Great Feeling!

The latter part of the the week felt like some kind of train crash, however this morning is the birthday of this blog. The site has just been successfully migrated to a new server and on top of that, we’re going to hit 76 degrees today.

I feel marvelous! I think this is prelude to the full moon in Libra. Luck and Fate are lining up!

To celebrate I am going to bigify my hair today.  I feel incredibly happy. This must be the upside of the Sun (in exaltation), Jupiter, Pluto T-square.

Anyone else got their shine on?

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Great Feeling! — 15 Comments

  1. Happy Birthday “Elsa Elsa Blog”!! and you did all this before Mercury went retro – good girl!
    Yes, I feel so good and I agree yesterday was intense, and overbearing especially in the higher realm vibrations. My muscles were quivering and my heart rate was weird too. Couldn’t seem to find a grounding place anywhere, and I was cooking all day, which I love to do, for today’s holiday gathering. Happy Palm Sunday and let us rejoice so much goodness in the world! Hosanna?
    Aries Rising

  2. Similar feelings here, too! Today is marvelous after an iffy two days!! Happy Birthday, ElsaElsa!! I feel things lining up.

  3. Congratulations, Elsa, on your blog birthday! Wish I was feeling the “good stuff” you are feeling from these aspects. I’ve gotten slammed by Tr Rx Pisces Venus in my 2H opposing my 8H Virgo Mercury; also, the Virgo Moon has been running roughshod over my natal Virgo Pallas, Juno, Venus, and Pluto. Lots of deep talks with boyfriend about our communication styles. Let’s see what the Libra Full Moon conjunct Tr Jupiter and my NN all in my 8H bring. I’m holding my breath.

  4. Anyone else got their shine on? You ask. NO. not here. . my natal chiron is at 28 pisces so it’s crunch time for me there. Chiron / venus are trine my neptune in scorpio too. Wounds and salt, all too exposed and in my 11th house. Too many triggers, too many tears, not enough shelter. This hits me in a public situation. The current venus / saturn square plus the pluto sun square have shown the limits only too readily. The reality and choices are bitter and at the moment I can’t find a working way round the situation. The ‘must-do’ is unpalatable and compromise in this climate is stubbornly hard to work through. I am not shining under the reality of the current squares. Glad to hear that some of you are having an up-beat day. Shine on!

  5. Congrats!

    To celebrate I am going to bigify my hair today. I feel incredibly happy. This must be the upside of the Sun (in exaltation), Jupiter, Pluto T-square.

    Congrats on your bigly hair, and I suppose with the Pluto T-square chemicals must be involved. 🙂

    [‘Server seems to be running fine.’]

  6. Fairly OK. Friday was OK, better than saturday, but we managed to work through it. Resentment lingered into Sunday though, but managed to have a great day yet, pulling myself together. Must be the Libra Moon’s focus on relationships and harmony – I think it’s because it touched my natal Moon/Mars square in 8th house. Anger galore and all that blergh…

    Today def. better, like a heavy weight has been lifted a bit.

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