Full Moon in Sagittarius: June 17, 2019 – Big (Danger) Party

full moon glenn millerJune’s full moon in Sagittarius will not pass unnoticed!  For one thing, everything in Sagittarius is enlarged and in-your-face.  But in this case, the moon will be conjunct Jupiter in the sign.  It’s BIG.

The moon will be full just after midnight on June 17th.  This increases the dramatic effect which pleases the sun as it opposes the full moon and Jupiter.

So far it all sounds good. I wish I could stop right here, however, the full moon illuminates. What’s likely to be seen when the lights come up,is not necessarily going to be pretty.

Now I’m sorry, but I refuse to ignore the Cardinal opposition. Mercury and Mars in Cancer opposing Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is not something to discount so here’s the deal..

Go to the party, sure. But be CAREFUL.  I’ve written about the stress in June for a couple of weeks now.  It’s serious! Mercury is involved now; that’s driving among other things. No car wrecks, okay? Because there’s a third element involved here now. Neptune!

drunkNeptune in Pisces will square the sun, moon and Jupiter.  This is perfect recipe for a person to get high (escape), feel overconfident (Sagittarius moon), show off (Leo) and then pay for it, dearly (Cardinal opposition).

I hate to say this, but if you’re out there, watch your drink.  It’s no stretch, to add these elements together and come up with, “date rape drug”.

I’m not trying be alarmist; just realistic. I was a bartender for six years and I could tell you some stories. Emergency room are generally busy when the moon is full!

That said, just be careful (Saturn in Capricorn) and you should be fine.  Act a fool and you’ll have to rely on the old adage, “God loves drunks”.

There’s one more thing to mention; Uranus in Taurus is out there, unaspected. Some astrologers feel the affect of an unaspected planet is amplified. I don’t know about that, but this is definitely wild card under this full moon.

For reference, the full moon takes place at 25 degrees, Sagittarius. But between Uranus, the Mutable square and the opposition, things will be popping all over the place. You may think you’re going to stay on the sideline – next thing you know, you’re the star.

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Full Moon in Sagittarius: June 17, 2019 – Big (Danger) Party — 32 Comments

  1. Well, happy birthday to me! (I guess) Having my solar return on this one! Any key words/advice for me to have in mind the up coming year?

    Has anyone else experienced having a full Moon on their solar return? How was it?

    • Not only a full moon, I had a lunar eclipse on my birthday in 2018, opposite my sun (of course!) and in my 12th house. The following year, I moved continents, my marriage unravelled due to my growing unease and realisation that things can’t continue the way they were – typical 12th house (I am still struggling to save it) and I found a sense of purpose at work, which had eluded me for some time. I also travelled for work A LOT!

      A complete revamp of life as I knew it then.

      • Wow that sounds like a lot of change within a year! I’v been google for ”full moon on solar return” but only find stuff about coming in to completion and such. I dont know about that, sounds so general in a sense. Which lunar eclipse was it? Did you found the aspecting transits at that time being accurate in the way your year unraveled?

        • It was the Blue moon eclipse in January. I just googled the aspects. Moon conjunct Ceres is bang on, in the sense that I discovered my need to be a mother and motherly. Moon opposite Venus was also spot on that my domestic situation and desire nature were at odds. Quincunx Neptune may be an indication of me living in my head for an entire year, but I am unsure. I don’t pay too much attention to quincunx in general.

          For transits, Saturn was sitting on my natal Venus and Jupiter, which is funny, because both my emotional/creative self and worldview/travel schedule expanded instead of contracting
          But then, I am massively capricorn heavy in my chart. Mars was opposite midheaven (massive politics at work) and Uranus was square my moon (major domestic upsets, sadness at leaving my country). I also developed a pretty crappy chronic disease in my left foot which troubles me to this date.

          Nothing else indicated the massive changes I went through. Sorry for being selfishly self indulgent and talking just about me. I went down the memory lane.

          I really believe that astrology reflects real life, rather than vice versa. What is happening in your life, currently?

          • No need to apologize, I find it very intresting reading about other peoples expiriences with astrology. (I’m guessing, a year from now, I’ll probably go down memory lane just like you did now)
            In my life its been suspiciously calm latley which makes me nervous knowing I have a lot of big transits coming my way, including my first saturn return. So I know shits about to hit the fan! I just dont know when or how. Thats drives a control-freak like me crazy, not being able to figure things out within my own chart while at the same time having no struggles finding clues and figure my friends charts out. I guess its too close with my own.
            I absolutely agree with beliveing astrology reflect our lives!

            • Maybe, having a calm life so far will mean that you will have a more peaceful year than usual! Astrology is strange. Just when I buckle up for tough times, something wonderful happens or my inner balance rights the wrongs.
              P.S. Saturn returns are amazingly fun too! Growing up is great! I would not want to relive my teens and 20s again. Not because they weren’t fun (they were a LOT of fun), but because being older means you are more sure of yourself, which is wonderful for the ego. 🙂 I will be rooting for you.

              • I hope you right! I prefer calm over anything else these days. It’s kind a new to me still so it’s feel a little weird but I’m getting used to it slowly. I know what you mean, not wanting to relive your 20s again. Its the best of times but also filled with a lot of anxiety caused of insecurities and other internal issues not being dealt with. I’ve been dealing with them without panicking and I guess the newfound calmness is the outcome. Still with one foot in and one foot out, saturn return is probably gonna drag it out enough for me to walk away and leave my old self behind. Thank you for the response! It’s been good chatting with you here:)

  2. The irony is that even if I wanted to, there is no escaping the Karmic Rooster heading my way. The T.True Nodes are parked on my N.Saturn for a whopping 10.5 weeks. Also, T.Uranus will be tripping, to a near exact degree, my tight N.Mars conj. N.Pluto aspect. Now the Full Moon will be poking my Sun. Geez!

    Thanks for the heads-up Elsa, and please keep an eye out for my S.O.S signal 🙂

  3. I have a 26 degree sag moon in my natal chart. Yikes.
    I am craving a good party to escape from grieving. I want to see people dance, laugh and have a good time. I miss that energy. From the looks of it this coming weekend might not be the best time for it.

  4. It hits my father sun, B-Day ate 16. With 19degree Merc/Mars in Cancer at 10thH. Also this Sat Pluto transit is coming back rx at his IC.

    Hits my Moms 2ndH pisces Moon/ 5thH Gemini Venus perfect square. Its also my moms Jup return on her 10thH. She has Cancer Mercury ate 15degrees cancer being struck also.

    It will hit hard on my family i think

    • Oops. The Full Moon happens at 25, not 26 degrees. So it will fall in my 12th house. Greaaaat, more time there. Lol

  5. This happens in my 7th house square my Saturn. I had an allergic reaction to food once on a full moon and landed in the emergency room for several hours with a lot of other people.

  6. Usually I start to feel the effects of a full moon (in myself or others around me or even just the weather changes) about 4 days prior, though sometimes the outcomes of it are only palpable days or even weeks later. I have Uranus hovering over my sun right now (2 degrees ahead, but still) and I tell you I feel that wild card opportunity/impulse already. I’m waiting out to see how things develop for themselves but there’s an urge I can’t deny to throw in some out of the blue twists… BUT, as natally I have Uranus in my 8th… I’m afraid I’ll do something really stupid stupid just for the sake of instant freedom/gratification that would end up costing me a lot… My Taurus sun knows the value in patience but… Damn I feel tied up lately having to contain this uranian energy… :/ any suggestions in how to deal with it would be highly appreciated 🙂

    • I once read that it’s important to acknowledge uranus energy in some way by doing the unexpected /out of comfort zone for you but in a way that you choose with as full awareness as possible. It could be smashing plates you really dislike or going to a forest and screaming out loud but find some way to ground that energy in a physical sense (taurus) or use your resources in a different unusual way (for you) to help someone?
      Wish i could be more specific

      • Lis: thank you. It’s definitely there the uranus urge. Ive been remembering your take on this and coping by initiating change in some way or another. Blocked some undesired person’s phone number consciously. Unconsciously: thrown some clothing (that i still got and that still reminds of the person i just blocked) in the washing machine in regular program… apparently ruined those! Hahahahahah. Hate when that happens – not this time around! Cheers!

  7. Thanks for the heads up, Elsa.

    As always, your advice is great. I will take on my Careful-pants that weekend/week.

  8. Hello i haven’t posted here before but find some of the comments and posts here really helpful. I would really appreciate some perspectives on a slew of oppositions and squares coming up in my chart at the start of the week. E.g mars/mercury square pluto,Mars/mercury opposite sun and sun square saturn.
    There’s also a uranus opposite asc transit exact on the day before the full moon, same time as sun trines venus in 8th.
    Why I’m worried, my ex partner has talked about us getting back together and said he loved me (he ended things originally and there were a number of issues) but i held off as it felt too soon to work out what went wrong and I’d not fully dealt with the breakup. Our communication has often been strained and distant since with both of us distancing and making effort sporadically. I’m wondering is it too late? How best to handle all those hard aspects after the full moon?

  9. Nice Elsa, I usually feel the effects of the full moon 3 days in advance. This full moon will tribe my Uranus NN exact 7/10-11th House my progressed moon us in Aries. Leo Sun 2 degree. I have been staying in all month. The Capricorn 12th is squeezing me. I see mars coming at me. Lots of mediations. Many car accidents last month I see . Thanks for the tips on this month as well. All have been Sagittarius 4th house people. Saved by the Grace of God.
    Live your site! ?

    • Portokal,
      You will be ok. I had to smile when I saw your quote…..Before I kill someone…I felt that way when mars went thru Aquarius last year. My Ascendant, prelude to next year I guess. I immediately got back into daily breathing, meditation and isolation. Tried so hard to do damage control. It didn’t work. Sometimes things end for a reason. Saying a prayer for you.

      • Thanks Sunsine 🙂
        It’s just everything makes me angry do easily last days. I’m trying to stay calm anyway – there is no sense to argue about stupid things.
        Just very, very intensive period. Trying to figure it out but just can’t

  10. I already had a blow up yesterday at work. It was nasty. Taurus can only take so much. ? Keeping my head down rest of weekend and into early next week.

    • If that “bomb” already took off i guess you’ve nothing to worry about. From a taurus to a taurus: Retreat if you must, but with your head high in respect for yourself and your boundaries. Be open for apologies in regards to behaviour, taking and giving, but do not regret your emotions. You have the right to feel them.
      In my case i have been dodging saturn this week (took the week off) but then enters pluto… im expecting backlash next week. I am trying to remember not to take it personal but also to keep setting my boundaries very firmly. My strategy is to let pluto have his way, until he doesnt, ie, say yes, then do whats best for me regardless. What are they gonna do about it? Scream at me? I,ll put headphones on. 😉

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