Grand Trine In Earth: September 6, 2022 – October 10, 2022

rome newsreaderThe sun in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn get together to form a Grand Trine in Earth beginning tomorrow.  It will be sustained for two weeks.

When the sun moves on, Venus in Virgo will take it’s place so we’ll still have the stability provided by an earthy grand trine.

Further, Mercury will retrograde back into Virgo in late September. It will turn direct in the sign in early October.

This maneuver will keep the planet in the later degrees of Virgo. Consequently, we’ll have a persistent Grand Trine for more than four weeks. It seems a little fancy with with the various planets each taking their turn in a Mutable sign no less.

This will help people because it’s just so grounding. But I can see it frustrating some, just because a lot of people have had it with waiting for other shoe(s) to drop.  Like the stock market!  Some are thinking, drop already!  Well, this Grand Trine which features both Taurus and Venus may very well hold it (roughly) in place for another month.

I wish I could be thoroughly positive about this but it’s just too complicated.  We have Mercury Retrograde, along with five other planets this month.

We also have Saturn pressuring the powder keg named Uranus in Taurus. There comes a point, you just want the thing to snap.  You may even bet on this happening but your bet won’t be safe with this Grand Trine influence.

I’m sorry if it sounds like I am making something negative of this – I am not.  There are a lot of factors and in fact another one of them is Mars in Gemini.

Mars in Gemini wants some action. HURRY UP!
Grand Trine in Earth says, HUH? I’m comfortable.

And when you hear that, you’re not supposed to kill anyone, okay?

Looking forward to this? Or not so much?


Grand Trine In Earth: September 6, 2022 – October 10, 2022 — 8 Comments

  1. Cappy here, lots Saturn 2 daughter in law’s 1 Virgo, 1 Taurus; Boom ,hot long summer ,a ripened closeness, too hot to handle .
    I smell the sugars running down the trees
    Leaves scenting too, inviting ,a Part of me to want what’s next for me, no one else .

  2. i actually think the mars gemini helped move things along. i hate stagnancy too much, and its a good thing that air is pushing us. And me and my husband are quite earthy (we both have stellium in virgo).

  3. Wow, a grand trine on my birthday. I checked my solar return, realizing I’d have this throughout the year but Pluto is a bit out of range for me. However, the Moon in Taurus fills in nicely and I really have a nice grand trine happening! Now whether or not this actually helps me is another story…

    I’ve been trying to get another job for the past 6 or so years because I work for crazy and even though I’ve had great transit aspects in my chart, nothing has materialized. In the solar return I’ve got the grand trine in the 2nd (sun), 6th (Moon) and 10th (Uranus). Dare I hope for that new job so I can get away from micromanaging crazy? My application for a job in HR (Benefits, actually) is being reviewed right now. Will they choose me for an interview? I’m trying to stay in the same organization, just a different department (I am SO done with Budget). I guess we shall see. The crazy one would be lost because I am such a workhorse for her (unappreciated of course, and she takes all the credit anyway). With SR Mars in Gemini in the 11th house squaring the SR Sun (and squaring my natal Virgo stellium!) I wonder if she will try to prevent me from leaving if I actually got the job.

    I also have the SR Sun and Venus in the 2nd and I’m hoping this means a settlement in a lawsuit I have against my insurance company who refuses to pay my claim. The lawyer is confident but I’ve learned to not assume anything until the bird is in hand (pooping in it, of course).

  4. I would say I’m thankful for this.I think it can help focus on what we can control.This stuff is sophisticated and subtle to navigate without losing your marbles for danged sure.Its a pressure cooker for the majority I have no doubt.My angles are affected by both Mars and Mercury but I have two grand air trines Natally so If I do this up right I know I’ll make it intact. What a mission!!😂

  5. So far Elsa A Series of Unfortunate Events brought me here to Denver CO as Transiting Neptune Piscis Oppositions My Virgo Ascendant It’s a kind of an eerie feeling specially when someone else is involved on making decisions on orders about parts. Or that by someone doing one simple thing that triggers & brings an unwelcome result & creates more frustration than the perfect results I don’t have nothing else to do but SURRENDER to The Great Spirit behind all things. I’m a Virgo Native with Virgo Ascendant Sun, Uranus, Mercury & Pluto in the 12th! I wonder how much time Neptune will be in Opposition to my Virgo Ascendant?

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