeg and even scents with apple in them! Personally you feel best when making up in a comfortable area so try setting up a dressing table for yourself that has all your perfume and cologne in very “girly” containers that you can use to spritz yourself and feel more comfortable when applying them. Try powdered scents for your skin to apply after you put on your lotion and try layering scent on your body in the way of matching soaps, lotions and scent to have a lasting impression on people. Try dusting your newly made bed with powder scent to help you relax and make your bed soft, silky and comfortable as you sleep. You tend to wear your hair in curls at times so think about getting some silk pillow cases for your bed to keep you hair in good shape as you sleep and help you wake up with perfect hair and no marks on your face!

Leo HomeLeo
Modern suits you and the first thing you should think about it decorating with mirrors and glass. Nothing says “dramatic” like mirrors and they open up your rooms and give you the feel of a larger space. Go ahead and indulge yourself with mirrors in the form of standing mirrors, framed mirrors or wall mirrors to reflect you back to you and keep you happy! You need to feel open and the sun is very important to you so try finding a place where the sun comes in at all times of the day somewhere in your home. You need the sun like no other sign so go ahead and worship it by adding sheers to your windows to let the sun in or open your blinds to let it in every day to keep you at your best. Mirrors can also reflect light so if you live in the city and have very little sunlight coming into your home try reflecting the sun from whatever windows you do have to give you the light you need.

Your personal space should reflect what you need and love so try investing in good brushes for your hair made of boar hair for smoothing your hair or picks for your large hair if you have it. You need a lot of light where you dress so install lighting around your dressing area or bathroom that looks like daylight so you have a good idea of what you will look like when you leave your home. You should have a nice cream conditioner for your hair and give yourself hair conditioning treatments at least once a month. To treat your hair, buy a hair treatment product and wash your hair and then wrap in a warm towel while you do something else so the treatment can work for you and leave your usually well done hair in shiny shape and without frizz. You can wrap your hair while you make up every day, or if you don’t wash your hair, use a cream that you can run through your hair and give it a treatment that you can leave in and go! You tend toward drama with your makeup so have plenty of liner, mascara and with a well lit room you can apply it flawlessly in your lighted mirror. Don’t worry about seeming vain when you use mirrors and light because most people really do like looking at their reflection and if they don’t they tend to look at the mirror instead of themselves!

Gold accents are great for you in your home so try using flecks of gold in all fabrics in your home and even using gold fleck frames for your photos and posters as well as your art. Oversized frames are great for you in royal looks that are dramatic. Framing your favorite performers and entertainment suits you and you can collect posters of your favorite shows, plays, performers, musical instruments and any drama you have enjoyed in your life. A gilded bedroom in also nice for you so try decorating your bedroom with a royal motif with plenty of pillows to lie on and relax.

When planning your bedroom remember that Leo loves their sleep and a Leo feels their best when well rested so choose the best quality bed you can afford and decorate it like you would a palace bed to keep your senses happy. You need to be able to block out the light so you can sleep so keep your bedroom dark even if you have to install window treatments to keep the early morning sun from waking you too early! You respond to sun so it helps in your bedroom to hang a heavy fabric over your window if you must to block the sun before you are ready for it. Again, mirrors are your friend so think about having a mirror or two framed in your bedroom or try an ornate standing mirror that shows you a whole body shot so you can collect yourself well. Try using your bed only for sex and sleep to keep yourself well rested because if you tend to do everything in bed you might have a hard time winding down at night or for those naps you love to take! Taking a nap is so great for Leo and to take that nap you can use your window treatment to block out the day’s sun for a bit. Remember that short naps are the most refreshing so try to limit your naps to a short period of time and do your sleeping at night by going to bed early as much as possible.

Faux fur and animal prints such as leopard and zebra look great in a Leo home and make you feel like the king or queen of your castle. Try throw pillows for subtle hints of animal print or lamp shades and bed coverings. You could find a faux fur throw for your sofa and leave it visible to show the luxury that is your life and add drama in a moment! Think about faux fur rugs, pillows and even animal wall hangings to bring the drama to your world. You need the drama so colors for you include black, white, red and gold which all brighten up your life and make you feel at home. Don’t be afraid to feed the drama in yourself in your home because people will be entertained by their surroundings as much as you are entertaining for them. Try setting up an area with a microphone if you love to sing and a space to dance around if you love to move and share it with your friends and family when they visit. Little impromptu performances amuse and delight you and if you decorate for yourself you are more likely to bring the entertainer out in everyone which you love!

Lastly, many Leos are artists themselves so don’t be afraid to decorate your home with your own art or hang pictures of your past performances, even at parties, for all to see.

Virgo HomeVirgo
Virgo homes make a person think of white. A Virgo mind is always busy so the last thing they need is more stimulation when they are at home! Try white walls and many white touches when it comes to things you put in your home to relax your mind and remind you of things being “done” or “clean.” You can accent your white home with earth tones from here to there to keep a bit of color in your place but thinking in a white palette certainly helps. A Virgo home is the one you think about when you hear, “Everything has a place and everything in its place,” so look to “file” your home as efficiently as possible for a happy environment.

Often a Virgo is too busy to keep up the house if they live with others so make sure you teach those around you the basics of cleaning and how to put things back where they are found. You usually have one of the most equipped homes in the zodiac so go ahead with your “ready for everything” ideas because you make those that visit so very comfortable with what you have thought of beforehand. You need to find things easily in your home as well so make sure it is well lit by using lighting from sources that appear clean and a bit stark to make you feel most at home.

The Virgo’s office space is very important to them for exercising their mind so think of making yourself an office that holds all your books, magazines, equipment and anything else you use to think. You will need a great lamp in perhaps a chrome shade to keep the “clean” look around you and a space on your desk that is open and not cluttered. Very often a Virgo will have a hard time throwing out anything they feel is “information” so try to take a day now and again to sort through your information and get rid of that which is outdated and that you find you don’t need anymore. Help yourself with writing by keeping a journal which will also keep you organized inside as well as outside. You should journal on your computer or in a nice-sized, clean notebook if you prefer to write by hand and add your feelings to the journal as well as the days events.

You are always the one with the information so keep your info in separate places for different kinds of info. A filing system is best for you or you can learn to use your computer to file different info in different places for quick access. The more organized your mind the happier you are, so remember to think of things for your office that will separate your different information from the other. Office items and furniture with clean lines suit you best and accents of chrome help in adding other colors to your world while still feeling organized. You can make use of glass as well because seeing clear is what you do best and feel best doing!

Keep reading materials in an area where you can be comfortable reading and keep your computer separate from that space but accessible. You want to have all the writing utensils you can use so invest a bit in those even if you go with voice recognition software because you use that easily. Keep your friends’ information in one place and your calendar in one area as well. Try to avoid any office clutter that can clutter up your mind and take away from your great ability to create. A Virgo is a creative sign and the sign of many an artist so don’t be afraid to set up an office space that helps you create whatever you create. Making yourself comfortable means having your mind organized but remember to note your feelings somewhere for it’s important for you to know how you feel about things and stay in touch with your heart!

A Virgo bathroom is very well lit and stocked with all that one would need in any case. A good bit of first aid product helps you feel safe so stock up on medications, ointments and other products you know you may need in any situation to feel more pulled together. You are the one who is most likely to have what your neighbor needs in times of stress because you are so well organized and so ready for any situation. You can make your bath clean-feeling by organizing your product, keeping only what you know you use and getting rid of any makeup or hair product that you will never use again or have bought by mistake. Again, clean the area out by getting rid of what is no longer relevant now and again.

Believe it or not, baths can ease and sooth your tired mind, even if you read while bathing but keep it light reading. Use clean scents in your tub like ocean scents and minerals that will soften your water while scenting it. You do well with natural scents in your bath like woodsy scents or those from the outdoors. Try keeping your various bath products available in or close to your bathroom so you can access them easily. You never want to have a ton of makeup product or tools that get in your way so update that area by keeping only what you use even if it is as simple as brush, comb, hair product, mascara, face tint and lip products. Throw out all used colors for your eyes and face that you haven’t used since the salesperson talked you into it to clear your space. In the bathroom is where you can “swim” and think pleasant thoughts while you bathe, so buy yourself some oils and minerals, with your eye on what is healthy, to keep you calm and thinking clearly. Try keeping counters as clear as possible and having plenty of organizers for your product and makeup to take it away from sight and keep you feeling light and not weighted down while making you more creative.

The kitchen of a Virgo is well equipped, again, and with space for cooking. The Virgo does well with keeping healthy snacks in their kitchen ready for eating and cooking and does a great job with diet. Try collecting your creative recipes for healthy foods in one place that is free from clutter and easy for you to get to. Appliances should be white or light colored with accents of browns and earth in your hand towels and other utensils. You often have creative additions for your food like spices and flavorings so keep those neatly in one place for easy access. Try keeping your kitchen neat by buying sets of glasses that match with enough to still have your collection if one breaks. Buy sets of pans that match and invest in silverware that is all one design for your enjoyment. Keep your coffee maker, no matter what style, easy to reach but keep the counter as clear as possible.

White dishes with a bit of design suit you or just white because you like to know things are clean. Use chrome in your kitchen and other metals to keep it looking modern and functional. You might like a few antiques here or there to remind you of the passing of time so decorate your kitchen space and other rooms with antiques if you can find those you like. A Virgo often creates some of the most interesting dishes when they do cook so don’t spare yourself when it comes to basic ingredients and those that spice up your creations.

Quality means a lot to a Virgo when it comes to their home furnishings and electronics so save for the best you can afford before choosing too inexpensive of items. You get along well with both metal frames or wood when buying furniture so long as the lines are clean and respond well to wood-colored accents and colors like brown, beige and caramel. Trunks appeal to the Virgo for storage. Keep your sofa clear but have just enough pillows to be comfortable and collect only those things you absolutely love to avoid cluttering up your home. Decorate with a minimal eye when it comes to knickknacks and keep your bookshelves neat and clean to help your mind relax.

You are not one to clutter up your walls with all sorts of things so try framing prints you love in earth tones or use fabric wall hangings that are ethnic or remind you of places that relax you. Framing a piece of wall paper or two are ideas for you to keep the walls entertaining yet neat. You can also hang matching frames with a story and feel neat when doing it. Framed calligraphy also suits you so try framing your favorite quotes. You should avoid too many colors so pick your colors in advance of shopping and try to stay in your color zone when choosing for your home. If you use color on your walls think about using earth tones and carry a swatch of those colors with you so you can match them as well as possible when choosing items for you home. A continuing theme is best for you and it should go throughout your house so you feel at ease going from room to room.

Given the Virgo mind it is a good idea to have your own area even when living with people so have a “room of one’s own” or a space you carve out for just you and your writing and reading material. Section off your home so everyone has a place for their things but so that nothing gets in your personal space and crowds your mind. A place for your children to have their things is ideal, a place for your living area and a place for eating helps you keep things organized and looks even. Use closets for storage space to take items out of your line of sight and don’t be afraid to add shelves to closets to keep things on where they are there for you but out of your way.

Organized closets are also “you” and pantries are great for food storage. Think of ways to partition off your home that are clean and seem to flow and stay away from hanging fabric or beads to separate space. Instead of using walls if you don’t have them in your home to make a place for each activity, use your eye to see where one area stops and another starts. Keeping places separate in your mind helps you clean and helps others know where their things belong as to not interfere with how you function. You can leave space in between your dining area and living area, for example, to break up the space and keep things in compartments in your home.


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  1. you hit the nail on the head again annalisa! virgo here. hate clutter. love baths. do struggle without enough personal space, though space is sometimes more of a mental thing than a physical one, ya know?

  2. i am utterly seduced by that bathroom too. clean with ladylike touches. a bit of drama with the chandelier. just not sure i’d be up for bathing in a fishbowl 😉

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