Full Moon in Libra – What’s Your Style Of Social Distancing!

stop crossing guardThere’s a gal I know; I enjoy her tremendously. She’s so forthright, it’s hysterical to watch.  I have Mars conjunct Mercury in the 9th house.  I’m sort of a cheerleader for this sort of thing, even though I know it’s off-putting to some.

She came over the other day, to pick up something that was left here by mistake. I heard her coughing on the phone the day before. I was not at all surprised to see her exit her truck, wearing a mask, even though we’re out here in the middle of nowhere. I exchanged the good, careful to keep my distance. This is when she decided to tell me of her experience in the local Walmart. Out here in the country, this is how news spreads, right?

She reported, she could not believe the stupidity of people. “SIX FEET!” she said, with her hand extended out, palm outward to indicate, “STOP”. Like a crossing guard, see?

She went on to say how she had to do this over and over. Apparently she went through the entire store, ordering people, “SIX FEET!”  And, “DID YOU NOT HEAR? STAY BACK SIX FEET!” I was laughing of course. Apparently, at some point she had to extend two hands, one in front and one behind. Or maybe she had a ninety degree problem. Yes! I thought of the astrology!

A day later, I was talking to a client. She reported passing someone in the grocery store and being stared, daggers of death. She’s a Scorpio. She’d know!  But this is when it hit me.

I’d rather run into “character #1” then “character #2”. How about you?

What’s your social distance style and reaction? I think this is a great question for the full moon in Libra!

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Full Moon in Libra – What’s Your Style Of Social Distancing! — 12 Comments

  1. Taurus sun, Aquarius moon, Scorpio rising here… I’m naturally inclined to social distance anyway since I’m in my own world most of the time. I’m generally perplexed at first if someone I didn’t know tried to strike up a conversation with me but that may be a regional thing. I’m in south Florida and we have a lot of New Yorkers down here. Most people don’t talk to each other here anyway.

  2. Our population 17,000 ,it can feel like
    A ghost town on any day ,any year we have no big stores or restaurants
    Particularly now, people are naturally
    10’ apart here, I feel for populations
    That have limited space, people here
    Easily embrace, but not now 🙁
    Police keep you from working Now 🙁
    You can walk or bike ride with a bandits mask but pick up a hammer rake or paintbrush and they’ll fine you
    When people spend their $$
    And they are stopped from working??
    It might get a little more redneck
    Here, just trying to paint the mood

  3. One of my sisters has to tell her customers to “STOP! BACK UP! ” if they get too close to her at work.
    This one customer walked quickly up to her the other day and she told him to back up, firmly. He got mad and told her he just wanted a business card. He made some smartass remark about how she should just THROW it at him, then. She picked it up and threw it at him! ?
    Taurus Sun and Rising, ARIES MOON. Her hubby is a Gemini Sun/Mars, so he’s very direct too. They don’t tolerate dicks, period.

    I’m the type that tries to practice social distancing abd wear a mask–but I can’t control others. I’m not their parent! Sagittarius Rising, Libra Sun/Pluto, Taurus Moon. People don’t like it when I do try to control them (I see it as concern and caring, sometimes they don’t). So I’ve just learned to speak up a bit–then LET IT BE.

  4. Face mask, gloves, and hand sanitizer in the truck for after the store visit. Make sure I take off one glove to use clean debit card to pay and use the gloved hand to finish loading bags to cart, pushing cart, and loading into truck and so on and so forth… Also been making fabric masks for family, friends, and coworkers.

    Cap Sun, Aquarius Rising, Taurus Moon and a Virgo Stellium. Hell yes that stellium is working full force!!

  5. My style is simple avoidance, trying to avoid stores at hours when people go and respecting the 2 meter distance between customers. But actually I just don’t go out often anyway since only one person to feed.
    In France they are now encouraging people to wear masks (this wasn’t the case in the first 2 weeks of confinement). But no masks are available, so gotta make your own.
    Now that the weather is nice some people don’t respect the confinement regulations… this is France – the country that invented Freedom. If you don’t rebel, you aren’t a real français.

  6. So synchronistic. In my bag was delivered part two select Hendrix Fillmore East including previously unreleased song called Stop, in response to the Scorpio dagger eyes. It’s not available on YouTube so I’ll just go with old faithfully…
    Him say, …taking over, whether We can like it… Or not!

  7. Prefer #1 – 10000x They are actually protecting you too.

    #2 could literally kill my family. Why?

    Not only am I dealing with death from Corona —-which my dad and mom have been researching and learning about this since January, so they were early with using these leftover face masks (we live in LA, so…. NOW it’s acceptable —but not in the beginning)—

    —not only this— I get all these death look / scared looks ON TOP of all this because I’m Asian American in a town, not known to accept difference.

    Sigh. Yay!

    Thank you Universe!

    I’m a Scorpio. Yeah. I know when folks think I look like death. That’s nice. Thanks dude. Yeah I know what I look like, to you. Hey. I want to protect myself. Don’t you? This is common sense. We’re trying be safest possible, and adapt our habits as we learn. I feel like we all need to adapt quickly to survive. Even though it’s awkward.

    There are Asian people getting traumatic brain injury – for no effing reason…. Sigh. Come on World.

    We haven’t been in an enclosed public place since 3/13. Since we couldn’t wear our leftover face masks for a long time (since we were scared of getting attacked). And no one was following social distance, at the time, and there were starting to be WAY too many people…T__T

    We’re trying to survive this thing… All these things!

    What I have to do is when they stare, and my mom and I are in the car, I look back at them and the smile with my eyes, and wave all-glorified-Miss America and wave, saying a big “Hi!”

    It’s like being at a theme park during Halloween, I have to say a big HI to (my own) Boogieman. And then they will magically turn human again. 🙂

    Then, I turn back to what I’m doing and drive away.

    • — we usually have the windows rolled down to be safe & ventilate our clothes, so basically no barrier between us. So might as well say, “HII!”

      Be safe, y’all.

      • My social distancing style is Preparation, finding all ways to avoid meeting with people in person, protecting my parents, and following a specific routine when I come home. I call and text people, I ask them not to go out if they can help it

        I feel like I dodged a few bullets because someone, within my workplace (school district) had reported getting a positive test. More reported positive results after schools closed.

        So, yeah I’m done dodging bullets. Not only would I get hurt, I might end up kill my parents. —Scorpio out *waves*

  8. We’re nested up in our wagon, have a branch of Usnea, “What’s that the camp lap-running kid asked?” marking the 6 foot zone. It’s one of the finest anti-viral herbs (when tinctured)We have high school seniors (‘retired’ early) shopping and delivering groceries and the mail for us. I’ve sewn up two face masks, so far, and mostly we stick together 24/7 and wave to passers by through the window

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