Full Moon in Taurus: October 29, 2012 – Deep Commitment

The full moon in Taurus opposes the Sun conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, with all three bodies in easy aspect to Pluto in Capricorn.  The mutual reception between Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio provides even more support.  I like the looks of this!

Taurus and Scorpio are Fixed signs. They’re tenacious. Combine this energy with commitment to a goal and you’re going to have a force that will be very hard to stop.

Certainly, there is a potential downside to this, but on a personal level try not to let this opportunity pass without capitalizing on it. Mars in Sagittarius will be opposing Jupiter in Gemini, simultaneously.  There is a chance for a big win here. A big score.  It could be a bunch of money, but most likley, you have a big idea or a vision of some kind. Now is the time to pull it all together and make a deep commitment to life (Sun) and your emotional (Moon) well-being.

People with planets in Earth of Water signs around 7 degrees, would be particularly foolish to let this moment pass.

Got plans for the full moon?

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Full Moon in Taurus: October 29, 2012 – Deep Commitment — 33 Comments

  1. I’m hatching one… 🙂 Got inspired this morning and haven’t been quite sure whether to use full-moon or new-moon energy to set my intention. I’m thinking full moon, though, and this full moon in particular since it’s a fun & friends thing and this will be in my 5th and 11th houses!

    I’m not usually an moon-intention kinda gal, so this is Universal synchronicity at its highest level. 😀

  2. Yes! My family and I are hosting a first time event in our community the afternoon prior to the full moon; sharing my culture and the ancient game of Konane which has at its root the idea that ‘it’s not about taking all the marbles.’ This Full Moon is in my Taurus North Node, it has been three years now since the life I had known completed reassembled. This community has shored us up and now it’s time to play together, give back and commit to that, deeply.

  3. I have mars in capricorn @7 degrees in the 6th house, jupiter transiting 12th house…full moon in taurus in 11th house..hmmm…I need some inspiration.

  4. Hmm…I have Jupiter in Capricorn 5th house, Saturn in Scorpio transiting my 4th house, and Taurus Sun in 10th house. Hmmm…thinking what this opportunity could be…something creative? Creating a new life maybe (could be an actual new life as in conceiving a child around this time, or methaphorically)? Or creating something in the artistic realm? I have no idea on this one…it sounds interesting though!

  5. I have natal venus at 7 degrees scorpio, pluto at 8, in my first house.

    Mars is a 8 degrees pisces over in the 5th house.
    So I’m guessing the full moon will lightup these planets.
    I know I’ve been trying to work on personal creative projects since this summer, but I’ve been having to re-teach myself to draw after not drawing for years, watching a lot of storyboarding animations.

    Mars will be on my natal sun, and jupiter is on my natal chiron. In my 2nd/8th houses.

    Would be pretty awesome if I won the lotto or something.

    But yeah, my chart is gettin lit up. Hope its a cool thing I’m commiting to.

  6. This hits my Saturn in the 8th. I will have a huge liberation that day. Pluto has been in a long-term trine with my Saturn, so this… this will make an almost indescribably impact on the quality of my life for the better.

    A liberation 12 years in the making.

  7. THANK YOU for the interpretation. I don’t like to phrase it like this, but in all honesty, I had a lot of profound fear around my situation, and have been working up to this for many years. Your words bring an additional measure of support that I can do this.

  8. No plans for that day yet. But I have a natal Jupiter/Uranus trine (Jup @ 5 degrees, Uranus @ 10 degrees).

    Ceres @ 8 degrees Scorpio too–not sure if that counts.

    But that looks like some 7th & 11th house energy there.

  9. the full moon will be conj my natal Saturn in the 5th hs opp transiting Saturn in my 11th.

    I’m freaked out to be honest, I’ve been dealing with alot of Pluto in the 2nd hs square Uranus in the 4th BS and don’t know if I can handle much more negative aspects. 🙁

  10. What is your nail Pluto and natal Neptune in those degrees Scorpio and Capricorn are touched? In that case is it still positive?

    • Dee, I think so. but we’re talking about potential. This is energy. If you use it constructively, you win. But Saturn / Capricorn implies responsibility.

  11. My NN is at 10 degrees Scorpio, is that too far to make contact with this aspect? Neptune in Scorpio at 3 exactly in the 11th house…hmmm. I better think of SOMETHING to take advantage of this opportunity.
    Thanks for the heads up Elsa! : )

  12. Can’t edit so have to post again. I have my Venus in Capricorn at 10. Again how close do these aspects have to be to make an impact if we take action?

  13. All right, it’s good to hear that opposing planets and a supportive Pluto can hold a lot of promise! I’ll be tenacious and do my best to ace the upcoming interviews so that I can get the full-time career I want.
    I have Neptune in Capricorn at 7 degrees and Pisces Ascendant at 9 degrees. I am so happy about this…:)
    Thank you so much for spotting the potentials in astrological transits, Elsa! I am learning how to be more optimistic when looking at astrological transits.

  14. It’ll be trine both my sun and moon (almost exact for the latter), and the Scorp sun will be conjunct my sun/moon midpoint. The moon is a smidgen wide for a conjunct to my ASC (10 degrees), but it’s in my 1st house. This will activate all my fire houses; 1st, sun in 5th and moon in 9th.

    My 1st and 7th houses are getting lit up with the past new moon, this upcoming full moon, and the new moon/eclipse in Nov. I feel that after a monumental heartbreak last year, I’m finally ready to move on and open myself up to romantic love again. (and now that the Pluto transit to my moon is almost finally over, and Saturn has just left my DC).

    I hope that can kick start my return to the dating world again.

  15. Hi Elsa, I am quite new to Astrology, but would love to know what I have to look forward to.
    I am a Gemini, born 7 June 1964 at 5.05am, Pretoria, South Africa. Any tips would be wonderful! Thankyou!! Thankyou!!

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0
    Sun Gemini 16.24 Ascendant Taurus 23.03
    Moon Taurus 3.30 II Gemini 22.45
    Mercury Taurus 25.50 III Cancer 24.30
    Venus Cancer 5.23 R IV Leo 27.47
    Mars Taurus 22.33 V Virgo 29.58
    Jupiter Taurus 13.05 VI Libra 28.28
    Saturn Pisces 4.59 VII Scorpio 23.03
    Uranus Virgo 6.11 VIII Sagittarius 22.45
    Neptune Scorpio 15.41 R IX Capricorn 24.30
    Pluto Virgo 11.40 Midheaven Aquarius 27.47
    Lilith Sagittarius 16.04 XI Pisces 29.58
    Asc node Cancer 2.07 XII Aries 28.28

  16. @jenfullmoon, Seeing Steve Wozniak sounds pretty cool. Hope you have a great time.
    @Flowerdreamer….There are so many really nice people on the boards here so I would follow Elsa’s suggestion. And Welcome!!
    As for me, my Scorp Sun, Merc, Venus, Saturn seem to headed onto a collision course with my ex’s.. (we r still friends) ha ha..Taurus Sun, Rising, Venus & Mars..
    I haven’t slept well the past few nights because I know something big is coming…just don’t know what.

  17. Definitely feeling it.
    I’ve mercury conjunct pluto exactly at 7degrees scorpio at the end of 11th house.
    I just got promoted to store manager at a cafe I’ve been working at for 2 years. Major increase in responsibility but it all feels very rewarding and i do feel this commitment is very deeply rooted as in i care deeply about the store and all the people there.
    This happened at the beginning of the month so im not sure if I should b expecting anything else happening …

  18. well that’s fantastic! My moon is in Pisces at 7 degrees, wondering if that would be making any connections to maybe my Sun in Taurus at 27 degrees, Merury in Taurus at 8 degrees, Mars in Pisces at 20 degrees, Jupiter in Cancer at 10 degrees, Pluto in Scorpio at 16 degrees, or Chiron in Cancer at 13? or am i missing the point LOL. So hard trying to work out how current transits affect my natal planets!!!

  19. I am a Taurus and my husband is Scorpio! I don’t know the hour I was born so that kind of leaves me in the dark. I ask my daughter about all this as I don’t know much on the issue. I enjoy reading your letter very much. Thanks

  20. “Combine this energy with commitment to a goal and you’re going to have a force that will be very hard to stop.”

    It looks like we’ll be cooking with gas, as they say. Asc. 7 Scorpio, Neptune at 8, Sun/Saturn on either side of 7 Capricorn, and Mars transiting a Jupiter/Mars/Mercury stellium in Sag. I am going to honor that commitment to my well-being by getting some needed rest and by making sure I have a notepad ready all day tomorrow.

    The thing that has been on my mind is how I’m going to work the big opportunities I have been offered well and in a way that will support me and my family. Looking for the creative approach to making all of this work. And thank you, Elsa, for the comment earlier. I’m very grateful to be in big D for once.

  21. My daughter has a grand trine in Water with Pluto, Venus, and Moon at 8 Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer. My son has Mercury at 7 Virgo conj. descendant. Here’s to my kids “pull(ing) it all together and make a deep commitment to life (Sun) and (their) emotional (Moon) well-being.”

    It makes a big difference to me as a parent to have this kind of focus.

  22. The closest I’m getting is a trine to 9deg true node. All I can think about is what is completing in my 5th house and my solar return chart for the year ahead.

  23. Opportunity to support things that I want to build and at the same time pull AWAY from the things that I don’t want to support. It has been a rough 48 hrs., but all working for the good, seems like. I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out for others here, and for my family.

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