Full Moon In Virgo Opposing A Stellium In Pisces For Thinkers!

virgo pisces oppositionThe moon is in Virgo now; it will be full on Friday, the 18th.  This is a great opportunity for Virgo-minded people to see the big picture, and I mean the BIG picture!

Once you’ve accessed the gigantic situation, you can use your discernment to discover what it might mean for you, but also for the whole world.

You can also be confused or even just claim to be confused, but what a waste that would be!

Veils are dropping all over the place. I’m talking 360 degrees, spherically and endlessly.  Virgo likes to KNOW.  How about knowing things that are usually concealed.  Does this interest you?

This is such an interesting week. There’s all this Fixed, very stubborn energy, coexisting with massive, flowing, Mutable energy. What are you going to do?

That’s a real question.

What Are You Going To Do?

Also, what have you learned?  Anything? The door to knowledge is WIDE open right now.

Can anyone feel me?


Full Moon In Virgo Opposing A Stellium In Pisces For Thinkers! — 23 Comments

  1. interesting how the thread on sin eaters came up….
    Not taking on others sins – projected shame and self hatred – is one task of Virgo. Dispelling romantic illusions is another…. illusions are peaking as they crumble .

  2. My Pisces moon at 20 degrees opposes my 19 degree Virgo Ascendent. My empathetic existence is under full assault. All around me people rage or cry, I soak in their pain. My outward expression of calm and consideration is often more than they can bear to see, and no one sees the heartache I feel.
    I rarely cry. I don’t know why, but if I do I drown in tears.

    • I also have a stellium in Libra with a Virgo ascendant and Pisces in my 7th house. I feel everything deeply especially with regards to those I love. Practicing Reiki has really helped me with energetic boundaries and to be more discerning.
      Just want you to know you’re not the only one ?

    • I completely relate! (I also have a Libra stellium.) Seems that most people feel comfortable blaming others or blaming amorphous circumstances for things they should be taking personal responsibility. My calm consideration of their situation reduces their anxiety but I’m exhausted.

  3. Taurus moon cap stellium.. when things pass through Virgo I feel unstoppable. On top of my game. Pisces Saturn. I look forward to this culmination.

  4. Virgo – EARTH – Goddess of Wheat & Agriculture

    All so fitting in these times of global food supply conversations.

    TERROIRE – The word I have been pondering for some time. All energy is going into soil soon and I can’t wait.


  5. Oh yeah, divorced for nearly 9 years
    Other woman who decided to invite
    My husband for drunken sleep overs , starting the divorce and some real cruel abuse for me and 8 year old grandson ,has decided
    To bother me daily coming to my job parking near my truck?? There isn’t anything I need to do or say or to think about but ,it’s her silly waving at me that’s puzzling so in this piece of time , I find myself learning or remembering
    Drunks have endless amount of slushy women to play with , I have been bothered by about 10 others to date over last 8 years,I should be amused with this time,so happy he is someone else’s problem, I should at least smile as she has no idea how many other women there are. Maybe
    She’ll start stalking them.

  6. I find I’m having new insights leading to new behaviors with my habitual patterns. As a counselor I have been amazed this week. I have used my curiosity and compassionate presence with guarded clients. The flood gates have opened for tears and release. Feels like sacred space that I’m holding for healing…I’m merely the vessel and feel grateful.

  7. My Piscean moon husband fell in love recently with a beautiful palm tree, volcanic rock island called Jeju, off the coast of South Korea. It has a city and tons of restaurants and good food. Its a Autonomous nation with no visa requirement, and its gorgeous nature filled living . He dreams of visiting or retiring there.

  8. Keep returning to your words “the big picture,” and want to meditate on that during this full moon. Being a Sagittarius sun, why do I feel that has been so hard to do?

  9. Dig deep. Pull out the rocks. Make a cozy spot to plant some seeds. Water thoroughly and repeat. Grateful for the opportunity.

  10. Actually my last job a a semi large company made me feel like a sin-eater…. I wasn’t planning on retirement….was lucky enough to spend my last months for an entrepreneur in a creative and supportive environment . The corporate job was a beat-down-I just didn’t need. Neptune veiling Venus in the tenth house – seems like forever and the next degree South Node sits….waiting in the fog!

  11. I planned a 2nd trip this year and I rarely take even one. This time it’s a trip to AZ in June for hiking and night photography, and, most important, I’m meeting up with my dearest best friend since 5th grade who lives in Cali. It just so happens her in law, one we’ll be visiting, teaches astronomy at university and he’s taking us on a night sabbatical. The way it’s all happening is very 9th housey. I’m so in! The earth trine on my Asc./Mercury in Virgo is showing and I’m ready to explore and experience…and take pictures.

  12. All these talk of shifting of guilt and admitting guilt, association with food and persecution reminds me of “We Have Always Lived in the Castle”.
    Warning: if you have/are under heavy Piscean influence, this book WILL traumatize you

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