Astrology Holiday Sale!

christmas elf sittingHoliday time!  Here’s what’s on offer, now through December 15th:

Deluxe Transit Report – This in-depth report includes interpretation of transits by the faster moving planets, personalized for you! The report covers an entire year. If you print it, you’ll find it’s a whopping 70 pages long. On sale for just $19.

By default your report will begin on the day you order it and cover the year ahead. If you prefer a different start date (past of future), just make a note and I’ll take care of  it!

One Year of Lunar Return Reports  – The lunar return chart offers insight into the month ahead. This report takes in depth look at your lunar return from a variety of angles. The report outlines possible events for that month and also gives some suggestions on how to deal with the positive as well as negative planetary aspects.

If you buy a year of these reports, I’ll send you 13 months (a Baker’s dozen). On sale for  $39. This brings the price down to $3 per report! Please note, it is only the year-long option that is on sale.  You also won’t see the discount until you put the product in the cart.  Here again, you can dictate the month you want your series of reports to start with.

elves big headsMy Master Class – Finding Love With Astrology is also discounted. This is a video course offers insight into all the common problems people have when it comes to love…and offers workable solutions to each. Check out the introductory video to see what you’re getting. Sale price – $50

Shop the Deluxe Asteroid Report.  This report includes interpretation of the twelve major asteroids in the chart, along Hekate, Flora and Chiron. It describes the meaning of each body in its sign and in it’s house. The report also treats both major and minor aspects to your natal planets as well as aspects, asteroid to asteroid, and aspects to the lunar nodes, Black Moon Lilith, the ascendant and the midheaven!  Sale price – $12

blue elfSaturn’s transit through the 12th house is a very difficult transit. It’s virtually impossible to lift the veil on this transit in a 30-60 minute time frame allowed in a one-on-one consultation. People really need something they can refer back to. I created this workshop to fill this void: Staying Stable As Reality Morphs. Sale price – $39

The Birthday Package (Solar Return Report + Deluxe Transits) remains on sale for $25.

Last but not least, Midara is discounting her new, Holiday Action Plan and her popular Relationship Review. Click for details. Sale price for either – $95!

All these products are great to have for yourself, but they also make excellent gifts.  If you have a special request, there is a field where you can include a note. I always check it so just let me know what you want.

Happy shopping!  If you can share this link, it would be a big help to all of us!

Thanks everyone, for supporting the site.

Have a great holiday!


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