Hey Elsa! How Come You Don’t Make Some New Videos?

Here’s answer for you, I have too much hair! How can a person go on camera with hair like this, hmm?

My husband, like most men like long hair on women. I have tried to indulge him but have reached the limit (Saturn) of my Libra co-dependency as of yesterday. I just can’t stand all this hair!

Even if it looks quasi-okay in the pic (and I don’t think it does), it does not stay that way. As the hours of the day pass, I look more and more like a shaggy dog and have to resort to plastering it back with barrettes and just in general looking ridiculous.

Next week I am going back to my usual (enviable) hair…::smiles::: and then I’ll get some new vids going. Thank you for your patience – mine has run out. 😉

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Hey Elsa! How Come You Don’t Make Some New Videos? — 44 Comments

    Don’t you dare cut of ANYTHING!!it’s gorgeous…YOU look georgeous, I mean really you have gone through ur 2nd saturn return? I don’t belive it ,u usually look very young, but with this hair…oh my! VERY SEXY!!! If I was ur guy and you cut that hair of ,I would never forgive u;p .No seriously , u look AMAZING ,…You have beautiful crulls, if frizz is the issue, rinse with cold water it helps a lot

  2. I think it looks great! Let it grow and see what happens. Once it goes past the shoulders it will take a different form. If not, then cut it!

  3. Leo Moon says: “OMG I love that picture!”

    My hair is similar…would you ever invest in a straightener for a change of pace, or do you love your waves and curls?

    I go back and forth…

  4. taurus loves long hair on women! im a taurus, and so is my brother. We both agree short hair is boring compared to beautiful long curles or long straight hair. This is cause our mother feels just like you when it comes to her semi-curly hair! we always scream please let it grow, but no, its super short.

    I, for instance, have super curly hair that doesnt relate to any in my family, and must have my hair long. However, if i go out with my long super curly hair, i WILL cry and my self-confidence is at -10. if not at zero…. if im lucky….

    so thank god for a hair straightener! 😀

  5. I was looking at the picture and was like “WOW, You’re pretty Elsa!”
    then I read the text and got back to the picture and still think the same thing… If you prefer shorter, it’s pretty too but you look good with long hair also!
    When I was young, a bus driver asked me if I was a boy or a girl!?!?!!! I was SOOO insulted that I always want long hair (I have an afro, it was much smaller then) and I’m SOOO afraid of cutting it (even just the tips!)

  6. I love your gesturing in this picture! You are smokin no matter the hair length anyway…but I do like this length too…though I don’t see you at the end of the day when you’re all shaggy dog-esque. 🙂

  7. Your hair is great, vibrant, energetic – you just really wear it well from what I see in your videos! But yeah, Leo rising here and I so know what you mean about the hair being a big, big dealbreaker. It needs to be the way I like it, regardless of any outside opinions. If I’m good with my hair, all feels just a little more right about the world!

  8. I think it’s gorgeous and I agree with Annalisa it makes you look really Italian, and younger. There comes a point when growing out that it gets ok, you just got to have a little patience…:)

  9. I have to agree with everyone here….you have beautiful hair and quite enviable at any length…..if it really is a chore to keep it up, then do what makes you feel best, but if there is a narrow room for leaving it as is, I, myself would leave it alone. Hair way down past your shoulders may become cumbersome, but it appears to be at a good length. I am glad you put this picture up before you went and cut it….

  10. i found my hair gets all limp and annoying when i let it grow too long… thus why i chopped off a foot and a half a year ago.
    but i’ve recently discovered the joy of ionizing hair dryers($15/$20 at walgreens etc) -they don’t cause frizz, and if i use a diffuser and dry it upside down the curls don’t suffer so much due to gravity. actually, they look pretty awesome. i’m amazed.

    but, seriously, whatever makes _you_ feel beautiful is the best! 😉

  11. You look lovely, no matter what, Elsa…have to agree with Annalisa, you do look very Italian there…as for the length of your hair, whatever makes you happy 🙂

  12. Well now I am just #^#$E% shocked. I have not made any videos because I don’t want you guys saying, “What did she do? Her hair looks like shit!” Now people say it looks good and I just can’t see it. Neptune?

  13. Me to the soldier: “They all say it looks good and now I’m all confused. Like they’re trickin’ me.”

    “No, they’re not tricking you. They’re tricking you when they tell you your lipstick looks good the way I do.”

    Notorious for my crooked lipstick. Annalisa has bitched for 15 years.

  14. Elsa- You look great!!! Could you put up a picture with you and the crooked lipstick just so we have a better idea of what you are saying?

  15. Oh I love it! (but I am always biased towards long hair).

    I do understand if you don’t like it (Leo) well nothing anyone says can help all that much –

    I am MISERABLE when the hair is not what I want! (but I do love it!)

  16. You look great either way, but I like your shorter hair. Makes for livelier curls, which I think matches your personality. A snappy, feisty hairdo, says me.

    I have a big head and broad shoulders, so I need the length to camouflage my noggin & break up the line of my shoulders. Plus my hair is as straight as the road between Dallas and Fort Worth — not much else to do with it.

  17. Dorothy – ahhh! tell me about it! A bad hairday for me means a very bad day in general!

    I love your hair Elsa, you have such light curles! It fits your energetic appearance 🙂 But im a total controlfreak, so i understand what you mean here. If i need a change and i want to cut it, or straighten it, and everyones saying no dont!!…. i only listen to myself.

    and regret it later…… and never learn! 😀

  18. Yeah, neva, and it is going to go straight… which is what he wants. My hair is not curly when it’s long, this is what I mean it changes during the day. Damnit to hell, Libra and decisions!

  19. In whatever case my crisis is over and my ego is restored!! I will go on my honeymoon to see dead soldier’s graves with my hair one way or the other and a grin on!

  20. Sara: oh hell no. 🙂

    I gave up fighting my hair in the late 80s. I grew up a southern girl with hair up to Jesus. Perms, hot rollers, mousse, Aquanet, layers, feathered bangs, Dippity Do, the whole nine yards.

    And then, miracle of miracles, in the early 90s everybody wanted hair like mine. 🙂

    My hair is thick, shiny, straight, never dyed and as fine/fragile as cornsilk. I have exactly 5 white hairs at age 40 (keep waiting for them to reach critical mass so I can consider hair color, but it’s been 5 and holding for a few years now).

    I’m at peace with it, and it’s at peace with me. And Paul Mitchell is my best boyfriend.

    I figure it’s like your personality. Don’t fight your natural tendencies — embrace and extend.

    Deep thoughts, all about hair. 😀

  21. neva – Hahaha im 20 and i have about 4 white hairs 😉 And i love to dye my hair and straighten it, maybe its my artsy side that just cant take anything in its natural form… i have to make changes!

    hair means a lot to people. its crazy but true!

  22. It is funny, I have been growing my hair out since before May of last year, and I have an appt. to get it cut on Monday, I am going through the same crap! My hair is too “pretty” for a guy, and I am not fine featured enough, or rugged enough to make it work all of the time. I am Libra rising w/ mars on the Asc. and Leo sun in the tenth house.I am wavering on going short, but more are telling me to keep the length, but texturize the interior layers more, so it has better shape. I think I am giving that a try before I cut it all off again.

  23. I Think Your Hair Looks Great and Your Husband will love it to keep growing, so Use Your Creativity and Enjoy Your Beautiful Hair as it Grows !!!

    Best Wishes !!!

  24. I have to agree with alicia, I just absolutely love the “tone” of your gesture in that pic. It’s very “Well, what the hell am I supposed to do with this hair? See what I mean?!” It made me grin just looking at it, then full-out chortle when I read the post. 😀

    The only difference I see in this pic and the one you put up for your profile before Christmas is it is slightly longer (to a girl with hair half-way to her ass, a few inches is “slight.” 😉 ) and it’s fuller on the sides, probably because your bangs have grown out some, as have your layers.
    Of course, do what you want with your hair. But if you’re comfortable compromising at this length, then maybe you could ask for more layers or some thinning if it’s weight or pouf that’s the issue.

  25. i’m going against the crowd on this one…i liked the old cut…i liked the overall style, it really framed your face well, accenting your eyes… and gave all the full, soft natural curls their due. some of those gorgeous curls get lost with the weight of longer hair…and if you feel like a shaggy dog and need to wear barettes…that just sounds like a hassle.

  26. Elsa I think you’re gorgeous both ways. I started to say whatever makes Leo Venus happy is the answer … but then I remembered. LIBRA! 😉

    Seriously, I like both. I know, I’m no help at all here!

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