Full Moon in Virgo: February 22, 2016 – Mind Tricks & Confusion

virgo-pin-upWe have a full moon @ 3 degrees Virgo, on Monday, February 22nd.  Virgo is known for clarity and precision. Delineating this full moon is a challenge for a number of reasons. But I’m going to try.

First, the week heading into the new moon is sketchy.   There are a lot of planets moving around. They nearly interact or they may interact briefly.  No commitment is apparent.

This reminds me of a dance in a barn or a ballroom where people change partners, frequently. The scene changes quickly. It appears the interactions are superficial, but you really can’t tell if something significant is happening between the pairs.  We all know that when certain eyes meet, that’s it!  

We’re dealing with this situation all week. I would hope that the lights would go up under the full moon and all would be revealed.  This could happen to some, but I don’t think it will be the norm.

For one thing, Neptune in Pisces is involved.  He’ll confuse things for sure.  Mars in Scorpio aspects the full moon…sort of. There are too many degrees separating the aspect to count on help from that quarter.

We’ve got the same situation with Saturn in Sagittarius.  Saturn aspects the moon, but there are twelve degrees separating.  Should we even consider this?

I’m thinking cops (Mars) and parents (Saturn) are out of this.  Anger (Mars) and structure (Saturn) are out of this. Action (Mars) and boundaries (Saturn) are out of this. So what will happen?

Well I don’t know. I think many will feel mentally lost.  But if you have a planet near 3 degrees mutable, it’s going to really be tweaked with this.

I don’t think this will be negative in the least. We’re talking about the sun, moon and Neptune here. These are not malefic planets.

As an example, I have Pluto in Virgo. It’s not that close to the full moon by degree, but I will be looking for information (Virgo) concerning the collective (Pluto) to drift in from an ethereal source (Neptune/Pisces).

That’s a huge statement to make. It’s totally logical but possibly delusional. It illustrates what we’ll be dealing with under this full moon.


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Full Moon in Virgo: February 22, 2016 – Mind Tricks & Confusion — 43 Comments

  1. Thanks for the heads up, I have Saturn at almost one degree, and mercury at 2 conjunt in Virgo. Something will be illuminated. Not to mention that my ascendant is opposing Neptune. Lol. And that I am a Leo Sun, cancer moon girl 🙂 we shall see.

    • After having my car broken into during the early hours of this morning around 5.30 am
      While I was at work ! on my normal day off! And losing my bag & all my personal contents including hand made music CDs ( a Valentine’s gift of great sentimental value!).
      I consider it ” malefic ” and given the perpetrators were probably fuelled by drugs!
      (Neptune ?) So I am Warning everyone I know – to take care and not leave anything you value in your car! At least something good can come from this – saving others similar headache replacing everything! & the heartache of losing your possessions. Off to ” smudge” the car now? Take care Star people?

      Full moon indeed!

  2. Conjunct 6 Mars (12th), oppose moon 4 Pisces (6th), semisextile Jupiter 3 Leo (11th). Let the tweaking begin! Always looking for rocket fuel, hope this helps. 🙂

  3. I would hope that the lights would go up under the full moon and all would be revealed.

    I hope so too. This is after all the last little link to Sept eclipse of 2015.

    For one thing, Neptune in Pisces is involved. He’ll confuse things for sure. Idealism may be? Blurred logic to make reality look softer.

    Taking place on my 7h ruler – moon in 8th. I do believe it has to do with joint finances as well as a preparation for final closing in Libra. That ll close the book. Story ends

  4. It’s been a build since the new moon for me. Okay, alright already, I get it, I get it. Am working on fuel for the mission. I don’t even know if there is payoff for the change, the effort. It’s just what needs to be. Fate. What a friggin challenge.

  5. This full Moon is part of a quadriform formation…Pluto sq Uranus both 135° off the Moon at time of perfection. The mutable feeling/thinking force of a slow determined earth Moon, ruled by a wired Mercury is focused on two powerful fighting cardinal energies. An arrowhead of weirdness and willfullnes.
    At the same time, the Sun semisquares Pluto and Uranus, energizing power of the unconscious vs exposures and surprises, making a funky kite-like pattern with the quadriform, but nothing in this thin kite is harmony.
    Floating like a bobbing buoy, Neptune is too far out to be part of this minor-in-orb slim sliver-like quadriform kite configuration…but he rules and absorbs the Sun sleeping on the sea, he downs and drowns it by watery osmosis and the spongy earth-Moon collects the blurry buzzing energy as it passes by. Dream or Scream… or both.

  6. The moon will be on my 2nd degree Virgo ascendant. At the same time Uranus is opposing natal Sun, Pluto is squaring natal Sun, Saturn in transit is squaring natal Mars. And all of these aspects are practically exact. It’s a bow and arrow configuration!

    I will be waiting for the magic. What else can I do?

  7. I’m Leo sun, Virgo Asc,Pluto in Virgo,mercury in Virgo, sag moon, Neptune 2 degrees Scorpio. I had to look it up. I’ve been having multiple health issues and finally scheduled a physical which is on the 22nd. Should I reschedule? My boyfriend kindly offered to pay for it. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks for all your posts!

  8. 3 Virgo is my Sun. Thanks for the heads up. I will spend the weekend reading romance, drubking hot chocolate and laying low before plowing into paperwork and getting myself organized Monday and Tuesday. It’s good to know when it’s best to lay low and be practical.

    And thanks for lots of helpful insight for some time now. It’s helped me through some deep crap.

  9. Thank you Elsa, you always make me smile with your juicy comments. You have got a very unique and creative approach to astrology.
    This full moon will be conjunct my north node and Pluto opp. Chiron/south node in Pisces and also in square to my sun in Gemini -my challenge axes! Magic would be accepted thankfully. To come up with an impowering solution to a problem would be nice.

  10. This fu moon conjuncts my pluto at 6 virgo in the 11th.
    Next months lunar eclipse at 3 degrees libra is ontop of my north node at 3 degrees libra/12th. This lunar eclipse conjuncting my pluto is endings…next month…beginnings.

  11. It’ll be the first meeting for me with a group I joined through my church that assists the needy. Will be meeting new friends 🙂

  12. Neptune can eat Pluto and not burp when it comes to being malefic.
    I have moon at 0 Virgo. My Mars at 29 somehow manages to screw this full moon. And not to forget this Virgo full moon is related to the manifestation of September 15 eclipse. I can relate with All will be revealed. And yes, I’m still alive.though typing away in a semi sleep state. Thanks Elsa. I can see how Saturn and Mars keeping put the picture. That’s peaceful devastation.

  13. As this full moon comes ever closer it just seems that everyone is beginning to shout at each other but from the inside of separate sound proof rooms.

    Full of sound and fury but signifying nothing ?

    I think I will just try and stay under the radar and out of range.

  14. I have my natal Uranus sitting at 3 degrees Virgo. What can I expect from this? Should I expect shock and awe? Or should I just stay in bed with the covers over my head on Monday?

  15. Great analysis Elsa. Was very curious about this transit, as it passes between my natal Virgos.

    I have Pluto 1 in Virgo, Mercury 7 in Virgo, house 3, natal. Neptune transiting 9.
    Any communication (precise, logical) from Neptune in 9 (some ethereal source) sounds interesting. I think that was an oxymoron.

  16. I just realized there will be no magic for me. What I really need is a miracle that the truth will finally come out. But that won’t happen with Neptune in play?
    I want a ‘truth aspect’! What could that be?

  17. “As an example, I have Pluto in Virgo. It’s not that close to the full moon by degree, but I will be looking for information (Virgo) concerning the collective (Pluto) to drift in from an ethereal source (Neptune/Pisces).”

    Elsa, you were bang on! After a few months of internet frustration, I decided yesterday to change my internet provider. I called my current one, and told them that I want to leave them. They asked, why, what’s the problem? I said, I’ve been calling you every few days, for months now, for the exact same “area problem of internet failure”. The guy said, “oh, I can’t see any area problem here with your area”….! The hypocrisy! but, yes, how’s that for full moon in virgo 🙂

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