Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 14, 2022: This One’s A Trip!

kaliedscopeThe full moon in Sagittarius will take place at twenty-three degrees, early in the morning on June 14th.  The sun and moon will square Neptune in Pisces at twenty-five degrees.  Neptune is slowed down, preparing to station and turn retrograde later this month.  Consider it to be particularly, “Neptooney”.

I feel it’s impossible to call this one because whatever I might say, it will be the opposite… also?  I’ll explain.

Sagittarius is aligned with the truth. Full moons illuminate things, literally, but so?

What you believe is far more important. Sagittarius is also aligned with beliefs.   What you believe is your truth, for the most part.  And it can be imagined.

Now I am not trying to get into problematic territory. We all do this!  “I thought he loved me.” Or, “I believed her.”  Or, “I believed I loved her…”

The truth is only the truth if you believe it. If you don’t believe it, the truth is a lie.

kaleidoscope tubeI might believe the veil will lift (Neptune) and people might be informed (Sun in Gemini) of some truth (Sagittarius).  But if they don’t believe this truth, did anything even occur?

I will be watching this full moon closely because I think it will be utterly fascinating.

I wish there were still kaleidoscopes to be found.  There was plenty to see inside of them, including the way life works!

I’ll say this; it’s a really good time to change your mind or shift your perspective. But you can also avoid these things or delude yourself, trick others or be tricked. You can also so everything I just listed, simultaneously!

I believe I can understand life, looking into a cardboard tube.  Am I delusional or do I just see things differently than you do?

I think this is why we need each other. I can tell you what I see in my tube or via the astrology charts that flutter through, filling my life for forty years.  You can tell me what you know or what you believe via whatever methods you employ.

What do you think of this full moon set-up?

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Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 14, 2022: This One’s A Trip! — 23 Comments

  1. I see Neptune and the Moon in Sagittarius being at odds but Moons are swift moving so whatever strangeness ensues, it should not last too long at least. But it could bring some veil yanking off for sure…but then as you say Elsa, if you don’t believe what you see, is it true? I wish I had a method to see through to clarify the fog from the truth.

    • The truth is also tied to spirituality. God reveals things to one person and other things to another person? I *believe we’re supposed to share and help each other. This is blog represents my investment in my belief!

      • Actually this reminds me of what I have been hesitanting with some of the opportunities coming my way. I don’t feel connected to them and I feel like they clash with my spirituality.

        • I just went through something very similar. I finished a masters in 2006 and thought I was going to continue my logical and linear career. Then I had a spiritual awakening and some very strange experiences that have continued until now. I believe I had some sort of a shamanic initiation (signaled by the Pluto oppositions to my Cancer stellium) and am either experiencing some sort of shaman sickness where I can’t move forward until I stop refusing the call, or it’s just a new Jupiter expansion cycle, or both. I think my personal astrology supports either or even both (it’s quantum and we’ve left duality so it can be both, like Schroedinger’s cat!).

          But what is really happening is that I am finding a way to merge these two opposites. I started a blog years ago but was terrified of telling people about these paranormal experiences/ET contact/initiations or whatever they are or were.

          But I’m now finally writing every day because someone else with some similar insights has started telling her stories. So, yeah — I definitely understand both of your perspectives. <3

  2. I have a Saturn (18) conjunction Uranus (25) degrees at the IC (26). I have a hourglass chart so most of this opposes my natal Sun Chiron and MC.

    I don’t know what to expect?? I suppose it will be very illuminating the path to take??
    I’m looking for new work and I’m very hesitant with a few of the options I have.

  3. Saturn will be well angled /anchoring the madness from whatever house aquarius represents at the individual level/chart. Saturn has surely been a drag but this time becoming grounded can actually be the blessing? Im sure it will hurt nonetheless. Mars will be applying to conj chiron in Aries at the same time. Wide to be about the full moon but an unavoidable side dish for sure. I can’t remember a new moon/full moon recently that my whole chart wasn’t triggered. so I’ll be licking my wounds again I suppose. Lately I’ve been feeling my body exceptionally tender and with more inflammation than usual/normal, from acute stress…

    • I have natal Neptune at exactly 23 Sagittarius (like many born at the turn of 1980/1981), in 11th. I’ve been looking towards this double-Neptune-whammy full moon for a while, curious to see what happens.

  4. Constantly coaching myself, to trust myself
    With no comparison to others
    Staying in my Hula hoop just keeping a modest spin ; hoping this moon gives me something, I not sure I can give one for the tribe this time, needing some kick back
    For constant effort and time, eyes wide open

  5. This full moon will land in my 12 house I read— I’m a Capricorn.
    I wonder what or how it will effect me. I imagine it may be health related as that’s been the theme of late. 🌸 wishing u all a happy full 🍓 moon. 🌝

  6. This will be 1 degree shy of an exact conjunction to my 22 deg Sag ascendant. So I’m curious to see how this will impact me personally.

    But more interesting the connection to world events.

    If memory serves, the December 2020 new moon total solar eclipse in Sag was at 22 or 23 degrees (which was also at the exact same degree point as 12/4/2002 – three months before we initiated our air invasion in Iraq…).

    A certain substance was introduced in Dec 2020, and mandated months later in 2021. Those mandates in my neck of the woods (NYC), and other blue cities/states, continue to this day (though enforcement has definitely been waning).

    I’m curious to see if this will be closing out that 1.5 years’s worth of eclipse energy – particularly south node in Sag energy.

    Sure would LOVE to see some veils lifted (along with the lifting of other things), and truth being revealed.

    Question is, how will the truth be positioned, framed and published by media (Sag)? On the opposite spectrum, how will people talk about it (Gem)?

    I keep buying popcorn, still waiting for a good reason to sit back and eat it 🍿

  7. I love reading your stuff& this one is funny Neptuoony & I hope
    I can spell kaleidoscope. Just a friendly comment about enjoying how you get the nutiness around truth.

  8. Rereading, still waiting to see ,hoping to hear?
    What is unimaginable ? I mean nobody saying surprise can’t be good? Right. We’ve all heard that cup half full cup half empty I mean I think I’m pretty happy just having a cup doesn’t really have to have anything in there I’m ready, Even if it’s going to be pushing me further down to the bottom 🙁 at that point you can only go up^
    So repeating what a wise old woman one said to me “bring it bring it on “she also told me “it’s your story own it!, and write a good ending” You can tell I’m already feeling it as I come here to your site for some moral support New Direction new spin OK hoping it gets everybody to the next square

  9. I love the idea of a Sagittarius,fire moon.i have my Jupiter @25°Gemini. Trining my Neptune And my saturn in libra .moon in Aires @19°《fire) .with my moon opposite Neptune.this aspect can bring deception. I keep thinking that collectively, they will not know weather to shit or wind their watch 😒 with the collective they will probably shit. But Sagittarius loves to play and have fun. I just hope that we don’t get fooled again.☺😊

  10. Full Moon will be in my third house in con with Neptun. Maybe I need to shut up 😁cause nobody will understand me.

  11. Yikes. This is creating a grand cross with my 2nd house Mars and 8th House Pluto. Well, at least it’s mutable, aren’t those supposed to be the easiest? And don’t grand crosses represent a re-alignment of the signs’ meanings?

  12. This 🌕 will make grand trine with my jupiter in aries (22′) and Mc in Leo (23′).
    Hard aspect will be opposition with chart ruler Mars in gemini.

  13. This will be in my 12th house. I’m going through a massive amount of crap and have decided to offer it all up and see what observations come my way. I’ve tried attacking it from all angles, so now I will be letting go to see what comes my way!

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