Astrology and Gunther Von Hagens Body Worlds

When the AMF asked if I wanted to go see the corpses, I mean Body Worlds, I didn’t hesitate. He wanted to see the exhibit in regards to painting the human figure. I wanted to go, because I’d never been, so we did.

I enjoyed it. I didn’t have any expectation, because though I’d heard of these dead, preserved bodies fifteen years ago, I hadn’t heard anything since. And I had no advance notice the bodies were in town, never mind we were going to see them, so I had no preconceived anything.

The exhibit made an enormous impression on me. I thought the bodies were utterly beautiful and very inspiring. And this was completely unexpected. The AMF thought what he thought, and saw what he saw, but I’m pretty sure I came at it from a completely different perspective. From that of a gym rat, specifically.

Because the bodies were posed in an athletic way for the most part. And they looked so damned toned. And I don’t know if the dead people I was standing six inches from were athletes when they were alive, or just posed that way. Because there is NO fat. There is no fat anywhere. The skin is off, the muscles are exposed and the bodies are uniformly beautiful. And I wondered if all muscles, if everyone’s muscles look like this? Sleek and toned, under how ever much fat they’ve got. Do they? Or are these super specimens of human beings?

In whatever case, I felt very inspired. The body and the lines the muscles create are just so damned gorgeous. And hey! I have a body and I have muscles. And after seeing this exhibit, I have a new appreciation for them. It makes me want to flaunt them. It makes me want to not hide beneath gobs of fat so people can’t see how finely I am sculpted…as are you and you and you. And with Saturn transiting in aspect to my Venus, it’s no surprise I would think less is more!

So anyway, I came home and you know I had to dig up this guy’s chart. The man who invented the technique (plastination) that stops the decay, I mean. Gunther Von Hagens. Because the people are skinned. There is no other way to say it, or to see it or to miss the impact of this. Because you don’t see people walking around without their skin…ever. So there you go.

I was particularly interested to see how his Saturn was aspected in his chart because of the skin factor. Skin is associated with Saturn because it’s a boundary. It’s what separates us from everything else. And sure enough Von Hagens is a Saturn-ruled Capricorn. Further he has Mars in Capricorn and here he is cutting (Mars) away the skin (Capricorn). Talk about lean! Holy cow! And from there, the plot thickens beyond the scope of this blog. Both the astrology and this guy’s history. But I wanted to post about this because it made such a strong impression on me.

For the record, the exhibit was packed. We had to wait to get in, and it was midway through a four month stay here. This also surprised me.

So what about you? Have you seen the exhibit? Would you be interested to see it, or no?

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Astrology and Gunther Von Hagens Body Worlds — 11 Comments

  1. No, I wouldn’t want or be able to see it.
    Weird, even reading your post disturbed me in a way. I am certain that I would find it very disturbing.

  2. I just spoke with the AMF, and told him I’d written this. He said he liked seeing the muscles but did not think the bodies were beautiful at all. He said they looked like sculpted beef jerky, actually. But acknowledged this guy’s prowess…said the posturing of the bodies was “impeccable”. Anyway, I reiterate the exhibit is very, very popular. You have to pay a premium over the museum fee to get in…and there were a series of lines we had to stand in, waiting our turn.

    Personally, I wasn’t creeped out in the least…which was a surprise and what prompted me to write this.

  3. It’s not for me, for a number of reasons. But I can see why it would attract the hordes (and numerous copycats, from what I’ve read).

  4. From the pictures I saw here, I agree with the beef thing.
    In my mind, I can’t separate the finished figures from the process of making them and that is what creeps me out.
    You mentioned what aspects might show an interest in Pathology; it makes me wonder what aspects in my chart make me repulsed by it.

  5. I saw a Discovery channel-type show on this quite some time ago and I think it’s facinating. I’m not terribly squeamish in general, I would love to see it.
    Then again, I’d really like to see the Mutter Museum, so maybe I’m just gross/odd/morbid.

  6. Fascinating! Oddly, I think the animal plastinates would bother me tremendously but the humans would not. Ability to consent, I think.

  7. I am a little intrigued but slightly unsettled by the skinless bodies. Am firmly on the fence with this one.

    I’m also wondering about the astrology of fit/fat. I’m not thin and am generally attracted most to people who are not too lean but I’m quite comfortable with my body and get as much attention as I ever have at any size. I’m guessing this is a natal Jupiter influence. Am wondering about all of the possible permutations on this idea and how people come in various sizes and shapes and various states of being happy or dissatisfied with their shape. Great topic!

  8. i saw this exhibit and i thought exactly the same thing. i was so amazed by how everyone’s body had this toned look. it was really impeccable. another thing i was struck by was the number of bodys with black lungs. so many smokers. i thought it was probably the best anti-smoking campaign around… not that it’s actually a campaign, but perhaps should be.

    i was definately impressed with his arrangements. almost made me want to donate myself if i could be displayed in one of those ways.

  9. I haven’t seen the exhibition in person, but I have seen pictures during research. I thought that the bodies that were completely stripped with nothing but the blood vessels left were the most beautiful. Gunter has come under fire for not disclosing where he scouts his bodies- one of the cadavers in a past exhibition had a visible cyrillic tattoo on it’s ankle, leading many to conjecture he was farming the dead from Russian institutions. If you want to see a good German horror film look at Anatomie. The baddies go around plasticising people, while they are alive! Lol. Get away from me Gunter! Noooooo!

  10. I find Rainie’s concept of consent a fascinating one. Beyond that the little kid in me says “ooohhh soo curious” I wanna see!! Ironically, the dead animals on the side of the road steal my breathe – like I feel their last. I guess I would go for sheer curiosity and am not sure how I would react. I know I’ve changed since anat. 101.

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