Full Moon In Sagittarius: May 21, 2016 – War!

full moon in sagittarius conjunct Mars 2016The moon in Sagittarius is known to be upbeat and gregarious. It tends to be unsinkable and possibly inflated.

I don’t mean that in a negative way. I have a Jupiter-flavored moon myself. It gives a person confidence. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been able to maintain this blog for almost two decades!  Boasting like that is part of the profile!

In this case, you can see Mars is conjunct the moon. Pushy Mars in a Fire sign.

sun venusSagittarius is all about what they believe; specifically what they believe is the truth. Have you ever have someone try to shove their truth down your throat? Pisses you off, huh?

I titled this post, “War”, because across from that angry, inflated Moon, we have the Sun or the EGO in Gemini; tricky and possibly two-faced, conjunct Venus in (stubborn) Taurus.

So we have a Sun Moon opposition and a Venus Mars opposition. And the Sun is opposing Mars and the Moon opposing Venus. That’s a lot of male/female stuff and they’re not exactly getting along.

We’re going to see this play in the Jupiter-ruled press for one thing. Trump vs Clinton?

You’ll see it play around the world. But you’ll also see it play, close to home, possibly in your own family.

If you want to fare well, work the mutable angle. Be willing to change your mind…or open it.

It might also be a good idea to forgive people who blurt things under this full moon. These days, entire careers come crashing down over the smallest thing.  This may seem fine when it happens to your enemy. It’s not so fine when it happens to you or your wife or your friend or your sister, your son or your mom.

There’s an opportunity to feel benevolent (Sagittarius) act heroically (Mars) and intelligently (Gemini) with loyalty (Taurus) under the full moon. I realize this may not be easy, but cleaning up after some kind of bloodbath is not easy either!

Personally, I’m going to put my best foot forward. Who’s with me this?



Full Moon In Sagittarius: May 21, 2016 – War! — 47 Comments

  1. Oh goody. I’m having some challenging transits now. Maybe just stay home. Or write some diatribe in my notebook…

  2. Natal moon in Sag. I really don’t want to fight!

    I feel like people are very defensive right now. They feel scared and insecure and might not even realize it. They are tricking themselves that everything is fine but the anger is definitely there!

    Am I delusional in thinking this? Anyone else agree?

    • I think I’ve noticed this. It’s just that no one talks about it. I’ve also noticed that people seem to be (intentionally) distancing themselves from others- others that were previously somewhat close. It’s like “every man for himself” or they just can’t be bothered or don’t want to be involved.Defensive,yes.

  3. im practicing keeping my mouth shut. not reacting not taking the bait breathing & mantrasizing thru the diatribe. my ego wants to yell WHAT ABOUT U???? but im yanking the monkeys chain. taking what is useful not killing the messenger. people can delude themselves but what u reap is the ultimate truth

  4. All this is squaring my Sun at 1st degree Pisces 🙁 but there’s also sextile, trine to my Aquarius Venus. Moon in first house. Maybe someone will bruise my ego.

  5. When someone pontificates and my triggers get pushed, I try to remember that he/she is really speaking to him/herself. So there he/she is, droning on — and I don’t have to get upset… I don’t have to react! It takes all the pressure off 🙂 So I nod my head. Cause he/she is telling him/herself off, or giving him/herself a sermon, tee hee.

    • Spot on skorp!
      We all give too much meaning to things when we engage in communications with others when its simply another view, no right or wrong..and what is being said is a reflection of what the speaker is saying/feeling about themselves and not how/what the listener is like at all. Unfortunately some listeners take on all the verbal vomit that is spoken and start believing the speaker is right.
      Listen with respect, but do not take on anothers view of yourself as they are merely projecting and you are the mirror.
      Do not blame, judge or justify as there is a payoff and that is you lose your wellbeing, love, friendships and become vulnerable to dis-ease.

    • Thank you for this skorp, such an important reminder that I should focus on myself and not let others get to me. No one can “make” me upset right? ?

  6. That’s my sister’s birthday, LOL. Sounds like lots of fun.
    It’s also the day of the community yard sale. This will be the first (and maybe last) yard sale I’ve ever participated in as a seller. Guess we’ll “war” with the neighbors for sales. 🙂

  7. Holy crapoly. There was a war waging against me and I didn’t even know it. Splat in my face today. I guess I had to be taken out for the instigator to get what they think they want. I just can’t get into backroom policking. The undercurrent. Oh well, so long sucka. Hope it’s everything you want. 😀 Doubt it. It was my creation and it just won’t bring you the happiness it brought me. Ya gotta make your own. Ya just can’t steal somebody else’s by outing them. It isn’t yours, it’s mine. :b Such a common theme in my life.

    • oh maaaaan. While I was in overview of my chart considering all the planet and exoplanetary patterns with my life experiences, I overlooked one little detail transiting mars is trining uranus. Dang mars uranus got me again.

  8. I’ve got this sag full moon or blue moon on my natal Mars Saturn conj at 1degree sag. I feel like killing someone right now for nonreason. What can I expect? Xx

  9. Thank you for the heads-up!!

    This explains SOOO much. The hits my Moon-Mars conjunction. Venus to natal Mars and Sun to natal Moon–full moon & Mars in opposition. (Eek!)The mutable grand cross has already, unexpectedly, knocked the wind out of my sails. I’ve been very lucky to coast on the surface of it for the most part but wow, it really kicked my ass hard this week. My emotions have been extremely close to the surface as family ties and longstanding (decades old!) friendships are quite literally evaporating in front of me. No more delusions allowed, lol. ?

    Now, this Full Moon conjunct Mars hitting in my 4th (and with Mercury turning direct) is likely to cause those simmering, unspoken issues with my impossible family to hit a boiling point. It has to be dealt with but it won’t be pretty. *groan*

    I’m super thankful for a natal Jupiter-flavored Moon though, like you said. At the same time I’ve gotten intensely angry and felt a deep burning sense of heartache, I’ve also tried to detach (Gemini) with a sense of forgiveness (Jupiter). It helps a lot. Out of necessity, I can’t amputate these people right now. As much as I may want to… ?

    So I have to forgive. And forgive. And forgive. And forgive again. ??

  10. Thanks for the heads up… I’m stressing as all this unfolds squaring my Pisces Mars… My daughter has a softball tournament this weekend. Maybe I’m just gonna be quiet if the ump makes bad calls?!? Or I make sure a wild pitch hits me during practice to take the edge off…. *panicky*

  11. my mother is having surgery this day- the full moon is on her ascendant and opposite her saturn uranus conjunction . I am so so worried about this. do you think the earth trine at this time involving her sun can offer protection?…

  12. That’s my birthday ? I’ll keep alot of this in mind. Hopefully it won’t be too crazy, but with some of the things happening as of recent I wouldn’t be surprised.. Im pretty good at keeping the peace so its nothing new, I hope.

  13. Hmmm that Venus will be conjunction mine and that Uranus conjunction my Uranus…
    Oh dear. My natal Aries Sun square Jupiter has already blurted out something tactless. Think I’ll hide.

  14. I’m about to end a friendship with a Gemini – I just don’t trust him. He seems very manipulative and controlling. What I can’t figure out for the life of me is why I attracted this person. I am neither manipulative nor controlling – but something in his psyche is a mirror to mine. Scary!

    • I am sooo proud of my self … I drummed up the courage to call the Gemini male today and ended the relationship over the phone. I used as few words as possible: “I called to say that I feel uncomfortable with our relationship and I want to call it off at this point, and I hope you understand.” That’s all I said. When he asked why I felt uncomfortable, I simple repeated what I said the first time and left it at that. I don’t feel that I have to justify my actions, and I did not wish to engage in a heated debate. I simply stated something he could not refute: “I feel uncomfortable.” I’m sooo proud of my accomplishment! For the first time in my life, I did not allow a bad relationship to go on forever. I saw the handwriting on the wall and ended the relationship less than 30 days after it began! I’ve grown! Yay!

  15. Oh my! I have a big day planned for Saturday. My Uni graduation ceremony with family travelling a long way to share it with me, then dinner out later in the eve with friends and family. I have a Sag sun too. Am hoping for a peaceful day…

  16. Uhh, I’m not happy with what I’m reading and at the moment I’m at odds with my boyfriend. we seem to have opposing views on a situation and neither of us is the type to back down. And I know this won’t come across as objective, but in this case, I know I am right because he was downright mean in the way he communicated with me even though he wants to make it look like I’m overreacting. Which I’m not – I’m actually reacting in the right way for the first time because I finally feel empowered over my choice.

  17. I am going to SMILE no matter what happens or what terrible things people say to me. What else can I do? If I do anything but smile, things get ugly.

  18. Good advice Elsa. Thanks. I have gotten really interested in learning how to honor the planetary energies in a conscious way instead of being blindsided. Any reading material you want to recommend would be great. I am in your blog reading a lot, and you say this in not so many words all the time, so it is a great resource for what I am trying to learn. I also plan to buy your Saturn/Neptune workshop – budgeting for it. Wishing you well. Kat

    • Thank you, Kat. My life has always been ridiculously difficult. I’ve learned over the years, to better navigate. No one taught me so I try to teach others…in my own self interest. Because the better people feel, the less harm they cause others.

      • I appreciate what you wrote here, and see how it plays out. Navigating better with time because you learned how and don’t horde the knowledge, but spread it around. A good strategy!

  19. Feelin emotionally bloated but looking for a game plan not to get hurt anymore. I get super hurt when random people on the street think I’m older than my age to the point where I go places I like to go and people are like what are you doing here. Self loathing and hiding or retreating to my imagination didn’t protect me from romantic rejection neither did bitterness or an aggressive reactive shell. I need to build up my confidence so the rest of my life I can do what I want and not cry or be hurt. Even if that means being delusional. I’m not excited by the way men treat you in your thirties but I am planning to live out in the open and do the things I was afraid to do so. Time to slather my face with stuff and tell myself how wonderful and deserving I am every day or whatever. I’m much more suggestible and sensitive and egotistical than my mother, so any snub from even randos puts me into an obsession spiral. And I am young even if people are treating me like there’s a barrier between us

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