Fun Creativity vs Endless Serious Tasks

With Uranus and Pluto transiting my natal Mercury, all my writing has some kind of form or purpose. There is no frivolous, anything.

I am sure this is important in the scheme of things, but it was not that long ago I could be inspired by an interesting song, rather than death customs around the world!

It’s a bit like being given blocks in shades of brown and black and gray to play with. I have Venus in Leo and can’t say I’m pleased with the situation.

I am in my 13th year of blogging. During this time I have bitched about Saturn transiting my 6th, Saturn squaring my Mercury and Saturn conjunct my Mercury. These are all similar transits and it seems now, I have the granddaddy of them all!

This is for other people who want to give their minds a rest:


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Fun Creativity vs Endless Serious Tasks — 5 Comments

  1. One of my favorite songs!! I make my husband play it for me all the time.
    We saw him last year after he announced he had Alzheimer’s. He was happy on stage and the crowd was wild, showing him support.
    There also a good video with Roy Clark on the banjo, maybe Heehaw.

  2. I’ve got natal Mercury at 11 Capricorn, with a grand square on it. So Pluto and Uranus are right on it now. I’ve been doing “Amygdala Retraining during this transit and find it wonderful.

  3. Brown & black blocks, man I hear that. At least there’s still something to do, while your hanging round in the twilight =/

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