Full Moon in Scorpio – May 5, 2012 – Deep Roots Of Your Self Esteem

I covered the Full Moon in detail, in combination with Saturn opposing Mercury here:  Saturn Opposes Mercury Under The Full Moon In Scorpio –Avoiding Mayhem, Maximizing Potential. Be sure to read that, but I also wanted to write about the Full Moon in isolation because it’s so rich.

The Moon in Scorpio will oppose the Sun and Jupiter in Taurus.  Thing are illuminated when the Moon is full, making it easier to see things or people for what and who they are.  This includes yourself of course. With Jupiter involved, your vision will be expanded and opportunity is implied.

There are endless ways to use this energy. An angle that appeals to me is that you might consider the deep (Scorpio) roots (Moon) of your ego (Sun) and self-esteem (Taurus).  If you lack self-esteem, this would be an excellent time to gain insight into the problem. If you have a healthy ego, there is a chance here to see the root of that as well.  Are you empowered because you’ve survived trauma or resolved some pathology?  How can you pull even more energy from that source?

Thanks to Jupiter’s involvement, energy exchange of all kinds should prove beneficial in some way. This includes classic power struggles but you must be willing to see your own shadow.

The Full Moon takes place @ 16 degrees Scorpio. Check the house in your chart where it falls for further insight. In my case, it falls in my 10th house (public), putting the Sun and Jupiter in my 4th (home).  The Taurean men (Sun) in my family (4th) buoy me as I broadcast (Jupiter) deep emotion (Scorpio moon).

Where does the Full Moon fall in your chart?

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Full Moon in Scorpio – May 5, 2012 – Deep Roots Of Your Self Esteem — 45 Comments

  1. my 11th house. my saturn is at 16 scorpio, mars at 12. this full moon is on the day of my shower/bab’s pre birthday celebration.

    saturn is my chart ruler. mars rules my 4th. taking on more status and responsibility (saturn) in my family (mars/4th ruler) as i fulfill my dream/goal (11th) of having children (sun in 5th) and a family of my own.

    i’m the youngest and the first sibling to have children, the first grandchild of my parents…i’ve got Aries moon in the 4th…i think that fits! never thought about how this fulfills my lunar need…interesting.

  2. The full moon is in my 10th as well. Taurus is the natal house of my NN. My newest public work will launch on the full moon, broadcasting the forms of connection (my culture, my roots, my expression) from home (where I create the work).

  3. Well this Full Moon will conjunct my Venus in Scorpio in house 9, widely opposing my natal Moon and squaring my Mars/ASC.

  4. This is going to be conj. my Scorpio Uranus/IC conj. (Uranus in the 3rd) and sextile my Saturn/Moon conj. in the 1st.

    I’m going on a road trip that day with some very insightful, compassionate ladies who are into self-exploration for growth. Deep topics are likely to come up.

  5. Full moon is in my 5th conjunct neptune. The sun and jupiter conjunct saturn 11th. Trines my natal sun but I’m not sure my venus will like it… tsquare with neptune and saturn.

  6. My mars is 16 Taurus in the 12th. My sun is 16pisces in the 10th they both inconjunct my uruanus @ 17 libra in the 5th to form a yod.

    The full moon will be in my 6th opposite my mars and trine my sun.

    I’m having a hard time lately getting a glimpse of how to work will the transits but surely this one will be doing something tangible. Hopefully is a possitive way

  7. hits up my mercury etc t square. (houses 3/9/11.) only makes sense. going to be coding with my hair on fire again. lots of classwork and short deadlines before final projects due.

  8. the full moon conjuncts my mars 17 scorpio in 2nd/which conjuncts my sun 22 scorpio. Born on a full moon, my natal moon is at 21 Taurus in the 8th ….the scorpio full moon in my 2nd-opposing my moon in taurus in 8th…death/re-birth?

  9. It’ll fall in 4th house, conjunct the IC, opposing Sun and Jupiter in the 10th.

    I imagine some light will be shed on issues of dependency, especially in regards to my family, which is exactly what I need. Talk about just what the doctor ordered!

  10. first house whoa… I got my exams as well . Would this go well??
    My Saturn is transiting 12th house
    Scorpio rising cancer sun in 9th house.

  11. Ok….
    Full moon in my sixth house conjunct my natal mars – Saturn conjunction.
    Jupiter& Sun in my 12th house

    …I’m going to try to break it down like you did elsa..

    As I realize my dreams and hidden potential (12th house) I start to examine and rework how my work and how I run my life how that matches up with my dreams. How does that sound??
    Also for Taurus sun representing the men in my life…. The only one I could think of is my most recent ex but he had a Taurus moon.. also in jus 12th house. Any significance there?

  12. Lots of 17 Scorpio people here! Mine is on my MC in the 10th H. My natal Rx Uranus in the 5th is inconjunct my 17 Scorp MC. In full moon occurrences, are inconjuncts of any importance for interpretation?

  13. Also, can full moons affect composite charts of couples?

    Because in me and my man’s chart the full moon is conjunct the MC which is conjunct composite Venus…….also opposite our composite Taurus sun and lilith conjunct our IC…

    Trying to understand…. Will the direction/purpose of the relationship shift? Since its hitting the MC….
    And how do you think it may change, if so…..
    Any feedback??

  14. In my 3rd, conjunct my IC and squaring my moon and Venus and opposite my Ceres/MC conjunction.

    Sounds like a good time to give myself some credit for the insane balancing I do between work, motherhood and my relationship. I’m so busy doing it that I forget it’s an achievement to keep these things together.

    Thanks for the reminder, Elsa <3

  15. conjunct my IC, Neptune and Venus…opposite natal Jupiter in Taurus, which is of course, conjuncting tr Jupiter in Taurus. This should be an interesting day 🙂

  16. Full moon in 2nd House while Sun and Jupiter are traveling through 8th, all of them trine natal Mars in 10th

    Maybe i’ll get some good news about alimony, my ex avoid paying for kid almost 2 years

    Interesting, his natal Venus is at 26Aries, Saturn oppose her now, hmmm…

    What do you think?

  17. The Sun will be exactly conjunct my Taurus Mars… and the full Moon will be in my 7th house. Both square my Aquarius Chiron.

  18. Exactly conjunct my DSC. I’m trying to work out some relationship issues – not issues in a relationship, but my own issues regarding relationships. Hopefully the assistance of the Full Moon will shed enough light for a breakthrough!

  19. 7th house exactly conj Juno. I guess ill be taking a look at my beliefs about commitment and how they relate to my self esteem. I wouldn’t mind cleaning up a couple of relationships either.

  20. Full moon conjunct natal ascendent. How exciting is that. Presentation, presentation, presentation! But I am so clumsy.

    I seem to be more focussed and directed than in a long time. But that could have to do with a host of other things. Like progressed venus and jupiter are conjunct, supposed to be lucky. But it’s in virgo where they are not so at home? I don’t know if I desire work, but I am working all the time. And there is so much to do everywhere, I have to pick.

  21. I was just talking about this today.

    My ascendant is 15 degrees in Scorpio and my decendant is 15 Taurus. So, Moon in 1st and Sun in 7th.

    Also, my Pluto is conj my ascendant and Jupiter is conj my descendant. Any thoughts there?

    Not sure how significant this is, but I have been checking out a Taurus guy (he lives too far away for anything to happen really)

    I am getting more focused. I quit smoking about 50 days ago and I started exercising again, I’m trying to trick the brain into happiness.

  22. My Venus/Ascendent is 17/18 degrees Scorpio.

    LaDiabla I am also getting WAY more focused. I also have pluto conjunct although its in the 12th in a wide orb.

    I don’t know but I have been feeling an urgency to make adjustments and corrections to any part of my inner and outer self that is not in line with where I want to be.

    I also had a new moon conjunct my solar return sun in December so that might be where that energy is coming from.

    I totally resonate with “trick the brain into happiness”…I have been doing that too…different means but the end goal is the same I think.

    with the exception that I believe non-happiness is also a trick so it’s all the same…Libra Moon.

    Crossing my fingers for everyone… such an opportunity 🙂

  23. This is a great article:)

    btw, ” but I also wanted to write about the Full Moon in isolation because it’s so rich.”
    What did you mean by this?:)
    Spending it alone or something else?
    Cause it sometimes is kind of terapeutic to be in isolation if it’s a potent full Moon… a lot of hidden gems come out and you can see them more clearely I think. People sometimes just add the confusion… as well as triger things off, which can be good or bad, as you choose to take it.

  24. The Full Moon takes place @ 16 degrees Scorpio.

    My natal Neptune is 19 degrees of Scorpio in the eighth house. No wonder all I’ve thought about lately is sex!

    (I assume that 16 degrees of transiting Scorpio Moon/19 degrees of natal Scorpio Neptune is close enough for rock and roll …)

    My natal Taurus planets (1 degree Sun; 3 degrees Venus; 30 degrees Jupiter) won’t directly oppose the May 5 Full Moon, but they won’t play well with it, right?

  25. ‘Elsa you have the same aspects as me. 3rd house mercury. So hoping locally things will open up too! Perhaps with 26deg neptune mc I may get a dreamy gig instead or falling into illusions ;0)

  26. This full moon will be conjunct my natal position. I have The Moon at 16 degrees of Scorpio conjunct Neptune(12 degrees) in my fourth house. I have Cancer rising, so the moon is the ruler of my chart. My sun is at 0 degrees of Taurus, conjunct the midheaven. My moon squares Saturn in the seventh, so very painful for me in terms of relationship. I am processing a lot of family issues at the moment.
    I am attracted to a guy who has his sun(conjunct Chiron within two degrees) at 19 Degrees of Taurus, who is having an early thirtieth birthday celebration on the Sunday, as his birthday is later during the week.
    Am not sure if I am on the right track with this guy, as he is much younger, and despite a strong attraction and flirtaion I have been very hesitant.
    Could this full moon be significant to this situation? I will also have Mars conjuncting my natal Pluto (in the second), and Jupiter conjuncting my natal Venus (in the tenth), which will simultaneously be conjuncting his natal Sun/Chiron(in his ninth). Interesting….

  27. this super moon will conj my natal neptune exactly in the 10th (whole signs) 8th (placidus).
    love your blogs, Elsa, thank you.

  28. Elsa, my moon is in 15 deg. Scorpio, in my 1st house, and sun in Taurus is in my 7th house. What is gong on for me?

  29. My ascendant is 13 degrees Scorpio. All through March I felt I was spinning my wheels and not making progress because I was unable to resolve the issue do I move away or do I stay. Looked at many houses only to come back empty handed and feeling defeated.

    Oh what oh what do I want? I was floundering in circles.

    I have found one more house possibility and I think there’s a chance to resolve the issue now.

    Transiting Neptune and Chiron are in my 4th house adding to confusion over this issue.

  30. This Full Moon is hitting my 10th House too..so I am going to follow your advice very carefully, Elsa! Having ‘survived’ my 2nd Saturn Return and learned to embrace the changes and roll with it..gonna use my two ears instead of my one mouth!(Oh and my two eyes to read some of the great stuff posted here!.

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