Full Moon in Libra Square Jupiter & Pluto In Capricorn: April 7th, 2020 – Updated

Libra barbieThe full (super)moon in Libra takes place in the evening on April 7th at 18 degrees. The sun and moon will square off with Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn.

I know many are scared. Some will read this as “widespread death”. You know I’m not going to do that. But I will admit this is a jammed up situation.

Relationships are stressed right now.  You can say it’s because of all of the quarantines but people would be feeling this now, regardless of how it came about. People are lonely, too.  They lack (Capricorn) love (Libra). It’s a giant black hole (Jupiter Pluto).

Some think the stress and pressure will cause divorce. The threat is there!
Others are concerned about depression (moon/Capricorn) and suicide (sun/Pluto). The threat is there.

I don’t see the use of focusing on this though. Yes, relationships might be strained, but a person can be simultaneously terrifically grateful they’re not in this alone. They may value their marriage higher than ever before.

Loneliness definitely sucks; I have Libra! But it’s common to see these feelings humble a person. They realize they really don’t want to be alone. This leads them to approach relationships in a new way that brings new results. In other words, the loneliness is a beginning, not an end!

I’ve seen another manifestation of this – Ego (sun), inflated and tweaking like some meth-head (Jupiter Pluto), causing problems and negative feelings in the other (Libra).

If you want a good result at this, try to balance things in your life.  Remember, your partner has needs (moon in Libra) and no one reading this is a newborn, screaming baby (Aries).

Responsibility is a big play here as well. Capricorn!  And most of all, forgiveness.

It always pays to keep in mind, while you’re dogging on someone and their behavior, someone may very well be dogging on you.  This is a great time to check yourself and fundamentally change your life.

See, it is BIG. But it’s also inordinately personal.

Updated 4/5/2020The focus on relationships (Libra) has intensified, profoundly. I have had a series of clients who are FED UP with their relationship situation.  In most of the cases, there is no relationship and this is the problem!

I am seeing gigantic shifts in perspective. Beliefs (Jupiter) are transformed (Pluto) and in many cases, turned upside-down.

I just got off the phone with a gal – there are answers to her problems. I don’t care if you’ve done it wrong, all your life. These codes can be cracked!

How do you feel about the upcoming supermoon in Libra?




Full Moon in Libra Square Jupiter & Pluto In Capricorn: April 7th, 2020 – Updated — 61 Comments

  1. Hi Elsa
    This supermoon will be conjunct my natal sun which relates to most of my chart should I be excited or concerned?
    Thank you for all your posts I always look forward to them.
    All the very best

      • Thank you
        I am excited then. My daughter is expecting my first grandchild in about a week but she’s 200 miles away so don’t know when we will be able to see them.

        • Congrats, Philippa! Hopefully your daughter will be on your computer with the baby. My friend left her skype open so her daughters could jump on anytime.

          • Thank you Siobhan, I’m sure we will be doing alot of video calling, so grateful for this technology. Still excited for my first cuddle though.

          • Thank you Elsa
            My daughter is in labour now. Pacing waiting for the phone to ring. They didn’t manage to wait for the supermoon.

    • Hey Philippa! We must be twins! April 8? I’m on Greenwich Mean Time, so for me this megamoon lands on April 8. Wishing you well with grandchild! The world needs more Aries! 😉

      • Hi Marco
        I am also Greenwich mean time or BST now. I have Aries ascendant and Libra sun. My daughter is at the hospital in labour I am pacing waiting for the phone to ring, 1 more aries arriving soon. I had hoped they would wait for the mega moon.Hope you have a great mega moon.

      • Hi Marco
        Thank you.
        I am also Greenwich Mean Time or BST now. I have Aries ascendant and Libra sun.
        My daughter is in labour now at the hospital just waiting for the phone call. Hope you have a wonderful mega moon birthday.

        • Well Philippa – so you’re in this up to your neck too! I’ll keep my end of the full moon bargain, and you keep yours 🙂 I bet you are already celebrating, so I’ll join you. Cheers!

          • Yes! Cheers Marco!
            A little girl we are over the moon! Looking forward to a cuddle!
            What an amazing super moon. Stay safe and all the best.

  2. People being laid off right and left. That’s kind of like divorce. Not sure about management’s choices in who goes. The favoritism thing you know. Which when workin skinny hurts. Think they would hang onto the best.

    Myself adjusting to Sag manager after working with Virgo manager. She’s not there. I swear she cannot see or hear me.

          • There are other countries where this is handled better, there is more preparation, less disinformation, people are not laid off so easily because it is not so easy to fire people when it becomes convenient. They may be pregnant or something. We don’t know there is a better way. That’s what I meant. We’re not the greatest country by any stretch

            People dont have to be paralyzed by fear by the news and simultaneously the government formulated a preparatory quarantine response that people still aren’t following too late

        • That’s what I mean, notch, I’m just too exhausted to explain it. Patriotic tunnel vision makes it harder to see any better way sometimes (not for you, I mean for some)
          So it’s not about general optimism or pessimism.. it’s just my observation

    • The word that popped into my mind about the manager is ‘Vacant’. I guess that’s what space is about. And who knows more about that Sag and Jupiter.

      I am okay with social (libra) distancing (jupiter). Am going to make myself some masks today and some extras to hand out to those not wearing them. So I guess this full moon to me is about distancing (jupiter) and how people feel about that (moon), hidden fears (pluto) about the future (jupiter). Digging down into our creative store (pluto) to find the resources deal with this. Have been very creative in the kitchen. Using what I have.

      • Well, like you said divorce goes up because while there is social distancing, people are locked in their homes with their mates. I think it goes back to what you continually say about be-rating your mate. Perhaps, it is a good time for people in relationships to honor each other’s space. Their personal habit space too. Put too many rats in a space and they will fight. It is a challenge. That could be the aries libra axis of this full moon. What space one needs to be their self in the relationship. The constant nag or be-rater does not allow the other to breathe and be.

  3. All of this is relevant because I have a progressed Libra moon and have been pondering both sides of the coin. I’ve been thinking just how much interaction people really want, do we want these deep tied-to-each-other commitments if we argue when stuck together too long.. can’t dream of other people. Do we just want to intermittently meet with people, new friends, new people? Or stay with one person in a cabin in the woods? People say they want deep connection but here it is and they can’t handle to cohabitation. People in every type of situation are suffering. With kids, alone in a small place, alone in a house, with a spouse etc.

  4. I feel bad for India, for people in service jobs, for the poor, really anyone with a job that can’t go online, I’m nervous about the water pipes and supply we’re all relying on. Nervous at how weak and dumb I am, lacking self reliance skills, not a prepper.

    • my friends knonw people who were staying in India. People are starving there. 🙁
      in some asian countries such as Philiphines, manila city is in lockdown. The death toll is not going down in Uk, its just rising. I dont know if people are taking this seriously. It’s weird but in the beginning i thought it isn’t that bad, that it will be contained. (this maybe the optimist in me) This coronavirus was already out few years back in China, but it was contained and never expanded. However this new strain i read just exploded because it never got contained in time.

      i can see relationships with those in close contact being of higher value, and cherishing them.

        • Hi I am from India 🙂

          Shockingly we are relatively fine. The government has been able to implement the lockdown successfully.

          It and alllllll the agencies – NGOs etc. are providing food to anyone in need. I know this firsthand, coz I recieved their help to shift a stranded Romanian friend.

          Supplies are available. Food items like rice, dal have been been made dirt cheap.

          One state government though slipped up and didn’t stop a muslim gathering from happening. In general, religious gatherings are our pain point in terms of community transmission. As expected, a few of those attended the event have died and others tested positive.

          The news you hear about are migrants. Goof up of the same state government. They shouldn’t have been allowed to move. They carry the risk of carrying the virus to rural areas. The state governments are now providing them makeshift tents and food. But a different state government had to do it (and was PISSED)
          Cos the migrants started walking towards their homes ( no domestic transportation is on at the moment)

          Basically, by and large, (I as an Indian am shocked) the people have listened. The companies, NGOS are amping the groundwork needed. Makeshift facilities are arranged (partnerships with hotel chains to supply quarantine rooms)

          Most importantly they have blocked district borders VERY strictly. Literally u cannot move without a police permission that has a QR code that maps your route that you said u will take!!!

          On the contrary ( I’m Libran, yes) before the virus, we weren’t a very organised country :D, we are a rhythmic chaos. We suddenly couldn’t have organised? Or did we?

          Time will tell. and if all the measures were enough for our crazy big population. (60% rural though, 40% urban)

          Also, our numbers may not be real coz our testing is low.

          Sorry for the long post ??

          • Also, some more context. The rural people actually walking home MAY not find it that physically or psychologically taxing to walk. Not denying their plight, just a perspective. I worked in rural India for five years. These people work on fields, walk long distances (less transportation available in rural places). So in their heads this is not AS MUCH a big deal. For them, it is about getting to their families. In uncertain times, they want to be there/with their families. Which unfortunately is not the best scenario without a 14 day quarantine now. Coz they may be carrying the virus.

              • In general, yes people are going to be out of jobs (in a big way) I think.

                Again, these people migrating back have farming background, so sustainability is taken care of. In my experience, a single health crisis, is usually when things get very very strained in rural households.

                Again, however, our banking systems in rural india have become INCREDIBLY strong. Again, first hand experience, I worked in microfinance. The stimulus packages are going to be distributed through these! Its a marvel, if you look at the size, reach and extent of remote people it covers. All in a decade!

                The worst hit group is the urban poor (Slum dwellers). They are almost always forgotten in our benefit schemes. I don’t know why.

                Other points:

                Because India has a large middle class, that experiences some good time and a lot of the time has to compromise on a variety of things, we are more use to adversity. I think in general we are use to adversity.

                Also, the concept of this time is needed for the earth to heal is just a EASY adjustment for us. We do a lot of religious and spiritual practices in our daily life (sometimes without knowing) where we continously remind ourselves that the various elements are bigger than us – sun, earth, moon l, fire, water. So we easily shut up about (right now) not increasing our balance, coz mother nature has spoken.

                We are all shutting off the lights and lighting lamps today for 9 minutes :)).

                Our Prime Minister, has shown never seen before leadership. I think even the people that hate him, respect him :D. He became our dad and said, right now, just listen to me. And we did. He united all of us. (I have no political affiliations, just stating facts)

                I think it being summers has helped us too. But I am not a scientist.

                This is all well, if this is nipped in the bud in two months. We are already in an official lockdown for 21 days. Did a one day soft launch before to see if it worked (thankfully it did! Otherwise, I am SO SURE that they would have called the army, which is still on standby). If this goes on longer, we just don’t have the money!

                we got 1 billion dollars today, that will help, but still, better to not go there.

                Pro tip: I have seen this in MANY instances, BBC is just weird about reports on India. No clue why. We are not a snake charmers and elephant nation anymore lol! We are a kladiescope! Of the past, future and anything sideways 😀

            • Wow India sounds like they are better planned than USA..I’m quite scared over here with our leadership caring more for money problems than the health of its people! We too have made the same mistakes..letting people gather for religion and now they have tested positive and also let people gather to mardi gras in Louisiana now we see those consequences. Maybe we are all doing whatever we can and in the same boat at the moment. May we all get through this together ??

  5. Five significant aspects, both easy and difficult, will be made on this day. The overall impression I read is “be true to myself.”

  6. Sun at 17Libra. Im not really thinking about partnership. Im not against it at all though. Im just trying to be the best me (Aries, and Jupiter/Pluto is transiting my first house) that I can be and whatever is born of that Im sure is right for me, wether thats partnership or more solitude. Im really open to all kinds of paths but for me, I don’t believe in partnership for the sake of partnership.

  7. I have my Libra rising at 7 degrees, Pluto in Libra at 17 Degrees. Things are very strained. But my relationship is rock solid! Even tho I dreaded Saturn opposite my natal Venus. No problems there. What I also do dread is the loss of even more income. My salary halved with 50% , that was even before Corona. I just picked myself up from the Neptune SQ Neptune. This whole thing is pushing me more out of my comfort zone.
    And maybe that’s a good thing. I only hope that I may come out of this totally reborn. I do see the lonely feelings arise with my dad. He has Saturn in Libra , Sun in Aqua and he’s having a lot of difficulty with this quarantine. If the moon in Libra would cause upset than it would be in the family department, like with my sibling or some sort of. I don’t know. I am just waiting for this storm to pass. And myself a big blanket where I can hide myself.

  8. This time period is not really making me any more lonely than I already was. However, I still have more of a desire to get into a relationship once this is over, mainly because I have a chance to reflect and work on myself a bit more. And to work on shedding the belief that I am unworthy of partnership.

  9. I’ve been driving down this long bumpy ass road early in the morning feeding my fish with my pheromones you know peeing on the beach because come the full moon its down sleeping bags and I am camping out till I catch the big one just me and my pole ,on my way for my fish baiting

  10. BF and are having issues and conflicts.
    But as I talked to my therapist about this today…. This is a good thing! Because it shows exactly where and what our issues really are when we are spending 24/7 with each other.

    So… Better go work on these things. Together.
    We have a mutual responsibility to take responsibility for our own behaviour, our own integrity is in line here. It’s big because Pluto Jupiter yes?

    In my country we are starting to see the effects of a fast lockdown when the death numbers was just in the beginning – the curve seems to be flattening. I hope and cross my fingers. Wear gloves on my hands in the shops, and scarfs in front of my face. Tries to shop only when nessecary.

    I am very very grateful to be able to be at home and still being financially supported by BF.
    Some say that gratefulness is the road to happiness. I try to find some positivity every day. Baking a cake, listening to music, crafting and talk to people on the phone/online. I try to aid small businesses to help them survive, donate money so that harder hit families can still keep their homes. I want to do more but it takes money.

    Still, I see people acting like nasty children towards each other. This crisis brings out the best and the worst in people for sure. And what I see in the US… I can’t even. The government should have reacted faster. But still, basic supplies are needed at hospitals to protect people being infected. These people having trouble recieving the benefits of helping packages … In my country the news covers the economic situation in the US.

    I send lots of prayers to all of you <3

  11. What characterises this time for me is best expressed by the tarot card of the HangMan. “The Hanged Man shows a man suspended from a T-shaped cross made of living wood. He is hanging upside-down, viewing the world from a completely different perspective, and his facial expression is calm and serene, suggesting that he is in this hanging position by his own choice. He has a halo around his head, symbolising new insight, awareness and enlightenment. His right foot is bound to the tree, but his left foot remains free, bent at the knee and tucked in behind his right leg. His arms are bent, with hands held behind his back, forming an inverted triangle. The man is wearing red pants representing human passion and the physical body, and a blue vest for knowledge. The Hanged Man is the card of ultimate surrender, of being suspended in time and of martyrdom and sacrifice to the greater good.”

    I feel this full moon (perhaps because it lands on my birthday – sun conjunct venus) as a watershed moment; as if the way I handle/manage my own psychological balance at this time will greatly influence the outcomes of this crisis, individually and globally. Its important for me to be strongly rooted in my Self, and therefore flexible in my ability to respond to circumstances with all the nuances you describe.

  12. How do I feel??? In Long Beach, CA??? Well, a neighbor received a COWBELL from a friend in Wyoming. Upon arrival, she decided it should be mine, not hers, so she hung it on my door. In downtown Long Beach @ 8PM to 8:02PM we CLAP-OUT for service workers. My 81 year old depressed husband called me @ 7:59PM and I made him participate, from Las Vegas. This effing cow bell made him forget fainting while making his bed this morning, and seeing his cardiologist this afternoon, and having an EKG, and getting a pile of new meds, and he hooted and hollered, and laughed, and told stories of growing up on a farm, and I heard a totally different man on the other end of the phone. Tell me, is something going on here??

  13. The full moon will conjunct my natal Jupiter in Libra in the 10th! Based on what I’ve seen with my transits so far I think the June 5th lunar eclipse will be more important for me as it will hit my ascendant with a 5 degree orb. The next couple years with the gem/sag axis eclipses is gonna be wild. On top of that is my reverse nodal return next year then my Saturn return after that. I’m grateful for the calm that’s happening right now before the storm…

  14. All of this combined makes a grand cross with my Sun/Mercury conjunction. I am definitely suffering these days, but at the same time I am digging deep and fighting succumbing to it all – Mars/Saturn in my 10th now. I have this energy in my chart and I don’t go down without a fight, but I am tired of fighting. Part of me is fighting myself though.

    Anyway! That aside I’m looking forward to these planets moving along. I’ll probably hibernate on this day, maybe exercise some. I just hate not having all the pieces of information I need in order to take proper action.

  15. Hi Elsa! I feel all a flutter- like an actor in the wings waiting for the cue. I hear it and fill my lungs up with air. Then I take a step forward… We all came for the show.

  16. Right now it would be nice to have someone. I want a snuggle buddy and with this pinched nerve I could really use some help around the house.When one is in pain its nice to have someone to comfort you.
    I feel blessed to have my dog and cat, they can be entertaining.

  17. Yes, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction will spread Covid-19 around the world and lead to many deaths. But this rare conjunction also offers a shining beacon of hope. It will help speed up the discovery of a new drug or vaccine. And, when the Coronavirus crisis finally ends, it will set the stage for a global transformation and a progressive new age (socially, economically and environmentally). So let’s stay at home, support each other, keep our fingers crossed and our hands washed! Joanne x

  18. I wonder how people are doing with creativity these days.. I’m not doing so well with it.. I do need physical exercise.. I’m also looking to my favorite podcasters for answers and perspective but they’re not really giving it.. also when I go stir crazy during quarantine I find that no one can comfort me

  19. My husband is a successful pharmacist in a foreign country. I suggested he take a job out in the country because he was encountering a lot of armed robberies in the capital. He got into a position with a lot of room to grow and became that franchise’s #1 store in the country several years straight. Then the owner’s wife sent in her brother to manage their now 5-6 stores.
    He began making a lot of really bad, deceitful, and stupid decisions and my husband began slowly suffering in silence a few years ago. He said he couldn’t go against the brother as family is so revered here. I bit my lip.
    Yesterday my husband said he had told the guy to go to hell twice this week. He revealed that they had been violating his contract where he was to share in a set percentage of sales and were directing him to share the wealth with the other, much less successful stores in their group since January, and he couldn’t take it any more.
    I said “Great!”. Here, big companies can lie to you, cheat you, and usually you cannot do anything about it. But in December I convinced him that the construction company that sold us our new house in a new subdivision were breaking the law when they said if we paid an extra 5k, we would get the larger lot, and we actually got the small lot. He got a lawyer and sure enough, it was a criminal offense on three counts for fraud in a large amount of money in a loan, etc. The builder could go to jail for 5 years, or he may settle. That is in the works.
    Perhaps that emboldened him, but he said he was going to the Pharmacy Board and two lawyers with his contract and the proof against his employers today.
    He also started shutting off his phone after work this weekend, because the boss kept calling and expecting him to do work from home 24 hours a day. When the boss had him measure and get quotes for isolating the work area from the customer’s area, and then refused to go ahead with the inexpensive project despite record sales, that was the last straw.
    My sun is within a degree of the full moon tomorrow. I support justice, truth and the law. I am really glad he finally refused to take any more abuse right now when the astrology supports him.I am pretty sure it is going to work out well for him.

  20. Hi there, I see it as things really hanging in the balance (Libra) which way will it go? Rebellion Impulsiveness all that anger (Mars square Uranus) its quincunce Neptune (suspicion paranoia) and the planet of illness and infection.
    Or Mercurys sextile to Jupiter and Pluto having a much greater and more positive influence (understanding communication and SMART THINKING !!!!

  21. Thank you Elsa I really liked this post! I´ve been single for many years and it´s true, this period really got me thinking. I´m determined never to hang around with a douchebag, mostly for the company. And determined not to be single for long now. I think differently, now that so many ppl are breaking up there must be someone for me that is released 🙂

  22. wow it was so beautiful last night. despite whats going on in the world, we can see the moon so bright and clear and the weather feels like summer. its been so lovely.

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