Holiday Gift Ideas for Scorpio 2020

Scorpio giftThe holidays are upon us! 2020 has been a crazy year, and with all that’s happened, many of us are a little less prepared for holiday shopping than we normally are. To that end, I’ll be releasing a gift guide for each sign. So if you’re stumped about what to get someone or just too exhausted to think about it, check out the guides for inspiration!

Scorpio is known for their dark, mysterious nature. To truly know a Scorpio is a rare gift. When shopping for one, think privacy and depth.

  • Scorpio famously prizes their privacy. Help yours stay in the shadows with a VPN subscription. It’s good for 5 devices for a whole year, and will prevent their internet usage from being tracked. It provides crazy fast, extremely secure, and unrestricted access. I use it myself and can attest to this!
  • If your Scorpio’s secrets are more tangible in nature, try this book safe. It has roomy, combination-locked storage all disguised as a dictionary. Hiding in plain sight is what Scorpio is all about!
  • Scorpios pride themselves on being able to read people. Turn this skill into a superpower with What Every Body is Saying, a book on body language written by an ex-FBI agent! With this, Scorpio will be able to spot a lie from miles away.
  • Scorpios aren’t afraid to take a walk on the dark side of life. Indulge them with a true crime daily calendar to give them a little dose of spooky every morning.  Of for something a little more interactive, try Murder Most Puzzling, a game with 20 dark and hilarious mysteries to solve.  And finally, set the mood with a Sherlock Holmes inspired candle, sure to bring out their inner sleuth.

Scorpio is a rare breed indeed. Luckily, this guide has everything you need to honor their unique personality.

What do you think fits Scorpio best? Add to the list!

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Scorpio 2020 — 7 Comments

  1. 4 Scorpio planets, 3 in the 8th house (Libra).

    For me, it’s books about the darker side of human dynamics, deeper psychology and pathological patterns. Could be a book full of erotic pictures from the karma sutra with high level of aesthetic expression.

    Books/stories about law and order could be a hit as well!

    It’s also being deeply creative. I have the North node in 5th house Cancer – so anything for my hobbies is a hit too.

  2. Having some strong Scorpio placements and 8th house placements, this Virgo would love to get that true crime calendar and anything to do with mysteries.

  3. Yes, I have a Scorpio Sun and Midheaven plus a bunch of 8th house planets in Libra including Venus and Pluto so I don’t know which of these gifts would is best to be honest, but I have my solar return tomorrow and I have asked anyone who asked me what I would like for a gift to chip in and get me a reading from Elsa because I have only been waiting for like twelve hundred years! Just finally seems like I might get a chance to exhale Long enough for that to happen!

  4. I love all the ideas presented (though I don’t think I’d want to start my day with a True Crime calendar, I know a Taurus who loves this stuff!). I also suggest anything on Ghosts, Hauntings and the Supernatural.
    1. The original 1968 “Dark Shadows” series on DVD.
    2. A subscription to “Jim Harold’s Campfire Plus Club” You get access through his “Spooky Studio” app to tons of live phone calls he’s recorded of people from all over the world telling TRUE ghost stories! Plus four or five other shows he does on everything from Ghosts Hunters, Psychics, Ufologists, and all things from “The Otherside”. It’s a really good value!
    2. Haunting music in any category they like-
    3. A good mystery novel.
    4. A candal- not an exclusive gift for birthdays!
    Scorpio Gift Zodiac Candle Zodiac Gifts Birthday Gift Birthday Candle Birthday Gift for Her Birthday gift for Friend Holiday Gift Under 20

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