Great Hair, Dimples & Sexy Moles!

elements squareIt’s fairly well known, a Grand Trine in a chart is a gift but often a curse in direct proportion.  You tend to fall into the ease the Grand Trine provides. Consequently, the rest of the planets and areas of life, excluded by the Grand Trine sort of rot away.  Assuming you know astrology, you’ll realize this when the more challenging aspects of your chart are triggered by a transit.

This is a blatant example and something to understand but you don’t need a Grand Trine to suffer from this problem. Often enough a person will have a strong trine or sextile, generally involving their sun. They’re very comfortable expressing their well-supported Solar energy.

It’s not intentional but the person will opt to live in the easy aspect and view everything through this lens.  They’ll also identify themselves by the qualities of the harmonies part of their chart. For example, an Aries sun with a Sagittarius may like to GO!  They will tell you this as if it is all there is to know.  Again, this is  not intentional or malicious in any way. It’s what they are doing all the time so it makes sense.

It doesn’t have to be Fire. Water signs, same thing. “I feel! I’m sensitive!” Earth signs, same thing. Air signs, same thing. “I don’t like to get bogged down!”

The statements will be true. It’s just a bit like facing the mirror and not turning to look at your backside.

The problem is, your backside might be your strongest point! How would you like to find this out?

This has happened to me! I was flat out told, every time I left a group of people, they discussed my butt. My butt? I thought I had great hair, dimples and sexy moles!  I’m serious.  This astrology thing is the same phenomenon.

Think about how you characterize yourself and then match it to your chart. What are you leaving out?

If you can identify something, ask yourself if you are utilizing the energy available to you. Chances are, you’re not. If you can incorporate the parts of yourself you’re divorced from, it could truly change your life.

What features or abilities do you have that are sorely underused if not completely ignored?


Great Hair, Dimples & Sexy Moles! — 10 Comments

  1. Gosh this is timely, Elsa.

    Shouldn’t be a surprise–it is what you do.

    I have an earth/water grand sextile with asc. and a grand square activated now.

    The image l keep getting (and it is not my favorite film) Forrest Gump running in callipers…they break away and he runs–freer and faster.

    I am not running fast, but l am breaking away from my past and all that has tied me down.

    Thanks and l hope you are all doing ok.

  2. haha, makes me think of Am-Italian Lady Gaga… she’s got a great rear too, and I believe I read the same thing happened to her when she’d leave a room

    • I have a Grand Trine in Air though I am predominantly Water. The trine goes from my 3rd House (Chiron in Aquarius) to my 7th House (Juno in Gemini) to 11th House (Jupiter in Libra). These are all Air Houses as well! I am as always pretty shy but maybe when It’s left people thought I was fun, original or chatty-a social creature. I don’t see myself that way but maybe it’s as it says here I can’t see it.

  3. I have a Water Sun-Saturn-Mars Grand Trine in the 3rd, 7th and 11th Air houses. Mars is in a Mutable T-Square with Venus and the Moon. Saturn squares Pluto-Jupiter. Sun is in a Water-Earth Grand Sextile when the MC and Ascendant are included. Neptune sextiles Pluto-Jupiter. Sun-Saturn-Mars isn’t the easiest Grand Trine. My 12th house is intercepted. Only recently I realized that my Solar Arc Progressed Mars in Pisces has been in my 12th for 48 of the last 52 years. Mars is my bucket handle.

  4. A grand trine in Earth between Sun Moon and Jupiter.
    The saving grace is an exact Taurus Moon Leo Pluto square. The resilience thru pain and sloth is Pluto’s value.

  5. You made me laugh, Aspire. Do you really want a grand trine? So easy to fall into a rut (rhymes with butt).
    You get what you get.
    I am getting rid of all the ‘old’.
    Came to realise l had recreated all my relationships based on the same pattern–and it hasn’t served me well at all.

    I would really like to ditch pluto on the dsc. Can’t. So l am in the middle of ditching all the destructive old relationships. And l do mean all.

    And this from someone too ‘fixed’ for her own good.

  6. Trine in my chart ? Yeah, Venus in Aquarious trine my Libra AC. And the Cancer MC trine the combo of Neptune/ True Node (exact) and Moon in Scorpio in the 2nd. Isn’t it funny that I argued with my Father (in my rebellious teens) who wished for an independent, academic daughter, that I want to be a professional MOTHER and he can forget about his idea of who I am ?
    The North Node and Moon in Scorpio are also focal points of a T-Square comprised of Aquarius Venus in the 5th and Uranus in Leo in the 11th (whole sign houses, sometimes I think they are rather in the 4th and 10th) and I guess that shakes up the trine quite a bit. Who I am now it pretty much my chart I guess.
    The downside of trines, expecially grand trines I can see in my son, such a wonderful grand trine in air between Sun, Moon and Jupiter/Saturn conjunct but living with a debilitating and incurable illness that took years to be diagnosed properly. It’s his BRAIN that is most affected and let me reconsider the blanket appraisal of grand trines. Saturn/Jupiter AND Pluto in the 1st house did not help. Would it have been different if he born a few hours later ? I will not be able to know but it’s a question that I’m curious about.
    Thank you for your timely and valuable advice Elsa.

  7. I also wish I had a grand trine, but at least I’ve got some good butt 😉 And Sun in late Taurus trine Mars in first degree of Libra. I’m not even sure how I utilize this. I’m focused more on the “back side”…

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